Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


33. Seeing mom...

A nurse came to me. 'You are?' She asked. 'I'm Laura Malik, sister of Ella Elena Rose Malik and daughter of Perrie Edwards.' I said. The last word hurt because she is a coma...  'I'm sorry for you. You want to see your mom?' She asked. 'I want her with me... Can I go to her with Ella?' I asked. 'Normally we don't allow that but for one time, you can.' The nurse said and laid a hand on my shoulder. 'If you need something you can call me. We'll put the bottles and diapers and clothes for Ella in the room of your mother.' The nurse said. Jacob said goodbye to me because he can't go to mom. He can't see that... He hadn't a close relationship with our parents plus he hates hospitals. 

It hurts him to hear that his mother is in a coma...  I walked to the intensive care. I pushed on the bell and said that I'm a daughter of Perrie Edwards. They let me in. I looked for my mom. Then I saw her... pale and silent. Dad held her hand. 'I miss you, you should see our two daughters. The one is taking care of the little one because I couldn't do it... It reminded me a lot of you. I feel like I'm a loser. A big loser. I can't take care of my own daughters...' Dad said and sighted. I walked in and said. 'You're not a loser, you are my dad. Ella wants to say hello to mom and I want to give her that chance. ' I said and dad smiled. 'Mom would appreciate that if she could see her beautiful daughters.' Dad said and smiled soft but I know deep inside he wants mom back. 

I walked to mom. I sat on the edge of her bed with Ella in my hands. 'I hope you hear this mom, we miss you. I hope you could see Ella soon. I want you to be proud of us. I'll try to visit you everyday and try to take care of you mom and Ella.' I said with tears in my eyes. I grabbed my moms hand and put it on Ella so she could feel Ella. After a minute I put moms hand on her bed again and the nurse came for Ella's stuff. 

I changed Ella's diaper quickly and gave her a bottle. 'You're doing it great, sweety.' Dad said and smiled but I saw in his eyes that he broke inside because he can't do it like I did. 'I will call Jacob to bring me home so you can take care of mom and I can take care of Ella.' I proposed. I know he misses mom. He nodded and a tear fell over his face. I wrapped my one free arm around my dad to hug him when I was done with feeding Ella. 'I love you Laura. If I hadn't you I lost hope...' He said and sighted.

'Don't give up dad. Mom doesn't want that. I know she will be awake later. I think she need some rest in that coma. I miss her and she will be my mom no matter what.' I said and looked at my mom. 'Mom , just remember who I am and don't give up this fight.' I said and walked with Ella's stuff and Ella outside so I can call Jacob. I kissed my mom on her forehead and hugged my dad and gave him a kiss on his cheek. I went outside with Ella in my hands. Her bag hung over my shoulder. I grabbed my phone with one hands when I held Ella. Then I called my brother.

J : Hello, Jacob Malik here. Can I help you?

L ; It's me Laura, can you bring me home? Dad's gonna stay at the hospital and I'm going home to take care of Ella. 

J : Okay, I'll be there in five minutes. 

He closed the call. After 5 minutes he arrived and he brought me home with Ella. When I was inside he asked: 'Shall I stay here for you?' 'No, you can stay on your own flat. ' 'But I will stay if you want.' 'No Jacob. Just stay with Aisha.' I said and put Ella in her crib and packed out her stuff. I kissed Jacob on his cheek and he went away. 

I was alone with Ella.. I turned on the TV. I was scared when I heard the doorbell. I walked to the door and opened it. I was shocked when I saw Alex. 'Alex.' I said shocked. 'Yes, I'm Alex. I heard about your mom and your little sister. I'm sorry for your mom.' He said and hugged me. Normally I would push him away but now I felt inside something magical, unbelievable. Like a stone changed into a heart again. 'Just hold me tight will you?' I asked him softly when I buried my face into his chest. 'I will do that.' He said and kissed my hair. After minutes he pulled away and looked at me. 'Sorry for hurting you last time... If you need me, you know where you can find me.' Alex said and stepped back to his home. I grabbed his arm. 'Just stay please. I don't wanna be alone with Ella. Dad is with mom. He will let me know when she's awake. He can't take care of Ella because she reminds him a lot of Mom. I proposed him to take care of Ella.' I said. 

'You are so good to take care of everyone. I'll stay if you really want that.' 'yes, stay with me please.' He wrapped his arms around me. 'I will stay here for the night if you want that?' 'Yes, please.' I said and nodded. 'I will be back. I'm gonna inform my mom and pack my stuff to sleep here.' He said and ran outside. 

I walked to Ella and saw she slept peacefully. I warmed her bottle up for the second bottle. When I was ready with warming up Alex knocked on the door. I opened the door and let him in. 'Where can I put my stuff?' He said and I went to my room and pointed to a free space. 'Thanks, you will do this because we aren't together anymore...' 'We are friends Laura. That's matters.' He said and put his hands on my chin. I leaned in and I kissed him. Why did I do that? After 5 seconds I pulled away.

Do I have feeling again for Alex? No I'm not that crazy...  I fell asleep in his arms in my bed when I had fed my little sister. I cried in his chest. 


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