Half A Heart

*1D not famous* I watched as his hands slowly trailed down to my hands. "May I have this dance?" I didn't know much about this attractive boy; but I was in a complete trance with his eyes. "Yes." He led me to the center of dance floor as we slowly started dancing together. His voice sang along to the music in my ear,"It's like I'm waking up to only half a blue sky, kinda there but not quite. I'm walking around with just one shoe, I'm half a heart without you." We stopped for just a second, admiring each other, before his lips pressed to mine.


5. Chapter Five

Victoria's POV

When I entered school, I was greeted by Sophia and Elizabeth talking in hushed voices by my locker. Actually, it seems everyone around me was talking like this. 

I suddenly felt everyone staring at me. Maybe they all found out about the date yesterday? Looking down the hall, Ashley stood there with her hands on her hips staring at me. 

I ran over to my locker and started up a conversation with them. "How was your date yesterday, Tori?" I smiled, then told them what happened last night, leaving the part about Harry out. 

They seemed happy for me, besides the fact that Ashley might get me for dating Zayn. I was terrified of her, even though she's smaller and looks weak.

We stood there for a few minutes talking, before the bell rang and we parted ways. Walking to my first class, I hear my name being called. 

I know I'll regret turning around but I do it anyway. Of course, Ashley is standing there with her overdone makeup and her group of cheerleaders. 

They stood over to me in sync, stopping in front when she did. Checking her nails she smirked at me. "I heard about you and Zayn's little date last night."

I stood there, not saying anything as she twisted her hair looking for my response. Rolling her eyes, she repeated herself. I got really scarred and worried when the final bell rang, indicating that we were all late. 

This time, she pinned me against the locker, short tempered. "Why the hell are you going out with my Zayn? He loves me, and only me! Get that trough your head! Me and only me!"

Her face was red, by the time she was finished. My eyes got watery from all the hurtful, true words she said. Fixing her hair, she glared at me one last time before walking away.

Leaving me there, now crying. Checking the time, class was almost going to be over soon. Till then, I went into the bathroom and cleaned up.

I sat there for about ten minutes, before the bell rang for class to end. As I exited the hallway, I saw Vic and Kellin. "Guys!" I shout and run towards them. 

They both smile and say hi back. "Where were you?!" Kellin shrieks. "Ashley threated me because she heard about last night." Vic nods, while Kellin looks confused.

"I'll explain later, I don't want to be late." They nod and follow me as I throw my bag over my shoulder started walking to history, keeping a lookout for Ashley. 


I sighed as the bell for lunch rang and everyone rushed out of the classroom. By the time I gathered my stuff together, the class is empty, besides Kellin, Vic, and I.

"Sorry I took so long, I was thinking." I smile and tell them. "So," Kellin clears his throat. "What happened?" Taking a deep breath in, I explain to them what happened on the date, including the part about Harry since they are my two closest friends.

We drop the subject when we reach the table filled with our friends. Each of them smile as we sit down, me sitting in between Vic and Tony.

"How you doing?" Troye asks, looking at me. "Don't ask," I laugh along with everyone. Besides music, they're my other source of happiness. 

Zoe was about to say something before she looked behind me and stayed quiet. Turning around, I was surprised to Zayn standing at me. "H-hi." I smiled to him.

"Hi babe." This was weird to me, I didn't think he wanted to sit with me. To honestly even be near me at school. "Would you like to go sit with my friends and I?"

I nodded and stood up. Before I left, I told everyone sorry. "It's just for today, I'm sorry. We'll hang out later, I promise." Sighing, they said bye and watched me walk over to Zayn's table.

I felt really bad about leaving them just like that, but I didn't want to say no to Zayn. Settling next to him and a guy with ginger-colored hair, Zayn introduced me to his friends.

 "Guys, this is my girlfriend Victoria. Babe, this is Austin, Alan, Ed, and Mike," he smiles to me while I'm to busy being overwhelmed by him calling me his 'girlfriend'.

I smile and shake their hands while one of them stands up and gives me a hug over the table. A little strange, but I guess friendly. We spend the rest of lunch sitting there and them asking me questions. It was fun.

When the dismissal bell rings, Zayn and I say goodbye to them. I grew fond of Ed, he's a funny guy. "Thanks for walking me to class," I smile.

"No problem, I have PE next anyway." He leans down and kisses my nose. "Do you wanna hangout after school?" My mind trails off to Vic and Kellin.

"Uh maybe, I'll see. Text you later." I kiss him goodbye then take my seat next to Felix. I spend the rest of class thinking about Ashley. 

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