I'm So Done


1. The Stranger At The Door

I hated house-sitting when my parents weren’t at home, especially at night. I mean I wouldn’t have had a problem with looking after the house if it was back in our old neighbourhood where I actually knew the neighbours and the houses we were living in was moderately sized. It was a Sunday and my parents had been invited to a dinner party so my older brother, Trenton and I were left to guard the house. I was listening to music and surfing the net on my laptop when my brother entered the room.

“Hey Delilah, do you mind if I leave you for just an hour?” I looked up at him; he was leaning on the door frame smiling sweetly at me. “Sure,” I smiled back and he was gone. My puppy Smurf was usually running around my room but today he was awfully quiet. Too quiet if you ask me but I did bother to go look for him, he was probably in my mom and dad’s room.

I was chatting to my friend, Eleanor, when suddenly there was a loud knock on the front door. “He said he liked me but I don’t think I like him you know?” Eleanor continued. The person at the front was in no hurry because they continued pounding on my door. “Eleanor. Could I call you back after five minutes?” I asked feeling bad for interrupting Eleanor mid sentence. “Sure.” I hung up.

It was a Sunday evening, who would visit someone so late at night? I opened the door and was nearly knocked off my feet. In front of me stood the most amazing guy I’d ever seen. He had long brown curls that framed his face, had the most amazing green eyes and was holding my puppy Smurf in his arms. “Hello,” he said smiling. “I think he belongs to you.” “Yeah, he does,” I said as I took Smurf into my arms. He started licking my face which made me giggle like a fool because it was ticklish.

“Hey boy, did you miss me?” I asked my overly adorable Pomeranian puppy. “I found him playing in my backyard with my sister’s puppy. I had seen you walking him a couple of times so I figured he was yours,” he explained. ‘Thank you.” I thanked the stranger. “Would you like to come in for some tea?” I asked. “No, I should probably get going. We have guests over at our house.” And he was gone.

The beautiful stranger had disappeared into the dark and I didn’t even get his name. I walked back up to my bedroom with Smurf in my arms. I placed him on my bed next to me and called Eleanor back. I must’ve dosed off because I woke up to the sound of my morning alarm reminding me that it was time for school... great.

Today wasn’t like the other days though. Today marked the start of the summer holidays. I had been waiting for this day to come for ages now and I had planned an outfit to end the semester with a bang. I headed for my morning shower before getting dressed. I wore a powder blue coloured short dress with black high heeled ankle boots. I had my hair up in a bohemian braid bun and wore neutral coloured make up on my face. I looked in the mirror and smiled; I looked as good as I felt.

Mom and dad were having their daily morning coffee when I got into the kitchen. As usual, dad was reading the newspaper and my mom was going on about something that my dad obviously wasn’t interested in. “Good morning mom and dad,” I enthusiastically greeted them both. “Delilah, you're not going to school in those shoes. You’ll slip and fall.” I sighed. I loved my mom dearly but sometimes she panicked a lot.

Unlike my brother I didn’t like shutting her down because she was only being a caring parent. “Mom I won’t fall. It has a platform so I'm perfectly safe.” I explained. My mom released a deep sigh, “Are you sure you're going to be fine.” I smiled “Yes mom, I’ll be fine.” I gave her a reassuring squeeze. I saw her visibly relaxing and took a fruit from the fruit bowl and headed out of the kitchen.

My drives to school were the best. Today was a beautiful sunny day and I let the roof of my convertible down and listened to some One Direction. I was looking forward to seeing the girls; we had been friends ever since I moved into the town. They were like my sisters and I had only known them a short while. We were the popular girls, you know, always late to class, wore the latest fashion and all the boys wanted to date us. I loved them so much. I was greeted by my friend as I stepped out of my car.

Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie looked gorgeous in their dresses. “Delilah!” they all shrieked and we exchanged hugs complimenting each other. “Chad was checking me out again,” said Perrie as we made our way to class. “What about the guy from the other night?” Danielle asked Perrie as we sat down. “I don’t even think he remembers me,” answered Perrie and we all burst into laughter.

I didn’t understand why kids had to go to school on the last day because it’s not like we did anything special. We basically sat with our friends and chatted the whole day. When the school bell rang my friends and I said our goodbyes after making plans for the next week. My family and Eleanor’s family were going to the Caribbean the following week. My mom had also said something about the Styles family joining us, I had never met them but my mom said they had a son. I hope he’s at least good looking. “I’ll see you next week for bikini shopping?” said Eleanor as she entered her car that was parked near mine. “Yeah, I can’t wait!” I smiled. Eleanor laughed and drove off.

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