The Becoming Of The Packs

This is a book you readers can get involved with. Ever wanted to be a wolf, or just a little wild with a second life. I am starting a book about a wolf called EveningStar. This wolf is my wolf of course. Well EveningStar is gunna need a bunch of companions and enemies along the way. To join in the fun please read the introduction to get involved at any point in the story. I will always make room for someone, so nobody will loose out x


13. Chapter 7: Flirting Leads To Trouble

The four of them were soon home at the cave. Darkness went in first, followed by Lana and the others. Darkness said aloud "I'm back Evening Star. This is Shadow and Crystal. There a part of the pack now". Evening Star walked up to the new wolves saying in a soft trusting voice "welcome to our pack. I'm Evening Star, the Alpha of this pack. Darkness is my mate, here are my 7 children, and Lana you have already met is my sister. The wolves you have yet to get aquainted to are Midnight Rogue, and here is Larria Westwood".


Darkness looked surprised as he said "when did Larria wake up?" Larria Westwood said in a muffled voice "I prefur to be called my full name". Darkness said slightly irritated "you will be called what I call you, and be greatful for us saving your life!"Evening Star said crossly "don't speak to her like that!" Darkness whimpered and said pleadingly "I'm sorry honey, I'm just so tired from walking, and a little stressed at the fact Shire Terror could be here anytime now". Evenmg Star growled and said madly "you, stressed! I'm the one in charge of everyone! I make all the choices for our pack, all the responsibility lies on my shoulders! How do you think I feel!?" Darkness led down on the floor whining "I really am sorry, I do my best for this family".


Evening Star got up, and walked towards the entranve of the cave. "I'm going for a walk to clear my head". Lana bounded up to her and said excitedly "can I come sis?" Evening Star sighed and said quietly "I need some time to myself, I can't take the pressure right now". With that Evening Stsr walked out, leaving Darkness feeling bad, and the others wondering what to do with themselves. Evening Star ran on for ages, biting at the crisp night air. She stops at an old dead oak tree, hanging depressivly across a pond full of large colourful fish.


"Good evening pretty lady" a husky voice said behind Evening Star. She jumped in shock as she swung round saying "who said that?" That's when she turned round to come face to face with a large light dirty brown wolf, with a sexy golden stare. "The names Nyx, what name do you behold?" Evening Star said with a shudder "E-Evening S-Star". Nyx said romantically "a pretty name, for s pretty young wolf". He came closer as Evening Star backed up, her back paw in the cold water. "I'm sorry, but I'm taken".


Nyx looked a little disapointed as he said with a cheeky wink "doesn't stop anyone from flirting around now though does it". Evenng Star didn't know what to say, she was faithful to Darkness now. She laughed uneasily and said "you havn't been with a female wolf for a long timr have you?" Nyx bowed his head in shame, "your right, I have no one, not a friend in the world". Evening Star said in a caring voice "well I can help you there". Nyx smiled and said quietly "that's very kind of you, it means a lot to me". Evening Star said with a sweet smile "come on, come home with me". Nyx said cheekily "wow your a fast one, already inviting me back to your cave". Evening Star sternly said "yeah, where my mate, and 7 cubs are". Nyx gulped and said with a laugh "yikes".


As soon as the two got home Evening Star said to Darkness "this is Nyx, we met in the woods". Darkness said a little worried "I bet you did". Nyx tried his luck when he said cheekily "shes my star, my light I followed to here". Darkness said with rage "you what?!" With that he began savagly attacked Nyx as he yelped in shock. Evening Star cried out "what the hell are you doing Darkness!" Evening Star had to with the help of the other wolves, break up the fight. Darkness went to go for Nyx once again, but Evening Star jumped on to of him, pinning him to the floor.


"He hadn't finished his sentence. He was going to say he isn't alone anymore. He is in the same situation as everyone else. Alone, fed up, and wanting a pack to be involved with!" Darkness growled crossly saying sarcastically "to me it appears he's getting a little too involved!" Evening Star barked crossly, "oh stop it! I'm faithful to you. I would never want to cheat on you, we really have something special".


Darkness whimpered and said "promise you will never leave me, especially not for him!" Darkness said this while darting an evil look at Nyx led on the floor lixking at his deep wounds. Nyx whimpered nervously saying "he's got strength like no other wolf I've ever fought! Damn near nearly killed me he did!" Evening Star ignored Nyx's comment and looked lovingly into Darkness's eyes. "I promise" she said with a smile, then they nuzzled noses romantically.

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