The Becoming Of The Packs

This is a book you readers can get involved with. Ever wanted to be a wolf, or just a little wild with a second life. I am starting a book about a wolf called EveningStar. This wolf is my wolf of course. Well EveningStar is gunna need a bunch of companions and enemies along the way. To join in the fun please read the introduction to get involved at any point in the story. I will always make room for someone, so nobody will loose out x


21. Chapter 15: A Desperate Need For Sustinance

Rayheart got lucky, she used her skills to dodge between trees, foing all different twistscand turns, until eventuslly Dusk had lost track of her. Even after Dusk disappered from the persuit, Rayheart decided it safer to run on until she physically could run no more. After a while of running, Rayheart collapsed with exaustion next to a rocky slope. Rayheart led nervously looking around herself at the bottom of the rocky slope. She lay the unconsious Swift between her paws caringly, and nudged it with a worried growl. The Swift took a while to stir. Eventually the Swfit was awake enough to panic when lookingvup into Rayhearts eyes. Rayheart stopped the Swift from fluttering away, and said quickly and ressuringly "shhhh, it's okay! I'm the tiger you saved from Shire Terror!" The Swift stopped trying to fly away, looking nervoudly up at Rayheartvand said with a shudder of fear "s-so, your not go-going to ki-kill me?" Rayheart laughed, but soon realized how seriously scared the young Swift was, the Swifts heart pounding out of control within her paws grasp. Rayheart said thankfully " I wouldn't dream of hurting my little hero". The young Swift turned a vibrant red as if blushing. Rayheart was facinated as she remembered how the Swift was invisible, before bravely showing herself to Shire Terror. Rayheart said with amazement "how do you do that?!" The young Swift said cheerfully as Rayheart released her so she could hop down onto the ground "I have the ability to comoflage into my surrounding, kinda like a Chameleon. Unfortunately, I also turn red when embaressed, green when sick, and blue when cold. It is rather embsressing" Rayheart giggled at her little friend, and said cooly "no, it's amazing!" The young Swift smiled up at Rayheart and chirped loudly "I guess it does have it's advantages, sometimes if I'm lucky, when I reel endangered and am knocked out cold, I turn invisible so my enemies cannot find my body before I can wake up and get away". Rayheart grinned and said gobsmacked "just facinating!"


Rayheart walked on for hours, Evangelina hopping constantly at her side. Rayheart asked seriously "why don't you fly away? How come when you tried to fly away from me before I could grap you, you just toppled to your side? I know you can fly, and you had the chance, so why didn't you fly away?" Evangelina sighed and said sadly "Swifts arn't like most birds that can fly whenever they please by just taking off. We Swifts must throw ourselves off of high hights to hit the air, and remain swooshing fastly around, rather than just fluttering in one spot. We Swifts cannot take off straight from thevground like most birds". Rayheart said sorrowfully "I'm sorry to hear that". Evangelina sighed, as she stopped dead in her tracks. "I really wish I could fly now, but I may never hit sky again, being so low to the ground". Rayheart suddenly had a brilliant idea come to mind. "This may be stupid and fail, but I have a plan to get you back into the air, considering you landed for my life!" Evangelina sighed and said sadly "I cannot possibly walk miles towards a cliff edge, I am made for fast flight, not long walking". Rayheart said mysyeriously "you only need to find a clearing actually". Evangelina looked really confused, but followed after an excitable Rayheart just the same.


When they came to a open field, covered in long grass, with wide open spaces, Rayheart said excitedly "this is the place!" Evangelina sighed sadly again and said while she followed Rayheart to the cetre of the large field "the place for what exactly?" Rayheart said with a serious tone "the place I'm going to throw you around until you manage to lift off!" Evangelina said crossly "don't you even think about tossing me around like your little play thing!!!!" But before Evangelina could hop out of Rayhearts way, Rayheart scooped Evangelina up in her mouth, and tossed her as high as she could into the air. Evangelina was so terrified by Rayhearts sudden aggressive behaviour towards her, that she froze in mid air, her heart beating out of control. As Rayheart caught her once more in her mouth, she tossed Evangelina again, this time even higher. Rsyheart yelled with frustration "WOULD YOU FLAP ALREADY!!!!" With these seriously loud words, Evangelina began furiously flapping her wings, and found herself now soaring throgh the air like s bullet from a gun. Evangelina did a few loop the loops, before zooming past Rayheart crying out as loud as she could "THANKS FOR EVERYTHING RAYHEART!!!! I WON'T EVER FORGET YOU!!!!" With that, Evangelina disappered over the top of the forest trees, and out of sight.


Rayheart was happy for her new friend forva momwnt, but soon wad sadend by the realization of being alone once more. But Rayheart wasn't as alone as she thought at first. No sooner had all the commotion silenced, a new sound greeted Rayhearts ears. It was a weak whisper of desperation. A groan rasping with exaustion, almost like crying on the verge of death. The sqeak seemed to say to Rayheart in a dying whisper "help me". Rayheart looked around to work out who had been cslling out in desperation for asssistance. This is when Rayheart first noticed a light brown cub, covered in black spots. Rayheart quickly rushed over to help the cub in need. She looked down at the dyimg cub and quickly realixed it was dying of starvation and dehydration. Rayheart hunted elk, and tried to feed the cub a scrsp of mest. When the cub refused to eat, Rsyhesrt grabbed it by the scruff, and ran towards a river to try snd offer the cub a drink of water. When the cub yet again refused to be helped as it meowed constantly to be fed, it suddenly dawned on her. Rayheart was sickened to realixe this cub must not yet be weaned. As soon as Rayheart worked out the young cub needed a milky substitute mother in order to survive, She cried out to the cub "don't worry Hermione Writes! I will find a way of saving you!" With that Rayheart watched Hermione Writes begining to fade away. Her heart was slowing, and time was running out. Rayheart had to act fast, she couldn't just watch the young cub die like this. She took Hermione Writes by the scruff once more, and fled deeper into the forest, in hopes of bumping into a mother cat with cubs of her oen, before it was too lste for Hermione Writes.



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