Niall finds himself having unusual emotions towards his best friend Liam. And when Liam unexpectedly kisses him things heat up. What will the two do when one of them is overcome by an unseen sickness.


7. Diagnosis

Liam's POV:

I wake up to the rising and falling of Zayn's chest. There is a blanket over me and Zayn. I must have Fallin asleep on his chest. We are still in the waiting area. I can see out of the window to tell it's late at night. Harry and Meagan are a few seats away from Zayn and I. Meagan is asleep on Harry's lap. Harry however is still awake. I'm scared that if I move too much I will wake Zayn.

I don't know why but this, me laying on Zayn's chest, it just feels like it was meant to be. I mean I love Niall but this feels perfect. I feel guilty just thinking that. I know I should be with Niall but the longer I lay here the more confused I become. When I touched Zayn it last... It felt different than when I touched Niall. The feeling was so much better.

A women in blue scrubs walks in the room bringing me out of my daze. "Liam Payne?" The women says looking around the room. I quickly get up off of Zayn and stand. I walk over to the lady. "Are you Mr. Payne?" She asks and I nod, "Mr. Horan is out of surgery and resting. We are keeping him in ICU for tonight but we have a room for him if you in your friends would like to move up there?"

"We would love that," I say quickly. I'm so happy Niall is okay. I don't know what I would have done if he wasn't. I look back and Zayn is walking over to us with one of the packs Meagan brought. He's got a sleepy look on his face. It's really cute. But I can't think like that. I have Niall. He will be awake soon and we will be on our way home in a few days.

Harry is waking Meagan. She sits up confused on the situation. Harry explains that we are moving to a room and she just nods telling me she understands. We are told our room number is 612 which means that it's all the way up on the 6th floor. After the silent elevator ride me walked down a corridor to the room. There was a couch that you couch pull out into a bed, a small chair that reclined, and a wooden chair with padding.

Harry and Zayn lay the bags down on the floor and walked over to the furniture. "Okay, me an Liam will share the couch and Hary, you and Meagan can take the chair," Zayn said and we all nodded. I Zayn pull out the couch so we could sleep there. The nurse brought a sheet for the cold leather couch. Zayn spread out the blanket like he had done this before. I wanted to ask but I decided not to.

Once he was finished I pulled my shirt off and climbed on first and snuggled up to the wall I was facing. I felt the couch move as Zayn climbed on after me. Harry and Megan have managed to get in a semi comfortable position on the chair. I feel bad for them. "Everyone situated?" Harry asked and we all said yes in unison. With that Harry turned off the only lamp giving is light. I laid there in silence thinking of Niall. I hope he will be ok.

Right before I fall asleep I feel an arm slip around my waist and I lift up my head to look back and another arm slips under my head acting like a pillow. I know it's Zayn. He's the only one behind me. Or at least I hope. I manage to turn around lay on my other side where I can make out his shape. We just stare at each other for a few minutes. I instinctively move closer and put my head under his chin. I feel the prickles if his stubble touch me. I feel our chests move close together. His bare skin to mine is warm. So comforting. I slowly fall asleep in his strong arms.

**in the Morning**

I wake up to see I am alone in the hospital room. I notice a note that says:

Gone to cafeteria for breakfast. We'll bring something back

I lay back down on the bed. I reach in my jeans for my phone. I had totally forgotten about it. I need to call Niall's parents. When I pull out my phone I notice it was not fortunate. The screen has cracks all over it. It looks shattered. I hit the unlock button and my screen just glows white. It's done. I put it on the table.

I begin thinking of last night. I feel guilty about it. I don't know why. It's not like anything happened. We just slept beside each other. There's nothing wrong with that. I don't have feelings for Zayn. It's not like we made out or had sex we just slept in the same bed. But why do I feel so guilty.

I see a nurse come in and prop the door open then I see a bed rolling in behind them. It's Niall. I jump up. They position the bed and lock the wheels. The nurses leave but the doctor stays. He has a clip board in hand. Just then Zayn, Harry, and Meagan walk in. The doctor turns around to greet them.

" I assume you are Mr. Payne?" He questions, "Alright. Since you are one of Mr. Horan's emergency contacts I am allowed to share his medical information with you but I would ask if everyone else would step out for a few minutes. They all nod and walk towards the door.

"Wait can Zayn stay?" I ask. I don't want to hear the news alone. The doctor nods. I think he understands the reasoning. Zayn comes and sits next to me. He grabs my hand and entwines our fingers. I feel sparks buzzing up an down my arm. It's unusual. That only happens with Niall and I. The doctor pulls a chair over and sits down.

"Mr. Horan physically is ok. He had a glass fragment stuck in his lower abdomen that punctured his intestine. We managed to sterilize and stitch that up. He had several broke and fractured bones as you can tell," he says gesturing to Niall's body which has casts all over it to help heal hi bone properly, "However, there was also a piece of glass in the side of his head. It didn't penetrate the skull but it did nerve damage and we worry about his ability to hear out of his left ear. When the truck hit your car hi head slammed into the window pretty hard. This caused a concussion. Now we didn't think much of it but as you notice he isn't awake. We are going to have to take him into surgery tomorrow to try and relieve pressure on the brain which will help him wake up."

He is saying Niall I in a comma. Niall is in a comma and can't wake up. I feel my throat beginning to close up. But I can tell by the look on his face that he isn't finished.

"While we had Niall open we noticed something," he says continuing with his diagnosis, "We noticed that there was some kin of bump on his lung. At first we though it was a deformity but when we looked at it closer we noticed it was something else. Niall has lung cancer."

The way he said it. Like it was nothing. I just sit there. Cancer. The thing that almost no one over comes. Cancer kills people. I feel the tears for in my eyes. My breathe is being caught in te back of my throat.

"I am very sorry. But we do have a solution. We can take the cancerous cells off of his lung but we would have to take part of the lung as well. That could possibly take away the cancer." He tells us. I nod. "Alright we can probably do that while we have him in surgery tomorrow. If that's sounds good we can probably have Mr. Horan patched up and home in a week or so."

With that he leaves the room and Meagan and Harry enter. Zayn explains to them what's happening. I take the chair next to Niall's bed. I grab his hand and hold it in mine. His skin is do cold. He looks pale. My Irish prince is sick and I can't help him. It's a terrible sinking feeling. I lean down and kiss his hand. I feel a tear rolling down my cheek. I feel in fall from my chin and watch as it lands where my lips were seconds ago.

A/N: hey guys another update woot! Sorry It takes so long but like I send it to a friend to review and she gives me things to fix. Although she is always saying it's so great and I think she lies lol. But um... Comment cuz honestly I don't think I am doing that great of a job and I would appreciate some comment giving me direction. Love you guys!!!! Stay beautiful!!!!

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