I'm So Done


5. Harry Who?!

“Hey guys, I'm sorry to intrude but do you guys mind if I hang with you for a while?” she sounded desperate so wed allowed her to. She walked to the edge of the bed and sat there. She was yawning obviously from lack of sleep. “What are you guys up to?” she asked smiling. Harry and I looked at each other before and burst into laughter.

Perrie looked at us confused, “What’s the joke?” “Nothing,” I said smiling. “I left the room because Liam and Danielle were hooking up.” This shocked me. “Are you sure it was Danny and Liam?” I asked making sure it was them. Perrie nodded. “Now I have nowhere to sleep.” She sighed.

“You're more than welcome to sleep here.” I said. “No, it’s fine.” She said standing up. “I’ll go watch some TV.” And she was out of the room. I turned back to Harry and he had fallen asleep. He looked so cute when he was sleeping.

I was in bed alone when I woke up the next morning, Harry must’ve left the house early. My mind flicked back to last night and all the crazy events that took place… who would’ve thought that I’d hook up with Harry, the stranger from last week. I found my friends in the kitchen with my brother. They were chatting over breakfast, my brother was laughing as my friends told him about last night’s events.

“Good morning,” they all chimed as I walked in. I smiled; I like the fact that my brother got along so well with my best friends. Eleanor sat next to my brother. They looked really good together. “Do you want breakfast?” he asked interrupting my thoughts. “Yeah, sure.” I took a seat next to Danielle who looked very guilty. “Did you have fun last night?” I asked.

Danielle looked down and she started blushing. The rest of the day was spent in front of the television with my brother. The both of us were too tired and exhausted to do much. “Are you done packing?” I asked my brother who was very intrigued by what he was watching. “No,” he said smiling. “Do you want to help me pack?” he continued. “Yes, let’s go.”

By the time my mom and dad returned Trenton and I were finished packing and were waiting for our dinner to arrive. My mom had gotten Trenton and I some last minute items for the trip. I was half asleep when I heard my door creak open.

“Hey,” said my brother. “Are you awake?”I sat up and switched the bedside lamp on. “I am now.” I said sleepily.”Good because I can’t sleep.” He came under the sheets with me and we spent the whole night reminiscing. "Life was good," he said laughing. I turned to face him. "Do you have a girlfriend?" Trenton laughed and stood up. "Goodnight baby sister." He kissed my forehead and was out of the bedroom.

I was exhausted the following morning. We drove to the airport and met up with Eleanor's family. Eleanor and I hugged and walked to the airport Starbucks to get breakfast. We found an empty bench and sat to eat our breakfast. "So Eleanor, what's going on with you and Louis?" Eleanor swallowed, her cheeks turning pink.

"Nothing," she said making no eye contact. "Okay," I said. She looked up and our eyes met, we burst into laughter. "He's such a good kisser and I think I like him..." She was blushing again. "I understand," I said and gave her a reassuring squeeze.

Our parents had rented a private jet for the trip. The jet's interior was white and golden. I chose the seat by the window and stared out the window. "Hey," I heard someone with a familiar voice say. I turned to find Harry sitting besides me. "Is there something on my face...?"

I couldn't believe my eyes... Harry was sitting beside me on the plane. "What are you doing here?" Was all I managed to say. "Well if you must know, I'm on my way to the Caribbean." He said flashing his gorgeous smile. "Your surname's Styles?!" He nodded slowly, he had a smirk on his face.

"Why didn't you tell me?!" I asked feeling both angry and confused. "You didn't ask," he said his smirk growing. "Besides," he continued. "I didn't think it was important." I shook my head, I hooked up with this guy. I didn't think I was going to see him until after the trip.

"This is twisted!" I said turning away from Harry. "How is this twisted?" He asked sounding amused. "I wasn't expecting to see you until after the trip." I turned to him. "And now I'll have to see you everyday!" Why was I so upset? "Delilah, you say that like it's a bad thing." I leaned back on my seat and sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm over reacting." I turned to face him.

"It's fine, it's probably just the shock making you overreact." He smiled at me. "I think I need a drink." Harry's eyebrow rose. "Are you serious?" He asked. "Yeah." The next thing I knew Harry was up and pulling me. "Harry, where are you taking me?"

We entered the planed bathroom. "You trust me?" Why was he asking me that? I barely knew him... Harry lifted my chin so I could face him. "Delilah?" He was frowning. "Yes, I trust you." I was too exasperated and didn't want to argue. "Good," he said smiling. He reached into his pocket and extracted a small bottle with clear liquid in it.

My eyes widened. Was that vodka? "Drink this," he said as he handed me the bottle. "What is it?" I lifted the bottle to eye level and shook it. "Vodka, it will help you." I cautiously opened the bottle and tipped it into my mouth. The liquid burned my throat then chest as it made it's way to my stomach making me cough. Harry laughed.

"I'm glad you find this amusing." I said scolding him. I looked into Harry's beautiful green eyes... He was really beautiful, so flawless. He bent down and placed a soft, chase kiss on my lips. I started to feel hot and flustered, I felt my cheeks begining to redden. "Hey, don't be shy." Why did he make me feel this way? He pulled me into an embrace, I inhaled his cologne.

"You smell good." I said. "Thank you," he kissed my hair. "Let's go back to our seats." Our seats? "Are you sitting next to me?" I asked as I moved away from his chest. "Yeah, Eleanor swapped seats with me. She wanted to sit next to Louis." Louis? What was Louis doing here? "Louis' here?" I asked looking at Harry quizzingly. "Yeah, all my friends are." And he was gone. All the boys in one place for a week? This will be interest. Harry was right, I was greeted by Niall and Liam as I exited the bathroom.

They greeted me in unison. "Hey there Delilah!" This made me laugh. I greeted them back and they were on their way again.

Harry was reading a magazine, I stared at him for a while admiring his beauty. "Enjoying the view?" Damn, I'd been caught. I smiled and sat down. "What are you reading?" I asked turning my attention to Harry. "Oh you know. I'm just catching up on the latest gossip." This made me smile. I started to feel a bit drowsy.

"Hey, Harry?" "Yeah?" He said putting his magazine down and facing me. "I think I'll rest for a bit. Wake me up after an hour." He nodded and continued reading his magazine. "Wake up sleepy head." It was Harry's voice. My eyes slowly opened. "We've arrived." What? Did he just say we've arrived? "What do you mean?" He let out a small chuckle.

"We're at the Caribbean." I sat up. "Harry! You were supposed to wake me up after an hour!" I snapped at him. "I wanted to but you looked so cute, I didn't want to disturb you from your slumber." That was sweet of him. I looked around the plane. "Where is everybody?" "They're all gone," he extended his arm. "Take my hand and let's go." I was so tired from flying, I didn't want to move.

"Can't I just stay here?" I asked lazily. "No because I'd have to stay with you and miss out on the trip." Would he really do that for me? "Carry me then." I didn't really expect Harry to do it but the next thing I knew I was lifted out of my seat and off the plane. This made me giggle. "I'm glad you like this. Don't make a habit of it."

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