Just another fan (1D)

Just Another Fan is just another One Direction fanfic :D


13. I'm sorry

I called the police and told them that Lily needed a foster family since her mother was mentally ill and that she was all by herself. I kept myself anonymous though. I went into Lily's room and told her that the foster family people would come and pick her up soon, and that we needed to spend our precious last time together wisely. 
"I thought we were going together", she cried.
"That's just not how it's going to happen, okay", I asked.
"No! It's not okay", she yelled. "You don't get to decide for me just because you're older than me. You're not my mom. Nobody else but mom is my mom. I don't want a new mom Anna. I can't have a new mom. Nobody can replace her".
"Mom can't take care of you, and neither can I", I said and I tried to be calm, but I didn't think I succeeded. 
"Why can't you? You've done it so far. I'm fine the way things is. Please don't do this", she begged.
I looked at her, but I couldn't focus on anything.
"It's too late. You have to do this. Everything is going to be alright. I'll go visit you as often as I can. Almost everyday. I promise. Everything will be alright Lily. I don't want to argue with you right now. I think we both know deep down that this is for the best. I'm not exactly the best idol, and I'm going to the judges house tomorrow, and you'll get to know your other family. Think of it this way. You might get another sister, that's really nice. You'll get an amazing stepmother and a fun stepfather. Please don't cry Lily", I said to calm her down. I don't know if it helped, but I calmed myself down a lot. I hugged her, and we sat still hugging each other for 5 minutes. I stroke her head as she buried it in my chest.
Suddenly the door bell stopped our hug. She looked at me. Her eyes was red from all the tears, and yet she as still way prettier than anyone that I had ever seen. 
"I'll see you soon Anna", she said and began to cry again.

I went to open the door and outside stood a man and a lady.
"Hi we're here to pick up a 
girl called Lily", the woman said.
"She's in here", I said and let them come in. 
"When she gets a family, I can still visit her, right", I asked.
"That's really depending on which family she gets. Most families doesn't care if the child's family comes for a visit once in a while, don't worry", the man said.
Lily walked towards us, but something was wrong. I started crying when I saw what was wrong. There was blood from her arms dripping on the floor. She looked at me. She had been crying again.
"I'm sorry Anna", she said. "You'll always be my idol", and then she walked away.

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