Niall finds himself having unusual emotions towards his best friend Liam. And when Liam unexpectedly kisses him things heat up. What will the two do when one of them is overcome by an unseen sickness.


1. Good morning Sunshine

Niall's POV:

"Good morning Sunshine," I here the voice of my roommate and bestfriend calling. "Niall its our first day of college we don't want to be late," I open my eyes and shut them back quickly. its too bright. I give my eyes a couple of seconds to adjust and then slowly open them. Sunlight its flooding into my room thank to Liam opening the curtains. I look up at Liam. He is shirtless with black skinny jeans. His hair has already been styled into its usual quiff. His eyes are looking down at me like he's looking through me. "I have already taken a shower so you can go ahead and take one. Your dad called and said that he put a few hundred dollars in your bank account for fuuood and rent. at least I think that's what he said. it was difficult to tell because of all the coughing he was doing. That man needs to lay of the cigarettes. Oh and I'm making eggs, do you want some?"

"Um.. Yeah. Can you scramble them and put little bacons bits in them?" I ask Liam with begging eyes. He hate having special orders for food. He likes to cook one thing for everyone. But I know that he can't say no to puppy dog eyes. And I am right. Once he looks at me he cant turn away.

"Sure I guess," he pouts. Its so cute. Wait no its not. I'm not gay. He turns and walks out of my room. I through the covers back and get chill bumps. Its freezing cold in our apartment. Liam always keeps it cold so when he has a girl over he can cuddle with girls. We have been living in this place for a month now and he has already had 3 girls over. Our parents chipped in and are helping us rent this apartment. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom. We are on the seventh and top floor of the building.

I throw my legs over the edge of the bed and stand up. I walk out into the hall and past Liam's room to the bathroom. I reach into the shower and turn the knob. Water starts spraying from the shower head. While the water is heating up I take of my clothes. I am only wearing boxers so I just pull them off. I turn and look at myself. I need to go to the gym and work out a little bit.

I pull the shower curtain open and step in. The hot water rushes over my body. It feels great. I stand there for a few minutes just enjoying the peace and quiet. I then decide to wash myself. Then I wash my hair. When I'm done I stand there for a few more minutes. I don't want to get out and be cold. But then I hear Liam beating on the door

"Ni, you have been in the for half an hour so either you managed to slip a girl in there or you have been single for too long. Your eggs have been ready for ten minutes. Hurry up and get out," Liam says rushing me. I turn the water off and step out. I wrap a towel around me realizing I forgot to grab clothes. I open the door holding the towel tightly around me. I step out and immediately embarrassed. I hear I whistle then turn to see all four of my best friends staring at me.

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