Bad boy Justin Bieber comes to West High. Christina tries to stay away from him and trouble, but he's just too cute. Will she be able to handle herself? Will Justin win her over? Will she get herself into trouble?


2. The bad boy

"Hello Mr.Tran, what brings you here this fine day?" Mrs. Murphy said.

"Well, Mrs. Murphy, you have a new student, his name is Justin, Justin Bieber."

While Mrs. Murphy was talking to Mr. Tran, I couldn't take my eyes off of Justin, his hair, his eyes, just everything about him was perfect, and I just couldn't believe it.

The class started whispering, and slowly the whispering developed into talking, the class got pretty loud. Until Mr.Tran left the classroom, but he left alone.

"Class, listen up everyone" Mrs.Murphy said

"CLASS! Listen up" she repeated herself, but this time she said it more loudly.

The class got quiet in the matter of seconds.

"Everyone, this is Justin, he is our new student, and he will be in this class permanently for the year. Please show him around the school, and help him out as much as you can" Mrs.Murphy continued.

Mrs. Murphy started walking towards an empty desk and let Justin settle there.

"This will be your new desk Justin." She told him

I couldn't help myself from staring at him, his brown, dreamy eyes just attracted mine. How would I ever be able to keep my distance from him, I thought to myself

"Okay class, we will be starting a new project and I will now be giving you your groups, this project will be done in pairs."

Mrs.Murphy started reading names, all the names were almost called, except for two. Mine, and Justin's.

"And finally, Christina and Justin" Mrs. Murphy said

The seat beside me was empty, until the seat moved, I looked up and there was Justin, standing and he pulled the chair out and sat down.

"You're Christina, right?" He asked

"Yes, and you're Justin, right?" I responded

"Yeah, yeah, let's make a deal here. I'm not a math guy, or a school guy at all.. So how about this, you finish this project, write my name on it, I give you $20 and no one has to know, deal?" Justin said

"No, not deal, I will not be doing this project alone, there were partners for a reason." I answered furiously

"Woah, no need to get so mad. Fine, we'll do it together.. Wanna come to my house after school, so that we can finish this?" He asked

"Sure, why not" I said


"Well, thats the class," I exclaimed

"Come to the parking lot, after school and i'll drive you to my place, so that we can get this stupid project over with" he said, unamused

The rest of the school day flew by. As the last bell rang me and Jennifer hurried to our lockers to get all of stuff and go home.

"I have to go to Justin's house now to finish that math project" I told Jennifer.

"Watch out Christina, one of the guys from science told me that he's a real player, and he will use girls for sex, and then just leave them."

"Don't worry Jennifer, nothing will happen, I won't let anything happen, he's a real douche." I replied

"Well I better get going, Justin is waiting for me in the parking lot, i'll see you tomorrow" I said.

"Yeah, okay bye Christina, text me when you finish."

"Sure thing, bye!" I answered

I hurried to the parking lot so that Justin won't have to wait for me too long. I couldn't find Justin, the parking lot was heavily populated, and it was really difficult to find him.

I finally spotted him, stand beside a black Mercedes, I hurried towards him,

"Come on, get inside the car" he said

I opened the car door, sat down, buckled my seat belt, and soon the car engine started. The car was soon out of the parking lot. The car smelled really fresh and it smelt amazing.

After about riding for 12 minutes, Justin pulled into a driveway, it was a really big house.

"Is this your house?" I asked

"Yes it is" he answered

"It's really nice"

In my mind I was thinking how cool his house looked from the outside, and I could only imagine how it looked from the inside.

The car engine stopped and we both got out of the car, we walked towards the door. Justin took out his house keys and her put them through the key hole, and turned the key to the left. I was looking at him while he was unlocking the door, his jawline was so defined and it was just so perfect. But it was so sad that he was a douche, and a really bad boy too.

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