Love found in a best friend

Eldiwen is a beautiful girl she is middle sized , long brunette hair and brown eyes , her sweet kind heart is broken in two by Shameus her boyfriend but Darcey her best friend is secretly in love with her ... will he decide to tell her or keep it from her?


5. Who to choose?

So whats the plan of action then ?

There is attacks on the castle every other day , we need you to sort it out ...

what am i meant to do ? Primrose said sarcastically

talk to your father , my lady if i may i have some business to attend to...

uh oh okay then she says a little shocked . She then gets a call from Darcey she answers immediatly


Baby are you okay ?! has he done anything to you ? where are you ? baby talk to me !!

Yeah I'm fine baby don't worry i just have loads of stuff to sort out , talk later baby <3

K but don't let that ... vermin hurt you or i will be right round there ASAP

Primrose walked towards the grand bedroom of where her dad sleeps and approached her father

Prim ? my god i haven't seen you in centuries! The high king said gesturing to hug his daughter 

when she heard a familiar voice ...she turned around and saw her previous lover before shameus ... Damion he looked at her as if she was a goddess, they were together for 600 years  then got parted by war and never saw each other again until this day.

Prim ?? his manly yet soothing voice called , she ran towards him and hugged him tight he held her in his arms then they went to the planning room.

I say we attack , Damion suggested

No we have to draw them to the deathly woods of cava'n where they will find us waiting for them with our new members of the order that i will gather. When they had a few hours of planning the situation Damion and Primrose walked around the grounds of the castle together laughing at previous funny times they shared,  when Damion leaned in for a kiss

No damion i have a boyfriend now ...

What , you didn't tell me ?

I haven't spoke to you since the first world war Damion how could i?

oh i dunno maybe come back here ?

she tried to walk away when damion pushed her up against a wall and violently kissed her she tried to push away and he just pushed her back then to a sudden surprise Darcey shoved Damion off and had a full on fight with him.


Darcey stopped and turned to her ... You cheating on me ? with HIM ?

What no ?!

THIS IS YOUR BOYFRIEND ? Damion exclaimed then laughed historically 

How did you get here darcey ?

Your father knows my family i have a vampire in the family its complicated , i needed to know you was okay ... turned out you was more then that ! he ran off angrily

Darcey NO!! she started to cry , Look what you have done

ME? your the one who cheated on me with him....

Damion went the opposite way and Prim was left on the floor in a wreck

But who will she choose her life long buddy or her new lover ?

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