Finnick After Sunset

The last few days in the arena have pushed Katniss closer and closer to Finnick Ordair and without realising, she has slowly fallen in love with him. When it's just her and him keeping watch after dark, both of their feeling spill over the surface.


1. Falling In Love

When I first arrived in the arena and found out that Finnick I thought he would be self-centred and a nuisance but has actually proven himself to be a good friend and a good help. He is handy with a trident and his fishing skills means I don't have to go hunting in the dreaded forest. It also means that no one has to do a watch on their own. I have paired up with Finnick tonight because Peeta and Beetee needed sleep and I simply didn't want to work with Johanna. "I wonder if the other worked out the whole clock thing yet." Finnick's hushed voice interrupts my thoughts.
"I doubt it, we wouldn't have worked it out either if we didn't have Wiress." I whisper back. Finnick turns around so he is facing me. "We also wouldn't have worked it out if you hadn't realised what Wiress was saying." I just shrug. A smile tugs at his lips and he turns back around. He starts to hum an unfamiliar tune. I stand up and walk over to him, his beautiful humming sounding louder and louder with every step. When I sit down next to him on the fine sand he stops and smiles at me. Up close I can see all the finer details of his face. The flecks of blue in his sea green eyes, the long lashes framing those eyes, the messy perfection of his hair. I can only formulate one more thought before his lips press against mine; Please let Peeta stay asleep.

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