The Becoming Of The Packs

This is a book you readers can get involved with. Ever wanted to be a wolf, or just a little wild with a second life. I am starting a book about a wolf called EveningStar. This wolf is my wolf of course. Well EveningStar is gunna need a bunch of companions and enemies along the way. To join in the fun please read the introduction to get involved at any point in the story. I will always make room for someone, so nobody will loose out x


8. Chapter 2: Crushed

Evening Star said quickly "you have to leave me". Darkness said crossly "I'll do notying of the sort!" Evening Star growled saying "you have to!" Darkness whined pleadingly saying "don't make me leave you". Evening Star said slowly "you have no choice. You said so yourself, were two against many". Darkness said with a growl "what if that's what Shire Terror wants us to do! It could be a trick in order to lure me away, so she can murder you, and our defenceless cubs!" Evening Star shouted madly "what choice do we have! I would go myself, but I provide the milk, my cubs need me! That's why we need to build up our pack, so when you go out hunting, there is a protector to guard me and the cubs". Darkness bowed his head, defeated by his soul mates intelligent words. Darkness whined saying "alright, I'll go". He got up, and was about to leave, when Evening Star got up, put a paw on his side, gazed deeoly into his eyes, and said softly "I love you". Darkness smiled, replying with "I love you to". They both nuzzled noses, and then Darkness turned and fled out of the entrance. Evening Star shouted after him "Be careful, and you'd better return to me!" Darkness cried out "I could never leave you forever!" As his voice faded into the distance.


Darkness ran on, an image constantly torturing his mind. He could see Shire Terror mauling his mate, and his cubs crying out, their hearts full of fear. He clenched his eyes shut tightly to shake the horrible image out of his head, as he stopped for a moment. He said aloud "I have to turn back". He turned around, walking slowly, wondering if he was making the right decision. He stopped dead in his tracks as a loud rumbling sound like thunder approached from a distance. The next thing he knew, shooting pains were flying up his spine. He collapsed to the floor in agony. A massive boulder had landed on top of him, crushing his back right leg. He held his eyes tightly shut, trying not to cry out in pain. He thought he was done for, he prayed Evening Star would live on without his defences. But he couldn't think negatively for long, because the weight seemed lighter all of a sudden.


Darkness looked at the boulder, to see it slowly raising off of his leg, floated gradually upwards into the sky all by itself. When the boulder was finally off of him, he tried to move, but was exausted by all the pain. Darkness looked out to the trees, to see a blurred figure slowly approaching him. As it came closer, the image began to clear. He could see it was a young female wolf. She was a white wolf with grey patches, bright blue eyes, and a butterfly scar on her left shoulder. She had a look of concentration on her face, as she had her eyes on the booulder. Continuing to look up at the boulder, she grabbed holf of Darkness's tail, and dragged him to safety. As soon as she looked at Darkness, the boulder smashed down to the ground with a loud rumble, making the floor shake. The sudden bang made Darkness jump, as he winced in pain once more.


The female wolf looked caringly at Darkness, saying softly "don't worry, I'll take you home". Darkness looked at her nervously saying "how did you do that?" The female wolf said "it's my power, everyone in this forest has a power of some sort, useless or not". Darkness said impatiently "what on earth are you babbling on about?!". The female wolf smiled, and said mysteriously "trust me when I say this, there is nothing earthly about theses powers". Darkness growled crossly saying "but me, my mate, and my cubs don't have powers, I never even knew powers existed!" The female wolf said im a whisper "how do you know your mate has no powers, sometimes there best left hidden". She paused for a second and then said "my names Lana by the way".Dakness said nothing more, as he passed out from the pain.


Lana dragged Darkness through the snow, all the way back to where Darkness lived. She managed to track down his cave alone, with the help of Darkness's footprints left in the snow. The whole way Darkness groaned with pain. When Lana came to the cave, she called out "hello! I need help!" Evening Star came to the entrance to see who was calling out in the dark. When Evening Star spotted Darkness's lifeless body, she ran out to assist him. She cried out "what happened to him?!" Lana said quickly "he got crushed by a large rock, and I saved him". Evening Star said commandingly "come on, help me get him inside". The two wolves dragged Darkness in, as a blizzard began to erupt from the sky.


Evening Star led Darkness beside the cubs, and led on topvof him to keep him warm. After licking caringly at her mates wounds, she looked thankfully at Lana. "I can't thank you enough for bringing my mate back safely". Lana smiled and said sweetly "anything to help a fellow wolf in need of assistance". Evening Star said with a smile "thats exactly the kind of thing I'd say". Evening Star said with wonder "one thing boggles my mind right now though". "What?" Lana asked. Evening Star said with disbelief "how did one small young wolf, manage to move a large rock". Lana looked at Evening Star for a moment before saying "maybe I should tell you of my past, before revraling my secret to you". Evening Star smiled and said softly "if it helps, take as long as you like explaining. After all, secrets or not, I'm forever in your gratitude".


Lana sat down, and began to tell her story. "It all started back when I was just a cub. I was born, to find my mother dead, I assumed due to a problem while giving birth to me. She was white as snow, and looked like she had been in a very bad fight. I remember hearing whimpering of other cubs, also born without a mother. But soon the whimpering stopped, and I was carried off by my new family. It was Shire Terror who found me, going on about how she had to kill my mother because she was evil. She mentioned a wolf called Leo who tried to save my so called evil mother,but failed". Evening Star gasped in shock. Lana jumped at her reaction shouting "what is it?!" Evening Star said excitedly "your my sister!" Lana whined with excitement "I have a sisiter?!" Evening Star barked happily saying "it would appear so!"


After calming down Evening Star said with a cheerful grin "please do go on with your story". Lana said before continuing "It's Lana by the way". Evening Star said "I'm Evening Star, some wolves just call me Eve though, please contiue your story sis". Lana barked "sure thing sis! So anyway Shire Terror raised me as her child,considering she had no actual children. She taught me her bad ways, and all her secret plans for the future. I only recently ran away, after realizing how bad se really was. I was forced to workvfor her, but got away, and walked the woods alone ever since. She mentioned you a lot, threatening to kill you, amongst other horrible stuff". Evening Star decided to change the conversation as Lana began to tear up, and whimper sadly. "So how did you save my mate?" Lana said quietly "I have a power, as does everybody else for years apparently, due to the falling purple star that electrocuted the land 20 years ago. Although that might just be a kids story, but I beleive it. I got the power to be able to move objects, using only my mind. But as soon as my concentration stops, the spell breaks".


Evening Star said in a whisper "I have a power too". Lans said excitedly "you do? What is it?!" Evenig Star said "I can do anything". Lana shouted crossly "shut up, everyone only got one power within the 100 mile range of the fallen star!" Evening Star said mysteriously "but what if I were to tell you I saw the fallen star, it was real! Infact it smashed into me, when I was on the run, when they killed Leo! Ever since then I can do anything. I can fly". Evening Star lifted off of the ground. "I can turn invisible". Evening Star dissapeared, then re-appeared. "I can even do the moving objects with my mind like you can". Evening Star began using her mind to lift a small stone. "And my all time favourite". Evening Star nawed a hole in her leg, making Lana cringe with disgust. The wound healed up in seconds. Evening Star stood tall and said proudly "I cannot die". Lana said in shock "and you managed to hide all these powers from your mate?!" Evening Star shook her head and said "no, he tried to hide them from you".


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