Imagines From Your Own Brain

I guess the title says it all. Just comment your name, looks hobbies and anything that crosses your mind, who you want it to be with and what band they're from (they don't have to be in a band, just a famous person) and what genre!
Thankssss, and enjoy <33


1. This is it:*

Hellooooo, lovely's <33

So this is all the info I need to make an imagine for ya:


1.Your name ( eg. Lilly, Molly, Sarah...)

2.Your looks ( eg. brown hair, blue eyes, tall...)

3.Personality/hobbies (eg. Cheerfull, moody, creative)

4. Which band the lover's from (eg. 1D, JB, 5SOS)    PS. they don't have to be in a band ( eg. Harry Potter)

5. Which member ( eg, Liam Payne, Luke Hammings, Justin)

6. Genre ( eg. Dirty, cute, tense)


That's pretty much it <333



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