Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


16. Lazy sunday but a miserable sunday.

I woke up. Eleanor slept in our house. Yesterday was successful. I walked downstairs to get some breakfast. I ate some cornflakes. Perrie had laid a paper for me:

Don't worry, Laura. Eleanor and I were going to the city for organizing some things. We will be back at 2 pm I think. There is some bread and more for you. You will find something to eat. Kisses from your Mom xx

Okay. So what are we gonna do today? I asked myself. I went upstairs put my lazy clothes on and picked out 'our moment' parfume, which was made by One Direction. I put it on. And went downstairs. I grabbed my books, did homework and then I watched TV and going on the internet. 

My phone vibrated. I've got 2 Messages

Hi honey. Everything alright? We will come soon. x Mom

Laura! I miss you so much. Can I come? Or do you come to me? 

It was Emmett and Perrie. I don't know what to answer on Emmetts message. I don't wanna make Perrie mad. I text Perrie: 

Can Emmett come to our home? He asked for it.'

I sent to Perrie. I get a quick message back.

Okay. Have fun honey! x

It was a yes. I texted Emmett back:

My mom said yes. You can come. She isn't here at the moment but she will be here at 2 pm, she said. She have to do some important things. Send me a message if you're here. x

I texted and got after 5 minutes a message back:

Okay, I will text you. I see you within 10 minutes. I love you babe! Don't forget. x

I smiled and was thinking about my clothes. It were my lazy clothes... So what should I do? Better clothes or wore these the whole day? I thought by myself: He have to accept me how I am. I sat in the couch with my laptop. After 20 minutes I was worried. I called Emmett. 'Hi honey.' He said. 'Where are you?' I asked worried. 'Are you worried?' He asked. 'No but I miss you.' I said and I heard a voice saying 'Is it that bitch?' 'No she isn't a bitch, she's my girlfriend.' I heard Emmett saying. The voice talked to me. 'Well, babe. He's mine! So go away! Be dead or something else and don't follow my Emmett.' The voice said and ended the conversation.

I was shocked. Did he do that again to me? Or was it just a jealous girl?  I cried. I was confused about everything in my life! I put some music on. I put the volume the most loudest. I cried and held my face in my hands. The music was songs of Little mix... Perries group. But I don't care that I like my 'mothers' and 'fathers' music. 'They just don't know you' played. 

'Tell me you won't break my heart.' I shouted loudly. I put with my hands in a pillow of the couch. I decided to go outside and walked outside in the garden. I picked out a rose and smelled on it. 'Why is love so difficult? Why is Emmett a bad boy?' I asked myself. Tears fell over my cheeks. Emmett called... I declined. I got a message:

Babe, let's talk about this ... x

I was angry and texted quickly:

What did you say? You want to talk ? I called you and someone said that I have to be dead of go away from you and said that you're hers. Sorry but I can't talk to you anymore. I trusted you.... But now I don't wanna have a relationship with you. Or I don't wanna convince my father... 

I was a message without a kiss... He doesn't deserve a kiss. Perrie came home and Emmett called 10 times. Everytime he called I declined. 'Hi honey. Everything alright?' She asked. 'Yes, mom. Everything alright with me.' I said cold. 'You're sure and Eleanor is in her apartment.' 'Yes, I'm sure mom.' I said and ran upstairs with my laptop. I want to be alone. I have to. I can't handle it. I have to go further without Emmett. I wiped my tears away and looked in the mirror. 'I'm beautiful how I am and Emmett can't put me down.' I said to myself and put a hand on my hip. I listened some music and after that I ate a little bit downstairs. Perrie made a delicious dinner as always. I helped her with the dishes. I made my backpack ready for school after dinner and then I watched with Perrie some TV. At 10 o'clock I have to sleep. It was time for me to sleep... I fell asleep but I had nightmares.


Laura's outfit & hairstyle for today:  




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