Bad boy Justin Bieber comes to West High. Christina tries to stay away from him and trouble, but he's just too cute. Will she be able to handle herself? Will Justin win her over? Will she get herself into trouble?


1. Introduction

"Did you hear that Justin is coming to West High?" Jennifer asked.

"Justin? Bieber?" I responded

"Yeah Christina, Justin Bieber"

"I heard he does drugs, and drinks a lot of alcohol" I added

"I heard that he killed someone"

"Well we should just keep our distance from him" I said while opening my locker and getting my books that I knew I would need for the morning.

"Yeah, we really should, or we would be getting ourselves into a lot of trouble." Jennifer said while closing her locker.

"We should head to class so we're not late" I said while slowly walking towards our math class.

The bell rang, and everyone hurried to their seats.

"Okay class today we will be learning about exponents, but before we do that I have to take the attendance."

















"I hate being the last one on the attendance," I said to myself

*knock, knock*

Mrs. Murphy ran to the door to open it

The whole class was staring at the door, waiting to see who will walk through the doors. The door opened and there stood our principal Mr. Tran. But he wasn't alone, he was standing with an unfamiliar person, no one recognized him, but I had a thought that I might know who it was.

"My oh my, he is so cute" I thought to myself.

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