Just another fan (1D)

Just Another Fan is just another One Direction fanfic :D


5. The judges

I was a bit late, so I kind of just rushed through all of the stuff I had to do. Suddenly a woman came over to me and told me it was my turn. I went into this little room where I had 1 minute to prepare before I went in to see the judges. I went in and sat on a box in the end of the little room. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
I was alone now, and I really needed to speak to my dad. 
"Dad I hope you know I'm doing this for you. I have no idea what to do if I get through. How am I going to both work and be in The X Factor? And I have to work, because mom won't. I really want this, I do. But I really don't know what to do. Dad I really need you right now. Everything would be so much easier if you was still here with me. And with Lily, and even with mom. I just really miss you dad", I said out loud. I looked at the ceiling to remove the tears from my eyes. I couldn't cry, not now and not here. I blinked a couple of times, and then the tears was gone. I had no idea that there was a videocamera and that the judges was looking at me as I almost cried. 
"It's your turn now", a woman said and opened door to the room where the judges was.
"Wish me good luck", I said and the woman smiled. I wasn't talking to her, but how was she supposed to know that?

I went into the room and I looked at my feet as I walked the first steps into the room. I didn't dare to look at the judges, but as I turned around to walk over to the X I had to.
I felt like someone punched me hard in the chest as I saw who the judges was. There were Simon Cowell, obviously. And Nicole and some woman I had never seen before, and then right there in the middle Harry Styles was. Harry Styles from One Direction. No matter how many times I said it to myself I couldn't quite believe it. 

"Hello", Harry said and smiled. I tried to smile, but I failed.
I opened my mouth and said "hi" very quiet.
As I got to the end X I looked up again. They were all looking at me like I had to say something.
"Hi, my name is Anna and I'm 17 years old", I said.
"Hi Anna, where are you from", Simon asked.
"I'm half Danish and half English", I answered and now I stood on the X.
"Well that wasn't what I meant, but whatever", Simon said. I could hear in his voice that he didn't like me. 
Maybe it was my clothes? I wore my favorite dungarees with black leggings and a long sleeve black shirt. I always wore long sleeve shirt so no one would see my scars. Maybe it was because I was so shy? Or maybe because he could see that I almost cried?

"Why do you want to win X Factor", Nicole asked. Why did I want to win? I had no idea, it was always my dad's dream.
"Well, that a tough question. I want to win because I like to sing, and I really need the money. And my dad always wanted me to enter. But I have no idea how I will make money while I'm here though", I answered, but right after I regretted my answer.
"If you get through you'll get both food and clothes and even showers for free, so that won't be a problem", the the woman said.
"I wasn't thinking about me, I was thinking about my mom and my little sister", I answered and looked at me feet.
"Why can't your dad take care of them", Harry asked and tilted his head a bit. I had no idea why, since I never cried, but for the second time today I could feel the tears fill my eyes. But this time it wasn't as easy to stop them.
"My dad passed away 2 weeks ago", I almost whispered. 

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