My Loyal Servant

In an era of war and poverty kids are sold to nobles and rich people to become servants. Kids were forced to do harsh labor and to experience discriminating humility. One girl will change the perspective of others in the relationship between master and servant.


1. Call me, Sir William

"I refuse to be your sex puppet!" I screamed at the old man. My dress barely and desperately clung to me as I dashed out of the estate. Tears ran down my eyes, he made me a doll, an object to show off to his so called 'friends'. I don't care if I'm your servant I am not an object to sell yet i find myself being used over and over again by complete strangers. 'What has this place turned into?!' I asked myself, I could remember those far away childhood memories of when I knew how to laugh and smile, even if those memories are a fantasy to me now.

My bare feet slapped against the rocks and pebbles on the dirt road and I headed deep in the forest. 'I could survive, i can hide here and live peacefully' I knew it was naive of me to think I was safe from those slave traders but what choice do I have? I've been treated like garbage, those 'noblemen' looked at me as if I wasn't human anymore. That's the only thread of hope I have that someone out there will rescue me from a diseased world.

My lungs burned, I ran for as long as I could not knowing where I was really going to. I was lost, though I'd rather be alone and die than wait for something that won't come. Back against a tree I cried to my heart's content. Have you ever done that? Cry and cry until those depressing, frustrated and angry feelings are washed away, those feelings that always linger at the worst moments will finally be freed.

The crickets chirped a melody around me and the trees danced and shivered. Comfort was what I felt at the time, there was nothing there, only the waltzing trees the stars that twinkled with delight and the warmth of a lonely night. This world is being thrown into hell, people aren't acting justly anymore, we lost our humanity.

Suddenly, everything went quiet as if all of god's creation were in a slumber. I don't know why but the silence was too much, never have I heard… nothing in my life. The atmosphere was so light it almost made me choke. And so I sang, I sang a song that the lyrics were sewed into my heart as a child growing up in poverty.

" She's like the swallow that flies so high… She's like the river that never runs dry! She's like the su-unshine on the lee shore…She loved her-"

"Lo-o-ove but love was no more" I stood up, the one who sang the last verse was not me, it was far too low of a voice. "I can't believe a run-away like you could know such a delicate song" A man appeared out of the shadows and grinned at me. Me being an easily startled and frightened woman threw a rock at him. "Wow, people these days…… when I was younger people greet one another with a smile not rocks. Kids these days!"

"You don't seem to be a slave trader…… who are you ?what do you want?!" I yelled, the feeling of being sold and toyed with filled me to the brim with fright. Never would I be hurt and abused like that anymore. The man smirked and jumped off a log and kissed my hand which I yanked away afterwards.

"Call me, Sir William my dear" he bowed and out of no where gave me a new set of clothes. "Would you like to work for me?" His tone of voice was awkward, almost surreal… it had a sort of weird accent. His smile was over powering and seductive, his green eyes strung me like a guitar and before I knew it I opened my mouth and answered him "y-yes".

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