Nerd love

When Emma moves to a new school and meets the biggest nerd there will she take his place or will she fall hard for someone she thought she knew? Will Marcel let Emma take his place as the biggest nerd and change so she will like him as more than a friend? Read to find out


1. The big move

Emma's POV

"NOOOO just leave me the hell alone Niall" I screamed fighting back the tears. I was in a dark room alone with my ex, Niall Horan.

"Your still mine, love. And I will find you." his famous evil smirked danced on his lips.

"EMMA GET UP ITS ALREADY TEN" my mother screamed through the door. I shoot up from my nightly slumber sweating and breathing heavy. It was just a dream I told myself over and over again. Niall wanted nothing to do with me. I hope.


"I'm up mother" I said just loud enough for her to hear me and got out of bed.

I went to my walk in closet and picked out some clothes for the day.

Emmas outfit

I know what your thinking. I must be one of the popular girls if I wear those kind of clothes, and since I have long blonde hair with peircing green eyes that you would see me in the football games being a cheer leader and that I would have no problem in life. But I'm constantly bullied and no one seems to care, and no matter what I wear or do I always will be so I just wear what I like and do what I can to stay out of peoples way so I don't get bullied.

I just moved to England to a place that I don't know the name of yet, but I'm from Mullingar, Ireland. I'm the biggest nerd you'll ever meet. And I plan to stay that way till I'm out of school. I wanna be a singer and I'm laying low from everyone so no one will guess that I will be the girl that will become famous for singing one day and I plan to make that dream come true. 

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