Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


29. Jacob back.

'Sis, wake up.' I heard a familiar voice. It was Jacob. 'Jacob!' I jumped into his arms. 'Wow! What a surprise!' He said. He carried me downstairs. I'm still in my pj's. 'She jumped into my arms so I carried her downstairs!' Jacob laughed. I hugged Jacob. I've missed my brother. 'We've some good news. You'll like it Laura.' Jacob said and looked at Aisha. 'You say it?' He asked Aisha. 'No, you do it! Or shall I show it?' Aisha said. No, not an another baby in the family. I thought. But she showed a ring.

'Aisha and I are engaged now.' Jacob told us. 'Can I walk away for a minute? I need some space... It's a lot for yesterday and today.' I said and went to the garden. I walked to the swimming pool. I put my slippers beside me. I put my feet in the water. 'Everything alright sis?' A voice said. 'Yeah.' I said and sighted. 'Sounds not good.' Jacob said. 'It's just... mom's pregnant and Hannah, Niall's girlfriend is pregnant and you and Aisha are engaged... Niall asked me to be the baby's godmother. And boyfriends... My ex Alexander and Emmett are so difficult. I want them back but sometimes it's too late or they have done too much. ' I sighted. 

'Follow your heart.' Jacob said and stroked my back. 'But I don't wanna have a broken heart or an argument with dad. I had arguments with him because of boyfriends...' I said and cried. 'Dad has learned of his faults and if he will be mad at you, I'll stand by your side.' Jacob said and smiled. 'Can you let me a little bit now? I would like to be alone for a while.' 'As you want... If you need me, you'll find me.' Jacob said and left me. I cried. I was desperate. Shall I take Alexander or Emmett back? 

Everyone said follow your heart but every piece of my heart said Alexander or Emmett... I can't choose. Maybe I should try Emmett again... Alexander did something more terrible than Emmett... I think. My head is confused. I called Emmett.

E - Hello, Laura?

L - Hi Emmett. It's me Laura. I want to talk with you tomorrow.

E - You can. At what time and where?

L - The park and at 2 pm?

E - I'll be there. 

I closed the call. I want to talk with him. I wanna know what he expects from me. I want to know if he speaks the truth about everything he said. That he really loves me or something else. I wanna know it! I was hesitating about everything in my head. I stood up and walked inside. Dad smiled to me 'You know I'm here for you?' He said. I smiled soft. 'Yes, dad. Can I go tomorrow to the park at 2 pm?' 'Yes, you can honey.' Mom said instead of dad. She winked to me. 

Dad doesn't make it more worse. I thought he would do that. But he didn't. God thank you for that! I hugged Jacob. He whispered in my ear: 'If your ready you could be our maid of honour or a bridesmaid.' 'I will think about it.' I said. 

I sat down next to my dad. He wrapped his arms around me. Mom sat also next to me and Jacob and Aisha sat over me. We talked about dad's time in America. Jacob was shocked about that. He appreciated the fact that I ignored everything to see my dad. I went to my dad, just because he brought me up. Maybe he isn't my biological dad. 

I don't wanna see my biological dad and mom again. They left me with pain in my heart. The love I've got from them was nothing. The love I've got from Perrie and Zayn was more valuable then my biological dad and mom's love. We ate some dinner. Jacob and Aisha stayed until 9 pm. After their visit I went to my laptop and searched some love advice but I can't find something. I was desperate so I went to bed. 


Sorry for maybe a short chapter but I haven't the time anymore for updating everyday. I have now for my last year a final work so I can't write everyday or post something. I'll try to post a chapter on my stories but it's so difficult to combine school and movellas. I love movellas! I hope I don't have to stop with this because stories or my life! And that is One Direction too! 

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