Love found in a best friend

Eldiwen is a beautiful girl she is middle sized , long brunette hair and brown eyes , her sweet kind heart is broken in two by Shameus her boyfriend but Darcey her best friend is secretly in love with her ... will he decide to tell her or keep it from her?


7. A turn for the worse

Before putting the phone down , Primrose heard footsteps behind her , she turned around to see who was there but nobody was so she said her goodbyes and just when she was about to put the phone down ......


Ahaha cleaver girl I see , Damion chuckled , Primrose stood there frozen while Darcey was shouting on the phone wanting to know what's going on.

How did you know? He carried on teasing

I'm more cleaver then you think , Croft

ah yes yes you are and that's why your going to hang up on that low life and come with me.

Primrose had to do what he told her to her he would just kill her straight away. She was thinking what to do but had no ideas. Damion took her to his bedroom and began to speak with the shameful yet powerful girl.

Your going to break up with him , he demanded , and your going to marry me

Never! , she tried to escape but he grabbed her arm and pushed her onto the bed , she screamed as he tried to undress her she was crying and her eyes turned bright red and her fangs grew.

shh its not that bad .. , he rubbed her cheek and she tried to bite him at this he rebelled and strapped her down to the bed using his vampire skills so she wouldn't escape. She wasn't ready she didn't want this not with him not here not now. He chuckled and undressed her top and underwear then undressed himself. After 1 hour of torture she just layed there helpless , weak , she wanted to be dead. When he finished with her he said "Now your not to tell anyone about our ... little misunderstanding  and your going to tell  everyone we are to get married or there will be much worse for you , young one."

he got out some fine clothes and threw them on the bed he looked at her naked body in delight and untied her from the bed she got up and went into the bathroom to get ready for the dinner party celebration for her coming back.

Ah you look Devine darling , now come along


what did you say? he said in surprise after all he just done

you see I'm smarter then you think. she tried to smile but it hurt her after his lips pressuring them. Darcey is on his way now she said with proudness but then saw Damion grin.

You fool , I have sent some recruits to kill him but first they are going to torcher him and kick him till he bleeds and then i'm going to make you two have a convocation to hear his last words before he is killed.

NO! she cried


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