Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


11. Visit of the boys & Niall talk

'Hi honey.' Perrie said. 'Hi, mom.' I said. 'Dad is gone?' I asked. 'He have to record a single with the boys. They will come here when they're done with it.' Perrie said. 'Uncle Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam?' I asked. 'Only Liam not because he have to go to Kate. She has to tell him something Zayn said to me.' 'That's stupid that he can't come to us. Will he come after that?' I asked. 'You have to ask it to Liam himself. Not to me.' Perrie said.

'Can I call them?' I asked. 'I think they are recording now.' Perrie said. 'I'm gonna make my homework before the uncles and dad arrive.' I said and ran upstairs. I made quickly my homework. When I've just done with my homework, I heard a few voices. I ran downstairs. 'Uncles, Dad!' I shouted. 'Laura.' The boys said in unison. I ran to uncle Niall. 'Uncle Niall! I've missed you.' I said and want to hugg him. He laughed and hugged me. 'I've missed you to Laura? How you're doing?' He asked. I don't wanna answer. 'Good I think.' I said a little bit insecure. 'I know there's something with my niece. So speak up. Or do you want to be alone with me to talk about?' He said.

'I don't wanna talk about it...' I said. 'Okay, but before I went home you have to tell it me.' 'Okay, uncle Niall. How was the studio time?' I asked. 'Really, nice we've pranked your dad.' Louis said. 'Speak up!' I said. 'No, not again.' Zayn said and went to the fridge to bring some drinks. 'He fell asleep and we draw some things on his face.' Harry said. I laughed. 'Now it's already gone of his face.' I said and sighted. Perrie gave Zayn a kiss. 'What's the new single like?' I asked. 'He's really good. Especially for young people like you.' Harry said. 

'I will make promotion for you.' I laughed. 'Our biggest fan, do you here that Zayn. You're daughter will make promotion for us. Our biggest fan is your daughter.' Louis said. 'i'm proud of her. And I always will be it.' Zayn said. I smiled and laughed. 'Thank you dad. ' I said and gave him a tight hugg. 

We sat down on our large couch in our living room.'El have to come!' I said. 'Don't worry, she'll be here in five minutes. I've invited her.' Louis said. 'Thank you uncle Louis.' I said and hugged him. 'You're welcome.' Louis said. I sat next to Niall and Louis. 'How was your date with that one boy?' Harry asked. 'Is there a boy?' Zayn, Louis, Niall asked. I ran upstairs. 'I follow her!' Niall said. 'Don't you worry I'll talk to her.' I was in my room, crying. I heard a knock on my door.

'Go away!' I said. 'It's me Niall. I want to talk to you.' He said. 'I don't wanna talk.' I said but he came in the room without my permission. 'Listen, Laura. I want to know. I'm your uncle who listens to you, who understands you better then anyone.' He sat next to me. I had my hands on my knees. He stroked my back. 'It's Emmett. I've lied to my dad for him... I've lied to my dad about the fact that I was with Chloe, making a groupwork for school. Emmett asked me the day before out. And when we were in the pub Harry had seen us...' I said and swallowed. 

'Harry wants to know if it was fun. He doesn't know he had to keep it as a secret.' Niall said. 'I know. It was horrible. We've kissed and then he brought me home. The next day he was already kissing with Jennifer... Toby and Emmett said it was a challenge. First they said that I was the challenge and later they said that Jennifer was a challenge. Today Emmett stood here home when I went to school, wanted to talk... He kissed me. I wanted to push him away. But he was too strong. At lunch he tried again to talk to me...' I said desperate. 

Niall held me in his strong arms. 'I'll be good. You have to think about what you want.' 'I don't know what I want. I don't want that me and my dad split away. Yesterday we've had finally no discussions, no problems, nothing. And when I tell him about Emmett... He'll be mad.' 'Shall I tell you something?' I nodded. 'Your dad was a bad boy you know. Perrie, your mom was his first serious relation because she let him see what love is. And if you can help Emmett with it you can realize that you can help Emmett. But you have to follow your heart. If you can believe him with your heart you can be with him. No matter what. Your dad have to accept that.' Niall said.

'Thanks Niall. You're a best friend for me.' I said and hugged him. 'Shall we go downstairs?' He proposed. 'Yeah, everything alright with Hannah?' I asked. 'Yeah, but now she's a little bit sick. I go within 5 minutes to her.' He said. We went downstairs.

I sat down on a chair and he sat next to Zayn and Harry. I was looking at the clock. The boys were talking. They were busy.


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