The Quell

I wrote a Movella called 'The dent on my conscience' which is about The Hunger Games. Now Catching Fire has come out so I have decided to write Finnick's version of Catching Fire.

"They pay with their secrets."


1. District 4


District Four, my home. Although, I'm not too sure where my home is, I spend a lot of time in the Capitol, being the cymbal of love.  I pretend to love them. However, every smile, every word is a lie. I can't cope with being trapped in their erratically decorated rooms or looking into their un-naturally bright eyes or touching their rough, glitter ridden hair.

I can't escape it. Its that or Annie gets it. I won ten years ago now, around this time I will have just finished my victory tour, its sick, we won a killing game, not  a fishing tournament. Everyone from the District you killed someone from will hate you anyway, you killed a family member to save your own life, they would have done the same.

I don't lie. Yes I may be the biggest sex symbol the Capitol has ever seen, but that doesn't make me happy. The rich and wealthy literally queue to spend the night with me, however their money is nothing to me, I have all the money I need and jewels are a mere  waste of space. I only ask one thing  off them, something needs to be worth my time, secrets. Bad, dark, evil, stupid secrets. Secrets about why President Snow became President, secrets about drinks been spiked at the highest class parties. President Snow couldn't care less about my image, as long as I spend the night with his beloved Capitol people he doesn't care what the District people think. 

Annie knows. She knows I love her. She knows what the consequences are, at first she struggled to believe what I had to do. She didn't believe that the attractive Victors had to do what I have to do, however these 'secrets' which I'm told taught me that the Capitol is not as strong as it makes out, its a fragile treaty which could easily be broken.

For the first time in years it appears to be frail to me, I have to do what I do to keep the citizens sweet. The Capitol citizens are oblivious to what is happening to the Districts, it happened last year, on the 74th Hunger Games. The stunt Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark pulled gave the Districts hope. President Snow was most unimpressed, I know this from a secret I was told. It seems important people in the Capitol can't keep their mouths shut.

 This next year is the Quarter Quell, somehow I am itching to find out what it is. Not so I know the fates of twenty four different people, to see if the secrets I have been told are true, that the Capitol are picking and choosing the next Quarter Quell. 


I sigh and place my knotted rope onto the sand, I like to practice, even though I have all the money I want. It feels like I could get a glimpse of my old life back. I walk off the golden sand and towards my house. It almost feels like I can't be myself, my life was ok before the games, I feel a pang of sadness, I was fourteen, brave, reckless and full on. Ten years have passed and I have grown up loads. 

I enter my house and fall into a chair, this is my first time been home in weeks. I close my eyes momentarily to only have them opened by Annie. There is bright happiness in her eyes, that doesn't hide the burning dread. A jump up and embrace her, I hate leaving her. Even though she has Mags and many friends, I don't like missing her or her feeling worried. 

Ever since I met her, five years ago, I have felt the urge to protect her. This was before we found out about our love. She was beautiful, strong and brave when she got reaped. She was someone I thought would never break, but as the games went on, she lost sanity, now she is the Annie she is today, quiet and scared, but I still love her and she loves me.

Despite my tiredness we walk along the beach, we link arms because I feel as though holding her will stop her from drifting away. Its like she is a constant state of shock, Mags is good at helping her. She helps all the time, sometimes I tell her the secrets. Mags doesn't speak much, she has had strokes in the past and sometimes her just being there does the world of good.  The Finnick Odair you know is much different to the real Finnick Odair. You wouldn't guess I thought a lot. 

Sometimes flirting is my way of getting kindness across to people. With the Capitol people its just chore but with people I want to be friends with it may be the only way to.. stay alive. That's what I did in The Games, I won over the Capitol and the Tributes, this way I got my Trident. 

I am knocked from my train of thought by Annie tapping my shoulder. She gestures to the horizon, there is a beautiful, melting sunset. We both automatically sit down and stare. We do this whenever we can. We both stay silent, I put my arm around her; I still want to protect her, I want to forget that the announcement of the Quarter Quell is tomorrow.

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