The Quell

I wrote a Movella called 'The dent on my conscience' which is about The Hunger Games. Now Catching Fire has come out so I have decided to write Finnick's version of Catching Fire.

"They pay with their secrets."


2. Announcment


I wake up to Annie next to me. The sun is shining so brightly through the curtains I'm sure if I opened them it wouldn't make a difference. I get up and stumble towards the shower, I am already exhausted from the heat.  

Once I get out the shower, I wake Annie. I promise her that whenever I can I wake her. She says my face is the first face she wants to see. Annie would tend to be terrified if she woke up in the night, in case she ended up back in the arena. She never will. We are safe now. 

She wakes and smiles. I tell her I have to go the beach and walk out the house with no shoes on. I see loads of District girls looking, I give my winning smile. There needs to be something to make them happy before The Games. Not like they would be worried, they are Careers, they have half the Capitol sponsoring them. I did. I got the most expensive thing ever bought with sponsor money.

When I get to the beach I sit on the sand and look onto the horizon. District 4 must have the nicest views. A golden sun is shining and the waves are cascading onto each other. I look down on the sand, District 4 has especially nice sand, its soft and smooth, no jagged stony bits, only soft and smooth.  You have to look to appreciate the little things. There is a large amount of shells, I remember the first time I saw Annie, she had a shell necklace. 

I get my piece of rope. I strip it until it goes down to a thin bit of thread. Then I get the shells and through the small gaps I wind it into a necklace. I know how nervous Annie has been about the next games. This could be something special for her.

After about an hour of knotting, tying and winding the necklace is finally done. I'm glad I managed to twine the intricate knots, this made it look better. I start to make my way up to the street. As a person from a fishing District, we normally walk round bare foot, the hard floor doesn't even bother me. Hardly anyone in our Districts wears shoes. I make my way towards Victors Village, the houses are far by the best here. They over look the ocean and are above some small rocks so you can dive into the sea whenever you want. However, there is a cliff path which leads to the beach as well. The houses are like massive cabins which are inhabited by only one person. The houses are different pastel colours to match the beach theme and there are shells stuck to the wall. I do like my house but I liked my old house too- a small wooden, broken down shack. 

I walk up the steep path, perspiration is slipping down my neck, today must be the hottest day of the year. I finally get to the top of the cliff, the path is a bit away from my house so I casually plod towards it. When I get back Annie is looking out the window and onto the beach. I walk up behind her, I know she knows I'm there but she doesn't move. I slip the necklace round her neck and tie it loosely at the back.

She silently looks down at the shell necklace and says, "Fin, its lovely." I don't say a word, I don't want to ruin the moment with my casual, cocky attitude. Annie doesn't think I'm cocky, but I do. I have always had to be a bit cocky. People think I should be like that, only the people who mean lots to me or are friends get this other side not many people see. Mags and Annie especially. 

I take her hand and walk to the sofa. When sat down I turn on the television. "I know you don't want to see this, but you have to. Remember you are safe, you will never go back into the arena, I won't, Mags won't." She sighs and we watch the next Capitol update.

President Snow appears on screen. I almost look away. Everything about him is beady, his snake eyes and face and the way he walks. He can't be right. 

"For the third Quarter Quell the tributes will be reaped from the existing pool of victors." Is all I hear. Everything, everything I just said to Annie was a lie. Everything I sad to myself was a lie. I hear Annie gasp. For a moment we both make eye contact. I can see the pain in her eyes, the worry. She rubs one of the shells on her necklace anxiously and lets a tear roll down her cheek. 

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