Imagines From Your Own Brain

I guess the title says it all. Just comment your name, looks hobbies and anything that crosses your mind, who you want it to be with and what band they're from (they don't have to be in a band, just a famous person) and what genre!
Thankssss, and enjoy <33


2. Early Bday, Louis Imagine



You were in the kitchen of your house when your phone started ringing.


''Hello, who is this?'' You speak as you forgot to look at the ID.


''Hi baby. It's Lou.'' You suddenly perked up at hearing his voice.


''LOU!'' You screamed, before clasping your mouth at how loud you were. You heard him chuckle before telling you he has a surprise for you.


''Ooh, what is it?'' You asked getting excited. He laughed again and you smiled at his cute laugh.


''Come out, I'll show you.'' He whispered. You were a little confused but hung up and slowly made your way out of the kitchen and headed to the front door. You peeked out and saw Lou standing next to a new looking Lamborghini Gallardo. Your jaw fell and you gasped.


''No...'' You breathed walking closer to the car. Lou smirked and kissed your forehead.


''Happy REALLY early birthday.'' He winked and jumped into the passenger side of the car.

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