Love found in a best friend

Eldiwen is a beautiful girl she is middle sized , long brunette hair and brown eyes , her sweet kind heart is broken in two by Shameus her boyfriend but Darcey her best friend is secretly in love with her ... will he decide to tell her or keep it from her?


4. Wait ...what?

They both get back to his house, "So what was up ?"
"It was nothing don't worry about it" Eldiwen said in a slight worried tone
"No , it was something ... do you not trust me ?! just tell me!! " Darcey raised his voice
Eldiwen flinched and her eyes started to water , Darcey got up and punched the wall 
"Darcey , stop !" she stood up now crying a little 
"Sorry , i just , i can't always protect you but you need to be , your everything to me ...."
"hey , why you saying that for ? i can protect myself !" her eyes now turning slight orange 
"so what is your secret then huh ?"
"i ... you will still love me after this right?"
"Yeah , of course i will baby you know how much i love you , you can trust me "He said hugging her tight 
"I'm a vampire .....i have been for 1000 years , i'm 17 in this body but 1017 in my head"
Darcey stood there shocked, "So you feed on ..."
"Humans yes , hahah don't worry i wont suck your blood or anything" she teased while he stood there frozen 
"Yeah ...h.a.h.a , so what can you do as a vampire then ?"
"Well , i am frozen cold as ice , i can see far into the distance and i am unusual strength and fast as the speed of light but us vampires are different from the rest we are born with one special gift"
"Whats your gift?"
"cool, hey want to watch a movie , after all this i'm a bit tired"
They sit on the sofa and watch lion king , Darcy's favorite movie after a while they  both fall asleep next to each other. A few hours later they hear a knock at the door and they both jump but Darcey runs to get it 
"Who are you?"
"Primrose , come on .... i need your help!" The tall yet handsome man says in importance
"Wait .... her name isn't Primrose her name is Eldiwen..."Darcey interrupts slightly confused 
"Darcey , my actual name is Primrose i am lets just say i'm daughter of high king in our small island called Transylvania ... i'm sorry i got to go..." she says with slight worry in  her voice
"Prim , wait !" Darcey called after her "iloveyou"
"iloveyou too" they shared one last kiss before she had to leave the door closed shut.
Darcy's P.O.V :
What ? the love of my life has just told me  she is a vampire and then a few hours later i get a stranger taking MY GURL and saying she needs to go with him ?? i don't know whats going on but i'm gonna get to the bottom of this ... and somebody is gonna get hurt .."

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