The Becoming Of The Packs

This is a book you readers can get involved with. Ever wanted to be a wolf, or just a little wild with a second life. I am starting a book about a wolf called EveningStar. This wolf is my wolf of course. Well EveningStar is gunna need a bunch of companions and enemies along the way. To join in the fun please read the introduction to get involved at any point in the story. I will always make room for someone, so nobody will loose out x


9. Chapter 3: Uncontrollable Tears

Lana said with wonder "so how come Darkness has no powers?" She looked over at the unconcious black wold. Evening Star said quietly "he was just outside the 100 mile radius, on the outskirts of it". Lana said slowly "that explains it then". Evening Star looked at her 7 innocent cubs, all cuddled up to her mate. "Do you reakon the powers become genetic?" Lana studied the wolf cubs and said with a sigh "maybe, just watch them . At a young age, the power is hard to control". Evening Star laugjed sarcastically and snorted "how do you think I feel with so many different powers I had to hide from the world". Lana laughed and just smiled at her sister.


A few hours passed before Darkness began to slowly awaken with a painful groan. Evening Star told Darkness all about her new sister, and they all got to talking about different powers. Evening Star shrunk to the size of a pea, making everyone laugh. After morphing into a furry rubber duck, Evening Star annouced tha she had to leave, in search for more wolves to join the pack. Lana said excitedly "let me come with you". Evening Star shook her head and said seriously "you need to stay here to nurse Darkness back to health, and to baby sit my cubs". Lana sighed with dissapointment saying sulkily "I thought it could be our first sister adventure". Evening Star laughed and said sweetly "we got the rest of our long lives for that". Lana said quietly "your family is safe with me". With that, Evening Star ran off in search for more wolves.


She soon heard a loud quarel in the distance. Two wolves, a male and a female were growling aggressively at one another. Evening Star watched from a distance.

"You are a useless mate! You don't listen to my orders, you go out of your way to do your own thing, and you have yet to bare me cubs!"

"It's not my fault your fertility doesn't function right!"

"my fertility!?"

"yeah yours!"

"Why you"- With that the two wolves set into one another. Savagly ripping at one anothers sides. Eveming Star watched on in horror.


The alpha male overpowered the alpha female. He made like he was about to go for the neck and said menacingly "I could kill you right now, you keep that in mind".

"So do it then, if your so hard!"

"Killing you wouldn't prove anything".

"It would prove your not all just talk!"

The male wolf got off of the female wolf, and said in a rumbling voice "leave now, you are no longer a part of this pack!"

"Good! You lot were dragging me down anyway!" Rhe female wolf walked off crossly, her tail stuck snootily in the air, and an angry look on her face, her teeth still baring from the fight she just had.


As the female wolf passed by the bush Evening Star was hiding in, Evening Star studied her closely. She was a large, well built wolf, with black fur like the night sky, and blue eyes like a flowing river of knowledge. She was slim, and appeared quite agile in the way she walked. Evening Star came out from the bushes saying sweetly "hi there". The female wolf swung round with a growl shouting "clear off!" Evening Star said nothing, she just wouldn't stop folloeing her.


After a few rows, eventually the female wolf stopped, turned on her heels, and sighed. After taking a deep breath she said "what do you want with me? I've had a bad day okay!" Evening Star said caringly "I know, I saw". The female wolf growled and said "then you know to leave me alone". As she went to turn away from Evening Star, Evening Star spoke up once more. She said kindly "I know that you need a friend to stick by you more than ever". The female wolf managed to perk up a smile before saying "okay, what do you really want with me?" Evening Star said seriously "I need pack members,vand you need a new pack". The female wolf said sternly "who says I wanna be trapped by another pack?! I'm finally free now!" Evening Star said softly "you may be free, but does the heart truly feel freedom, when alone and broken?" A tear rolled down the female wolf's face as she said "okay, I guess I can give your pack a try".


"I'm Evening Star, what's your name?"

"My names Midnight Rogue".

"That's a lovely name".

"Thanks, not just for that, but being so caring, when I treated you like filth over the first few hours". Midnight Rogue bowed her head in shame. Evening Star smiled and said softly "I always find it in my heart to forgive if those are truly sorry with their actions". The two new friends walked slowly back to Evening Star's cave. They chatted all the way, but then Midnight Rogue began talking utter nonsense.


Midnight Rogue began to chant demonically "she who controls the mind, making those who smile weep, and those in tears dry up. Putting rage in a lovers heart, and friendship in an aggressive soul". Evening Star said with a puzzled expression on her face "what on earth are you talking about?" Midnight Rogue started swaying on the spot, moaning as she rocked on her feet. All of a sudden she collapsed to the floor in an uncontrollable fit. She began frothing at the mouth, as her eyes rolled to the back of her head to whiteness.


As she shakes out of control she cries out "she senses our presence! She controls us even now!" Eveining Star cried out "what are you talking about?!" Midnight Rogue said evily "shes coming!" Evening Star looked round to see a wolf approaching them slowly from afar, with a sadlook on her face. Midnight Rogue says in shock "she makes us weep!" Evening Star tried to laugh, even though her heart was racing with fear at the time. "Don't be ridiculous!" Evening Star shouted crossly. But to Evening Star's shock, tears began streaming uncontrollably from both of her eyes, as sadness began washing over her. Evening Star yelped in terror. She cried out "what are you?!"

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