Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


21. Together or not? Niall I need you..

'You didn't expect that?' Alexander asked shocked. 'No, really. I thought the time when I closed my eyes it happened but now...' I said. 'You lied about that! You expect a kiss that time! But you're a good kisser!' He said. I smiled. 'Thanks. Do I have to blush for it?' I said and laughed. 'You can if you want.' He said. 'So... you want me?' I asked. I'm so stupid. Why do I ask it to him? Stupid me!

'Yes, I want you. The first time I saw you , you were beautiful. I don't understand your ex why he cheated on you! And I understand him why he wants you back.' Alexander said. 'Thanks for your compliments. ' 'You're welcome. A girl like you deserves it.' He said and winked. I laughed. 

He leaned closer and looked into my eyes. 'So I can call you now my girlfriend?' He said. 'I don't know it anymore, Alexander...' I said. Why do I say that? I want him so badly but I can't handle it. 'Why? And you can call me Alex.' He said. 'Because Emmett stalked me everytime and I want you really. But I think I'm not ready for it...' I said. He was sad. 'I give you time. I go now. I think it's better for now.' He said and he went emotionless out of my house. 

I cried when he was gone. I'm so stupid why I do that... I heard a knock on my door... Perrie. 'Honey, Can i come in?' She asked soft. 'No, mom. Go away I don't wanna speak to anybody.' I said and cried. 'Okay, but I'm here for you...' Perrie said and went away. I heard her footsteps going down off the stairs. 

Shall I call Niall? Maybe he has some advice for me? I grabbed my phone and looked at it. I sighted. I looked at my contact: 'Nialler best friend <3'  Maybe it's weird, I know he's much older then me. He's 33 and I'm 16 but it doesn't matter for me because he has experience and I can talk to him.  Shall I do this? I'm gonna do this! I called Niall.

'Hello, with Niall Horan. What's wrong, Laura?' 'Hi, Niall. I need your advice.' 'Wait a moment I go to my hotelroom so you have some privacy for your problem.' He said and I waited. 'Tell me.' He said calm. 'You know that new boy Alexander?' 'Yes, why?' 'He likes me.' 'That's good.' 'Yes, but I've told him about Emmett. Alexander kissed me here in my bedroom and before I've told him about Emmett... because Emmett stalked me again when I'm in school. I had told Alexander about it because he was with me when Emmett stalked me like always so I had no choice. ' 'You didn't had to do that girl.' 'I know! I know, Niall! I'm a loser! And I said after our kiss to Alexander that I'm not ready for a relationship... He walked away!' I cried. 'Don't cry girl. Maybe I ask it Louis, will you trust him? He won't say it to your dad I promise.' Niall said. 'Okay, tell him...' I said and sighted. 

I heard Niall explaining it to Louis when Louis came into the room when Niall called him. 'Give me the phone.' Louis said to Niall. I heard Louis now. 'Laura? You need advice?' Louis asked. 'Yes, Niall explained it?' I asked. 'Yes, he did.' 'Okay, can you help me Louis, please?' I begged. 'I think you have to do it. I give you one good advice: follow your heart, tell what you feel and it will be alright. Believe me!' 'But I can't say it to Alexander he may be mad. ' Louis interrupted me. 'Listen, Laura. The ones who loves you the most will listen even if they're mad.' 'I think it won't work, Louis...' 'Don't put yourself down, Laura! You're a Malik , just like your crazy dad. He's now in Nando's, he will take our meal for eating in our hotelroom because Niall whined for Nando's.' Louis said and I laughed. 'Typical Niall!' I said and Louis laughed. 'You know him...' 'Yes for 12 years in my life.. He's an angel who likes food.' I said and Louis laughed. 'That's true. But... you have what you need? Or do you need to tell me something?' He asked. 'How can I avoid Emmett, he stalks me?' I said. 'That's a difficult one. Did you say to him that he's stalking you or did you say him that he has to leave you?' 'I've said both.' I sighted.

'I think you can't do anything for it... He has to accept it that you're not interested in him anymore.' Louis said. 'Okay, don't say anything to dad, will you?' 'We don't say it to your dad. We promise!' Louis said. 'Bye guys, I miss you!' I said and ended the call..

I was confused and looked out the window. I saw a boy the house next to us. He was in his room I think? He looked like someone familiar! Is it Alexander our new neighbor? I looked confused. I took a paper and wrote 'I need to talk to you!' I put the paper on my window. I saw him looking and he took a paper, wrote... 'Why? You need time...' I wrote on an another paper. 'I think I've decided...' He wrote again. 'I'll come or do you come?' I wrote back. 'I will come.' And he smiled. 

I ran downstairs and ran outside. 'I'm going to Alexander!' I said to Perrie and pushed on the door bell when I arrived my destination. Alexander opened the door. 'Come in... ' He said. I came in and he closed the door. 'Follow me to my room.' He said and I followed him. We were in his room and it was a typical boysroom. 'Nice room.' I said.  'Thanks.' He said and sat down on the edge of his bed. 'I listen.' He said. 'Well, I don't say that I don't want you. It's just ... I'm scared about everything. I don't want a stalker or I don't wanna be a whore because after a few days I'm with you... I'm so scared about Emmett. He's stalking me everyday...' I said. He stood up and hugged me.  'I will do everything for you but I'm not a cheater or a stalker.' He said. He looked at me and kissed my forehead. 'I know... but I'm just so scared.' I said. 'You don't have to be scared. I'm with you and Emmett can't get you.' He said and held me tight. He kissed my hair. I looked up and kissed him softly. His lips tasted like I can't say how. It's just so perfect.

'I love you.' I said softly. 'I love you more than you think babe.' He said. We talked an hour and after that I left his house. I went to mine and went upstairs to go to my bed...

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