Just another fan (1D)

Just Another Fan is just another One Direction fanfic :D


2. Lily

"Come on Lily we have to go home".
 I was picking up my little sister. It had been her first day too, and I could see that she had been crying. She was so pretty. She had this little beautiful face with big beautiful blue eyes and long blonde hair. I on the other hand had brown medium long hair and a egg shaped head. My eyes were blue with a tint of yellow. I used to bite my nails a lot, but my dad always told me that I had to stop, so I stopped after he passed away.
My sister was only 7 and her dad was dead already. She would never truly recover from it. There would always be this empty hole inside of her.
She looked at me with her big tired blue eyes and said "I don't want to go home Anna, I really don't. Can I please come with you to work? I can't stand looking at mom".
I didn't realize this before but I was actually really angry at my mom for turning Lily and I down like this. She was the adult one. She was supposed to be the strong one. Not me. Like it wasn't enough that we lost our dad, now we had lost our mom too? She could at least go back to work, so I could have some time to do my homework too. But no, she couldn't be strong for us, not even just for Lily. 

"Of course you can come", I said, even though my boss would be so mad.
But he didn't dare to fire me, because my dad just passed away. And he felt sorry for me, like everyone else. 
So I took Lily's hand and we walked towards my work. It was only 15 minutes away if you walked, and I found the walking trips very necessary if I had to keep it together at home. When I walked here by myself I could think about all these things that I couldn't think about at home, because I was scared of breaking down. 
"Could you sing for me? You always used to sing for me when dad was in the hospital", Lily said and laughed a little. I looked at her and saw the tears in her eyes. One single tears fell down her perfectly shaped cheek and down on her green T-shirt.
"What do you want me to sing?", I asked.
She lightened up a bit and said "one with One Direction. You used to love them so much before dad was sick". She was right. I had pictures of them all over my walls, even on the ceiling. I listened to their songs every single day, and I knew all the lyrics to all the songs. But now I had forgotten most of them. I only memorized the lyrics to Little Things, Story Of My Life, More Than This, Moments and obviously What Makes You Beautiful.
"Which one?", I asked.
"Story Of My Life, that one was always my favorite. I didn't really like songs like Live While We're Young. The kind of sad songs were the best ones" Lily said. The tears in her eyes was gone, and I began to sing.
"Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain. Leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days". 

Lily was crying again, so I stopped singing. I sat down on my knees and hugged her.
"You know what Anna?", she started. My real name was Annabelle, but everyone just called me Anna.
"You should enter X Factor. Dad wanted you to do that, and you would make him so proud. You're a really good singer".

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