Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


36. Mom, please wake up today!

I've decided after 1 chapter this will end. After this you have  1 chapter :) Last chapter will be an epilogue.


It was a week later and I decided to go to my mom. Okay, I had an argument with dad but he won't stop me and forbid me to stay away from my mom. She will stay my mom. Whatever happens. Today it was mom day. I went with Ella to the hospital for a check up. She has to go to a check up because mom went into a coma and maybe that's one of the consequences she had. 

I waited in the waiting room. 'Ms. Malik?' A nurse called me and I stood up. I followed her into a big room with a doctor. He took Ella over. 'She's Ella, isn't it? Who are you?' The doctor asked and I nodded. I just wanted Alex with me or dad. I'm so scared. 'I'm her sister. Our mom is in a coma and I have an argument with my father.' I said brave. 'I'm sorry for you. Sit down and I will tell you the result after the tests with Ella.' 'Can I call my boyfriend for a second?' I asked the doctor. He nodded. 'But outside in the waiting room please. When you're done you have to say to the receptionist that you can come in. Say you're coming for Dr. Rashly.' The doctor said. It was a female doctor. 

I walked into the waiting room and grabbed my phone. I called Alex:

A - Everything alright? 

L - Yes, I just wanted to hear your beautiful voice.

I lied , I wanted to hear him. He has to assure me. He has to come. 

A - Laura, there is something. Tell me.

He know me too good.... 

L - I'm on a check up for Ella. I'm so worried she has a disease... I don't wanna loose her and mom. 

I started crying. Stupid girl I am.

A - Shhht... Everything will be alright. Do I have to come?'

He proposed it but I don't wanna bother him.

L - If you can, and if you want. 

A - I'll come to you.

He closed the call and I waited for him. After 5 minutes he arrived. He wrapped his arms around me and I cried a little bit in his arms. I wiped my tears away and did what the doctor said what I have to do when I want to go back to Ella. I knocked on the door and came into the room with Alex. 'Sorry, my boyfriend came to the hospital because I will visit my mom after the check up and I'm emotional for it.' I said to the doctor. 'It's okay. I understand it. The tests are positive. We only have to follow her progress. But she's healthy at the moment. You can take her home or you can take her to your mom.' The doctor smiled and wrote something on a paper after she gave Ella to me. 

She gave the paper to me. 'It's for the next appointment.' She said and let me and Alex go with Ella. I went with them to the elevator and waved the doctor goodbye.

I was so happy. Alex kissed my temple. I went into the room of my mom and saw dad in there. I ignored him and sat next to mom with Alex behind me. I had Ella in my arms. I kissed her forehead. 'Mom, I hope you wake up soon because I have good news. Ella's healthy. I miss you.' I said and cried. Alex comforted me.

'Laura?' Dad asked. I ignored him. 'Come on Laura. Say something to your dad, so this argument can be solved.' Alex said. 'Don't make it worser please!' I said to Alex mad. 'Alexander is right. Sorry Alexander for calling you names. Sorry Laura that I slapped you, I'm so sorry.' Dad said desperate. 

I ignored him again. I looked at mom. I grabbed her hand. 'Please mom, wake up.' I begged her. I felt a squeeze in my hand. I felt hope and looked at mom. Her eyes opened. I hugged her. 

'Mom I'm so happy to see you again!' I said while crying in her neck. 'Hi honey.' She said and smiled weak. My dad hugged her and kissed her after me. I ignored it. Mom saw it. 'What's going on here?' She asked and looked at me. 'Nothing mom.' I said because she had to take her rest. I gave Ella to her. 

'Tell me. Zayn , if she doesn't tell me, you have to tell it me.' She said and grabbed my dad's hand. 'When you slipped into a coma, I was alone at home. I proposed dad to stay here. Jacob was home. i was alone and then Alex knocked on my door. He heard the news about you and Ella.I didn't wanna be alone and I felt something magical between Alex and me again so I proposed to him that he could sleep at our house. I didn't trust myself alone with Ella. I had too much pain about you and I thought I didn't succeed it alone with Ella.' I said.

I swallowed and talked further. 'So Alex stayed the night at home with me. There's nothing special about it. But we decided to make up. We're a couple again. The morning after the night, dad came back saw me with Alex... He was mad, called me whore, slapped me. The slap was the top of my leaving plan. When he slapped me, I decided to leave.' I said and sighted. Mom looked at dad. 'Why did you do that?' She said mad to dad. 

'I love her and she deserves better than Alex and Emmett. But I realise now, it isn't. She loves Alex and I hope he would take care of my little girl. A little girl grew out of my arms... Now my only little girl is Ella. I have to let Laura go...' Dad said with tears in his eyes. I stood up and went to my dad. I hugged him. I laid my head in the crook of his neck. He stroked my back. I whispered in his chest. 'I'll be your little girl. You just have to let me go and let me choose my own decisions. And I think Alex is the right choice.' I pulled away. 'I never call you names or slap you. Sorry for everything.' Dad said with tears in his eyes. 

'New start?' I asked dad. He nodded and smiled. We did a group hug with my 'family'. Zayn went to Alex and accepted him in our family. 

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