Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


30. Talk with Emmett...

I woke up. A cold rush came over me. I went to the bathroom and made myself ready. Then I ran downstairs and grabbed a bowl. I grabbed some cereal and milk. I grabbed a spoon and started to eat. Mom and dad were in their PJ's when they came downstairs. 'Hi, sweety!' Mom said and kissed my forehead and grabbed some breakfast for her and dad. When I've eaten, I put my bowl in the dish washer. I went upstairs and grabbed my laptop. I surfed on the internet and did some nice things. 

I did some homework. When it started to be 12 AM I went downstairs and asked for lunch. Mom made lunch. I helped her. We ate and I made myself ready to go to the park at 2 PM. I went to the park. I sat on a swing. I swang back and forth. I wasn't keeping attention on the environment. I was only keeping attention to the ground... 

(I'm gonna make the conversation with a L and a E so it's easier to follow)

E - Hi Laura. You said that I had to come here?

L - Hi. Yes, I've asked that. Thanks for coming.

E - Is there something I should know? * worried face*

L - Not really. I want to talk with you. I'm just confused about you and Alexander. I want to know who I should choose. I want to give you a chance but I'm not sure... I want to know who of you two deserves a chance. *sighted*

E - Okay. What do you have to know? I understand that you can't make a decision without talking or knowing who's the best for you. *looking to her and waiting for an answer*

L - *long thinking and sighted* Well, you love me? What's the love like? What do I mean to you? Am I important to you?

E - I don't know. I feel love like that I have to take care of you. I see you as a diamond , like a sister, like a girlfriend. But I messed it up every time we met or have something. * sighted and honest *

L - You don't mess it. I'm messing my life up too. So I'm a sort of diamond, sister and girlfriend for you?

E - You're more then that. I hope I can prove it... * went closer to me *

L - *pushed him a little bit away* Sorry, I'm not in the mood... If I take you back, what does it mean for me? 

E - I'll take care of you, Laura. I promise! I'll try to be a better boyfriend for you.

L - You can promise but promises can be broken... Like Alexander and you can do.... Like dad did... Like everyone did. * swang back and forth*

E - Laura, listen to me. * grabbed my chin so I could look to him * I'll try everything to take care of you. I would jump into a river to save you. This is real love. Listen Laura. I love you with my life. *came closer and kissed me*

I froze. He kissed me. I can't believe. What should I do? 

E - Laura listen to me. I'm the one for you.

L - I don't know it anymore... Don't kiss me please. * cry* 

E - *held me and I felt his chest * Don't cry. Your tears are like a punishment to me. Your smile has to appear. It makes me happy and comfortable.

L - *little soft smile* 

E - That's what I want to see. Come on, Laura. You're a strong girl. You're pretty, beautiful. Everything what a boy searches in you. I want you. I want to see your smile. 

L - I can't smile. And I don't thing you can get me. 

E - * sad face* Come on, you have to admit that we want each other. You love me, isn't it? 

L - Love doesn't mean nothing in this case. Trust does;

E - Trust does, but love is more important than trust;

L - Trust is just a part of Love. You can't love someone you can't trust.

E - Trust needs time so love does. If you love me , take me and trust will come back. 

L - You don't understand Emmett! if trust is broken you can't glue it like a paper or something like porcelain. You'll see the scars again...

E - Listen to me, Laura. I want you, I love you and trust is some little part of our love. I will prove that you can trust me again. I will show you everything.

I ran away. I can't hear this anymore. It was better that I hadn't done that. Talk with Emmett was too predictable... I heard Emmett's voice. 'Laura, wait!' 'No, Emmett!' I said back and ran to my house. I ran upstairs. I cried. Now I have to speak with Alexander. But I can't do it today. Tomorrow will be Sunday.  I put a paper on my window. 'Need to talk to you... tomorrow at 11 AM on our front garden?' 

Mom called me for dinner. I ran downstairs and ate. I was silent. 'What's wrong honey?' Dad asked worried. 'Nothing, dad. Don't worry.' I smiled softly. 'I know there's something. You can tell it to us.' He said to me. 'There is nothing, dad.' He ignored it. Maybe he would ask it later...  I helped mom with the dishes and watched some TV after that. My feet were on the couch and my hands were on my knees. I saw a movie with my parents. It was fun. After the movie I ran to my room and went on my laptop. At 11 pm I went to my bed. Had a long day to go.


First of all, Sorry, Sorry , Sorry that you had to wait for a chapter. I have school and inspiration block of some books... So that's one of the reasons. But I don't stop with this book now. Because you love it and I don't wanna disappoint you all. I want also say thanks for all the support and comments and everything you do for me! It means a lot for me! 

I hope I can post more chapters on my stories. Lots of Love, Eline :)

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