The Becoming Of The Packs

This is a book you readers can get involved with. Ever wanted to be a wolf, or just a little wild with a second life. I am starting a book about a wolf called EveningStar. This wolf is my wolf of course. Well EveningStar is gunna need a bunch of companions and enemies along the way. To join in the fun please read the introduction to get involved at any point in the story. I will always make room for someone, so nobody will loose out x


17. Chapter 11: Someone To Love, Someone To Lose

After Shire Terror had calmed the anger raging inside her from being prooved wrong, she got up and began to sniff at the cold air. Iceheart looked at Shire Terror and said with wonder "what is it mum?" Shire Terror growled and said crossly "don't ever call me mum!" Iceheart growled sadly, looked down to the ground and said "but your the closest thing to a mum I ever had". Shire Terror smiled slightly, but it soon turned to a frown as Shire Terror grumbled "indeed". Iceheart said excitedly "so what can you smell?!" Ivy sniffed the air and said mysteriously "I think I can smell something too". Iceheart huffed as she said crossly "why can't I smell anything!?" Shire Terror said nothing, nor did Ivy. They both began sneaking stealfully into the woods, Iceheart close on their tail with great interest.


Shire Terror suddenly shooshed everyone as her ears perked up in order to detect the origin of a strange sound she had just heard. She sniffed the air once more, and paused as she heart a muffled mewing noise. The mewing became louder, and more frequent, as the trio slowly tracked down the mystery behind the strange panicked voice. As Shire Terror parted the leaves of a bush with her front left paw, inside she revealed a terrified looking tiger cub. The tiger cub immediatly emerged from the bush, and began interacting with Shire Terrors outstretched paw playfully. Shire Terror growled with disgust at the little tiger cub, as she flicked her paw away from it's reach. The tiger cub backed away with fear and began to cry out for love and attention. Shire Terror had no idea why she did what she did next. Inside she felt something for this little tiger cub. It was either the idea of growing up another cub to folloe in her evil footsteps, or because that tiger cub was the first tiger Shire Terror had seen in years. But deep down Shire Terror had a mothering urge to raise the child as her own. She clamped her teeth gently round the tiger cubs scruff, and carried the tiger cub home to her lair, Ivy and Iceheart following close behind with surprised looks taking over their faces.


The tiger cub was unique in colour, white as snow, and fur as soft as the fluffiest of clouds. She had eyes like sapphires, such a dazzling spellbinding shade of blue. This was the one feature that helped Shire Terror to decide the name for the beautiful tiger cub. She was of course named Sapphire. A gorgeous name, for such a stunning tiger. Monthes passed by, and the Sapphire grew into a beautiful young tiger. She was sleek in posture, smaller than normal in stature, and a magnet when it came to attracting the other cats attention. Shire Terror mothered Sapphire as her own, and Sapphire became reliant, and completly dependant on Shire Terror. Where ever Shire Terror went, Sapphire must go to. So came the day when Shire Terror organised a hunt for her and Ivy. Iceheart was meant to stay home and look after Sapphire while the two hunted for dinner, but Sapphire insisted she wouldn't leave Shire Terrors side ever, and demanded she could go. Shire Terror eventually got so aggrivated that she ended up turning round and biting Sapphire on her neck.Sapphire cried out in agony as the bite drew blood. She became so scared, she ended up running  away in shockhorror, and Shire Terror cried out to the night sky with such grief in her cold dead heart.

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