Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


14. Mommy talk

'Mom, can I speak to you. I need your advice.' I said seriously. 'Of course, honey. You can talk to me everyday, every time.' She said and she sat down. I said next to me. 'I need your advice. I think you'd had that situation with daddy...' I swallowed. 'What situation? Advice about Emmett?' I nodded. 'Well, I love him , but daddy don't like him... because he thinks he's a bad boy. He is but he will change for me. He had hurt me 1 time and I don't wanna forgive it but he stalked me and convinced me to have back what we've got in that pub where Harry saw us. Harry had saw me that day with Emmett. I said to you that I was with Chloe, but I was on date with him. Because if I say that of Emmett I can't go...' I sighted. 

'We're now together he said, but I don't know it anymore because I don't wanna lose dad and you and Emmett...' I was desperate. I lost my self confidence. Perrie held my face. 'Honey, I will always staying by your side what you do or did. I think your dad is a little bit overprotected. He thinks that you're still his little girl. But you grew up and you're now a beautiful big girl. Maybe you should invite Emmett. Maybe this week ? And if he's nice we can try to convince dad?' She proposed. 'Maybe a good idea!' I shouted and hugged her. 'Thanks mom.' I said. 'You're welcome.' She said. 

'What are we gonna eat today?' Perrie asked before I went upstairs. 'Make something delicious mom. Like you always do.' I said. She smiled. 'I will make the best plate for you.' She said and smiled. I think she's happy that I trust her with my problems about Zayn and Emmett. I made my homework and then I went downstairs. Dinner was served. We ate and talked. It was a long time ago that I had such a funny conversation with Perrie. 'I'm so happy that we speak more and doing more things. Tomorrow going to the mall?' Perrie asked. 'Of course mom. It will be super!' I said enthusiastic. 'I knew you would like it. Who do we invite? Eleanor and Chloe?' she asked. 

'Eleanor and Chloe of course. They are the fashion queens. ' I said and we laughed. 'I think we can buy you a new dress. I've heard Jade and Harry will be together again. They were dating again.' 'No, mom? Really! I hope they can stay together! They are so cute together!' I said. 'I hope it too because Harry can protect her the most. Harry is happy with her and she's happy with him.' 'I saw it every day when they were together.' 'Jade had the strength to go further with her life thanks to Harry.' 'That's absolutely true. ' We were laughing and watching TV after we put our dishes in the dish washer. We saw a movie and ate some popcorn. We had a daughter-mom evening and I like it at all. 

I didn't know it could be a daughter-mom evening. And tomorrow shopping! At late night we decided to go for a sleep. I fell quickly asleep. Yes of course because of dreaming for a shop day! 


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