Just another fan (1D)

Just Another Fan is just another One Direction fanfic :D


3. My scars

I had never thought of actually entering X Factor before. I always just assumed my dad was joking, but after Lily told me to, I couldn't get the idea out of my head. I began to practice a lot. I wanted to sing a One Direction song, but I wasn't sure which one. My dad loved One Direction too, and I felt like it would make him happy if I sang one of their songs. I wanted to sing either Little Things or Moments. 

When I was about 10 years old I sat at home with my dad and listened to the radio. My mom was pregnant, and she was in the hospital. Suddenly this song came on, and I caught some of the lyrics quite quick.
Then my dad was like "that's such a good song, we have to find out what it's called", so we began to search for at. It wasn't hard to find, because it was quite popular in my town. What Makes You Beautiful was the name of the song. The band who made it was called One Direction, and they were this English/Irish pop band. I had never heard of them before, but I liked them a lot. And so did my dad. We always wanted to go to a concert with them, but we never actually went. My dad became sick a under a year after, so we never got the chance.

I was very nervous about going to X Factor. I wasn't quite sure which song to sing. Although it was good to have two, and then let the judges choose which one I should sing. Moments was one of my favorite songs. My dad used to make me sing it for him. He had been sick since I was 13 years old. My sister didn't even remember him from before he was sick. She was 3 when he got cancer.
When he first got sick I was very sad. I remember I used to just sit alone in a corner in school. That was when I began to loose my friends. They wanted to be there for me, but nobody knew what to do. And I didn't blame them, they were 13 years old. One Direction made me stay.

I was suicidal a couple of times, but my dad always told me to stay strong. And so did One Direction. I started to cut when I was 15. I was very addicted, I wasn't able to stop. I felt like it was my fault that he was sick. My dad was the only on who noticed my scars. He told me that it wasn't my fault, and that I had to stop, but I couldn't. Not even for him. Not even for One Direction.

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