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I guess the title says it all. Just comment your name, looks hobbies and anything that crosses your mind, who you want it to be with and what band they're from (they don't have to be in a band, just a famous person) and what genre!
Thankssss, and enjoy <33


4. Elin & Hazza


So sorry it's late, but I didn't have any access of my laptop coz it died and my dad needed the computer all month coz he had an exam thing. SO SORRY! D: Oh, and Y/B/F/N means Your Best Friends Name...

Enjoy <3


Elin's POV

Today was the concert. Me and Y/B/F/N had tickets and to see them and her mum got us meet and greet ones too. I was excited and so was Y/B/F/N of course we were, we were in love with 1D since they came out on X-factor. But I was also nervous. What if they don't like me?


I picked out my outfit, which consisted of blue skinny jeans and a tight white 1D crop top. I applied my make up, brushed my blonde locks and let them down casading down my back. I met up with Y/B/F/N in a cafe down the road and gave her a huge hug.


''I'm s-so EXCITED!'' She screamed, making me chuckle slightly. I held her at an arms length, taking in her outfit. She wore a short white skirt and a NEON pink oversized jumper. Her hair was curled and she dip dyed it, and she pinned it with a light pink flower pin. She looked beautiful, like always, so we set off to find the concert. I hopped in my car, and waited for her to follow me, before speeding off to Wembley.



When we arrived, there was a huge cue of screaming girls, so we ran towards it before anyone could push in. We had to wait for about an hour and a half before it was our turn. I gave the well-built man in black mny ticket and he nodded, pushing me through the door.


''Y/B/F/N!'' I screamed, grabbing her arm and running to our seats. It wasn't at the front like we wanted, but at least we get to meet them later. We slumped down in our seats and waited for them to jump onto the stage and be the normal selves. We waited for a while before the music for Midnight Memories came on, making everyone here jump.


''Straight off the plane to a new hotel,

just touched down you can never tell.


Big house party with the crowded kitchen,

people talk shh but we don't listen.


Tell me that I'm wrong but I do what I please,

way too many people in the addison lane.


Now I'm at the age where I know what I need,

Oh waohh.


Midnight memories,

oh oh oh oh


Baby you and me stumbling in the street,

sing it, sing it, sing it, sing it.


Midnight memories,

oh oh oh oh


Anywhere we go, never say no,

just do it, do it, do it, do it.


Five foot something with the skinny jeans,

don't look back, baby follow me.


I don't know where I'm going but I'm finding my way,

same old shh but a different day.''


Once they finished the song, they did a few more, before it was time for the meet&greets. I grabbed Y/B/F/N's sleeve and pulled her towards they cue, which thankfullt was shorter than the other one. We both planted ourselves a spot adn waited, as the cue got shorter and shorter.


We shuffled up one more time and it was finally my turn. I gave a little squek at Y/B/F/N and walked in to find them sat in one long table. First it was Harry.


''Hey, Haz!'' I smiled,trying not to fangirl.


''Hi, babe!'' He winked, sending me over the edge. I giggled at him, handing him my 1D shirt to sign. He signed it, and slipped a piece of paper into my hands, raising his finger to his lips. I nodded silently and moved on to Niall. Then I went to Liam, Zayn and then Louis.


*Back home*


I slipped my shirt on, and a piece of paper came flying out of it. I frowned, bending down. I opened it up to find a number messily scribbled across the white sheet. I smiled and punched the number into my phone, before sending a message to Harry.


''Hey, Haz, it's Elin... xx'' I hesistated but decided on putting two kisses at them end. I put my phone down, but even before I could turn around, it buzzed, making me scream.


''Hey, babe ;D xxx'' I screamed again louder and saved his number into my phone as HazzaBear;) x



Again. sorry it's late, but guys if you want me to make a REALLY long chapter, comment and tell me that, so I can do it like you want it.


I know, Elin, that this ain't romantic, but I couldn't think of anything, so I hope you like it. If not, tell me and I'll write another one for you :D xxx


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