I'm So Done


4. The Kiss

“What are you doing here?” he asked. “I'm here with my friends and you?” “My best friend’s Chad’s older brother.” I didn’t know Chad a little brother. “That’s cool,” I smile. “Have you been drinking?” he asked looking surprised and amused at the same time. “Yes, I have.” He laughed.

Eleanor walked up to us, “I was getting worried about you.” She said looking genuinely concerned. “I'm fine Elle. Harry, this is my best friend Eleanor. Eleanor, this is my neighbour Harry.” They exchanged greeting and they immediately hit it off. “Do you want to come hang with us? We’re by the pool.” I kicked her subtly. “Sure, can my friends join us?” he asked. “Sure. The more the merrier.”

Harry’s friends Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam joined us. They were really very funny; they all had very different personalities. Eleanor and I were in stitches, I think Eleanor was attracted to Louis. I checked my cell phone, it was way over midnight and I was far too tipsy to drive so Eleanor and decided that it was a better idea to walk. We walked to the boys who were sitting around the table. “Goodbye guys.” We said. “Aw! Are you guys leaving already?” asked Louis looking genuinely bummed.

All of Harry’s friends were English. “Unfortunately.” They tried to convince to stay but failed. “It’s a long walk to my house and we still have to find the others.” I said hoping they’d give up. “We can drive you,” said Harry his speech slightly slurred. Eleanor and I laughed. “Or we can walk you home because we’re all way too drunk to drive.” We all agreed and me and Elle sat out to find the missing two.

Danielle was crying in the bathroom when I found her. “Danny are you okay?” I said as I kneeled in front of her and pulled her into my embrace. She sobbed on my shoulder, her make-up running down her face. “Justin and I broke up.” She said between sniffs. “I'm so sorry,” and I pulled her into an embrace again. We were joined in the bathroom by Eleanor and Perrie who quickly rushed to Danielle’s side. “Are you okay?” asked a concerned Perrie. “Justin and I broke up.” She said breaking into a sob again. They didn’t ask further questions but we all pulled into a group hug.

The walk back wasn’t your average late night walk. The boys were extremely loud and I saw of the lights in the houses switching on. We approached a park. “Can we stop here for a bit?” asked Perrie obviously tired from walking in her heels. The boys quickly ran to the swings and the seesaws. Danielle was still a bit emotional so we all sat on a bench and tried to make her feel better. “I’ll be fine,” she reassured us. It was extremely hard to believe her because she was crying so much. Perrie fell off the bench and all of us started to laugh.

“Where did you guys meet the boys?” asked Danny. “Harry’s my neighbour.” I said. “Oh! So Harry’s the hot neighbour?” I started to blush. “Do you like him?” asked Perrie. “I don’t know.” When did this become about me? “Of course she does!” said Elle. “Oh please. You’re the one infatuated by Louis!” we all laughed. “Hey girls!” we heard Zayn call out. “Can we go now?” I turned to them; they were all piled on one seesaw. “Yeah, let’s go.”

I told everyone that they could all come to my house since no one was there. We got into the house after two a.m. and everyone dispersed as we entered the house. I went to my brother’s room, it was empty. I guess he was also out. Harry was standing by the kitchen sink when I got in. “Hey.” He said smiling.

“You still owe me tea from the other night.” I smiled; he was talking about the night he brought Smurf back home. “I do, don’t I?” He nodded. “Okay, I’ll make you tea.” We spoke over tea. “You're sharing a room with me,” I said as I put out mug in the sink. “Sure,” he said. His speech less slurred than before.

I wasn’t shocked when I found Eleanor and Louis passionately making out in my bedroom. They didn’t hear me walk in, they were probably too engulfed in their passionate face sucking. I quietly reversed out of the bedroom. I bumped into Niall. “Hey,” I whispered. “Hey,” whispered Niall looking at me confused. “Why are we whispering?” asked Niall. This made me laugh. “I'm sorry,” I smiled. “Do you know where you're sleeping?” I asked. “Yeah, I'm just looking for Liam.” Niall said smiling and he walked off. Harry and I slept in the bedroom next to Louis and Eleanor’s.

The muffled moans coming from their room told me that Louis and Eleanor were having sex. None of my friends were virgins, in the group I was the only “nun” but my friends respected that and never made me feel weird about it. I was really tired and so was Harry but we couldn’t fall asleep. “When did you move into the neighbourhood?” I asked lying on Harry’s chest. “I was 17 years old when my family and I moved to the USA.”

He said his chest vibrating as he spoke. “We lived in New York for a while but the big city life just wasn’t for our family.” He inhaled deeply. “One day my mom and dad came home and told my sister and I that we’re moving again.” His bare chest was hairless only marked by tattoos, his body was toned. I felt like running my fingers through his brown curls. “Why did your family choose this neighbourhood?” I sighed as I remember all the placed we had lived in before this one, “My family moved houses a few times before finding this one. The other houses didn’t provide for all of our needs.” I smiled. “We had given up looking when we came across this house. My mom immediately fell in love it.”

Harry lay on his chest and I lay on top of him. He was actually very funny and really charming. He told me stories about growing up in England and how he was always in trouble. Of course he was cheeky growing up, it was written all over his face. We were laughing like little school kids.

I took a deep breath and noticed that Harry had gone silent and was looking at me. I started feeling uncomfortable under his gaze.

Our eyes met and I struggled to tear them off Harry’s eyes. His shoulders suddenly became very interesting, I noticed how toned they were. My eyes travelled down his body, God it was glorious to look at. What are you doing Delilah? Snap out of it! I reprimanded myself. “When did you get these?” I teased, reaching down to run my fingers down his arm with the tattoos but Harry caught my hand just before I touched him and this caught me by surprise.

His expression had gone darker when I looked into his eyes again, they had gone darker. I thought he was upset for a moment and before I could ponder the thought further he pulled me closer to him and his soft lips met mine. I immediately responded kissing him back. His lips were softer than I could have imagined. In that moment the rest of the world disappeared and the only people that mattered were Harry and I.Then suddenly perrie walked thru the door.

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