I'm So Done


2. My Name's Harry

My brother was sprawled on the couch obviously hung over from the previous night. His arm covered his eyes. I gently kicked him and he mumbled something as he got up. He looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes; we had the same coloured eyes and thick brown hair.

“Hey baby sister,” he said smiling at me sleepily. Most of my friends had told me that my brother was good looking and I had to agree with them. I'm not saying this because we looked alike, he really was good looking and he would’ve made a great boyfriend if he stopped getting wasted during the week. “What time is it?” he asked rubbing his eyes sleepily. “It’s just after midday.” He groaned.

“You're drunk again,” I said crossing my arms across my chest. “Sit next to me,” he said as he patted the seat next to him. I sat down. “Turns out my friends wanted me to go this party and this got a little out of hand. It was the party of the century.” This made me laugh; he had said the exact same thing the previous week. “Didn’t you say that last week?” I asked looking at him with amusement. “Did I?” he turned to me. I nodded. “Hmm, I guess I don’t remember,” he lay on my lap.

“How was the last day at school baby sister?” I smiled before telling my brother about my boring day at school. I loved spending time with my brother who never seemed to be at home. I cherished every moment spent with him. “Are you hungry?” he asked as I finished telling him my story. “No, are you?” I asked. He nodded, “Do you want to make me lunch?” I pushed him off my lap and stood up. “Come, I’ll make you something to eat.” He smiled and we made our way to the kitchen.

I made his favourite lunch, a BLT sub. “Yesterday this guy came over. He said he found Smurf in his yard.” Trenton refused to make eye contact with me. “That’s strange,” was all he said. “You sure you had nothing to do with it?” I asked. Trenton looked up at me trying to pull a straight face but hopelessly failing. “Don't be ridiculous Delilah. I love Smurf.”

This was a total lie. Everybody knew that Trenton wanted my puppy gone from the day I brought him home from the pet store. “It’s strange don’t you think?” I asked my brother. “Very, ask mom and dad. Maybe they know.” He said as he bit into his sub. After lunch my brother and I washed the dishes before watching some cartoons. The whole afternoon was spent slouching on the couch. I loved watching cartoons with my brother because he commented about everything that happened and acted like he didn’t like watching cartoons. Trenton and I never really fought except for when he was drunk and making a noise in the morning. I enjoyed our moments together.

The rest of the week went by pretty quickly. On Monday I saw the nameless hottie from over the fence; he had just gotten home and was coming out of his black Range Rover. He didn’t see me so it gave me staring time, he was really something else. I went bikini shopping with Eleanor and met up with Perrie and Danielle after. The road was blocked by trucks when I got home so I had to go around.

Turns out the trucks were delivering furniture to my next door neighbours. “Hottie” was on the front porch and this time he caught me staring and waved at me. Embarrassed I waved back and scurried into the house. “Are you okay?” asked my brother as I sat next to him on the couch. “No. The hot neighbour just caught me staring at him.” Trenton looked at me and bursting into a laughing fit. “Shut up!” I said pushing him.

I started packing for our trip next week. I was half way through packing when I received a text from Perrie.

From: Perrie

Party @ Chad’s house this Saturday. Are you in? :D

This text made me laugh. Of course I was in, all of my friends were. Not only was Chad a senior but our friend had a massive crush on him, we had to be there for her. I hit reply.

To: Perrie I'm there. ;) x.

I started mentally planning my outfit for the party. I was looking good in my head. Everybody who was anybody was going to be at the party. I had to look smashing because I could get lucky. Wednesdays meant my weekly jogs with my mom when she got back from work. We usually ran around my neighbourhood and caught up. Today she wasn’t feeling well so I had to go jog on my own; my iPod was also broken so it was going to be a lonely jog.

As I jogged down the road I noticed that my trainers weren’t the only trainers hitting the pavement. I turned around and the “Hottie” was behind me. His hair was pushed away from his face by a headband and he was wearing only his white shorts and bright yellow trainers. I smiled, “Are you following me?” He had tattoos almost everywhere. “That’s crazy thinking. I'm just taking a jog around my neighbourhood.” He had a smirk on his face.

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