Just another fan (1D)

Just Another Fan is just another One Direction fanfic :D


11. Judges house?

I woke up at 5 am. I was too nervous to fall back to sleep, and I had hardly slept all night. It was Lukas and mine turn to sing today. I had no idea what to do until Lukas woke up. Even though Lily told me not to worry I was still really worried about her. 

"Anna why are you up already? It's 7 am", Lukas said. I had been worrying about Lily for 2 hours, and I didn't even notice.
"I don't know. I couldn't sleep. I'm very nervous", I said. 
"Don't worry Anna, it'll be alright", Lukas said. 
"I hope so. What do you think we'll sing", I asked.
"I hope it's a song we know already", he said. "The worst thing would be if we forgot the lyrics. We know we're good singers already".

We went up and went to our vocal coach to get our song. 
"Hi Anna and Lukas. You'll be singing Mirror by Justin Timberlake", our vocal coach said.
"Thank god", I exclaimed. Lukas looked at me and laughed. I was really happy, cause I knew all the lyrics to that song.

We sang for what felt like hours, but actually it was only 30 minutes. The vocal coach was really nice, and I really liked her.
"Sorry, but your time is up", she said.
"That's too bad", Lukas said.
"Thank you so much, wish us good luck", I said, and we walked out. 

We practiced for the rest of the day, until it was 7 pm and we went to hear everyone sing. Lukas and I was the last one to sing, and even Lukas was nervous now.
"Don't worry, it'll be okay. We'll get through", I said.

"And last Anna and Lukas", a woman said.
"Oh my god it's now, Lukas I'm going to die", I said. 

"It'll be okay. We'll be okay, come on", Lukas said and we walked into the room.

The judges was sitting the same way as always. Simon and the right, then Harry, then Nicole and then the woman. 
"Hi Lukas. Hi Anna", Nicole said. 
We walked towards the center of the floor where we was told to stand. 
"What are you going to sing", Simon asked. 
"We're going to sing Mirror by Justin Timberlake", Lukas said.
"Okay, you can start now", the woman said.

The music started playing, and Lukas began to sing. He was a really good singer. 
"It's like you're my mirror, oh oh", I joined the song. Lukas sang the first verse and we was both supposed to sing the chorus and then the second verse was mine.
The song ended and we looked at the judges. They seemed really happy. I took Lukas' hand and held it tight. The judges said thanks, and we went out to wait for our results. 

The waiting time was horrible. It only took about 5 minutes, but like always it felt like thousands of hours. When we finally got told to walk into the waiting room we had to wait for another 5 minutes before we could go back into the judges. We went in, and we stood there for about a minute until the judges they finally said something.
"Lukas, you're definitely going through, since you're an amazing singer, and you know how to act on stage", Simon said. 
"Thank you so much", Lukas exclaimed. "But you have to send Anna through too, she's the best singer I've ever heard".
"Well Anna. We wasn't sure what to do with you. You're a great singer, but as we said before we don't think you'll be able to get through this. We're convinced that you're not ready for this, and we think sending you out would be for the best. But then again. It would be good for you to get your mind of everything, and you are an amazing singer after all", Harry said. "So we decided to send you through".

Was this real? I couldn't believe it. I was actually through. I was going to the judges house and if I got through from there I was going to the live shows. I was a step closer to winning the €500.000 and I was going through with Lukas by my side. We would become great friends.

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