Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


20. Is there love in the air?

Hi Everyone! First of all, someone asked me for pictures of the boys. I've searched some pictures for the boys. I hope you will like it! I hope you will continue reading in my book. I love you so much dear fans! 

This is a picture of Alexander:

This is a picture of Emmett:

Suggestions are always welcome! So don't think about it, leave a reaction and maybe I follow your advice ! :)

We followed our lessons and after last lesson, I waited for Alexander. He has to speak with the teacher. I waited outside of the class. Emmett stood behind me. 'What are you doing again?' I said and put a hand on my hip. 'I will make the time you have to wait on him amusing.' He said. 'With you? Really ? ' I rolled my eyes. 'Yeah. Come on Laura, we are a team. You can't ignore that.' He said and leaned to me. When the door opened and Alexander came out of the class, Emmett kissed me. I slapped Emmett. I saw Alexander. He was shocked. Is he in love? I ran to Alexander. 'He kissed me and I don't want it...' I said desperate but I think he won't believe me. 'What are the plans now? Going to your boyfriend or stay by me?' Alexander said.

'It's not my boyfriend. He's my ex! But he wants me but I don't want him. We're going to my house, Alexander.' I said. He went with me. I'm happy he did. I opened the door of my house. 'Welcome into my house.' I said. 'Nice here!' Alexander said. 'Mom I'm home. Alexander is also here. I'm going upstairs with him.' I shouted. 'Okay, honey.' Perrie said and came to the hallway. 'Hello, Alexander. I'm Perrie, Lauras mom.' Perrie said and gave Alexander a hand. 'I'm Alexander Scott.' 'I know, I've heard about you. I think your mother is the assistant of Little Mix my group. Isn't it?' 'Yes, she said something about it.' Alexander said. 'I'm gonna help him with our homework and some other thing. I proposed the teacher that I'm guide him this week or month.' 'That's so sweet honey. Have fun! ' Perrie said and I ran upstairs. Alexander followed me. 

'This is my own bedroom.' I said proud. 'Typical a girls room.' Alexander said and sat down on the edge of my bed. I laughed. I opened my backpack. He did the same and we started with our homework. Sometimes I felt his hands on my hands. He had warm hands. When we finished, he smiled. 'What can we do now?' He asked. 'I don't know, maybe making some fun?' I said. 'What do you want to do?' He leaned to me and looked in my eyes. I laughed. 'It's creepy Alexander.' I said. 'You can call me Alex.' He said. 'Alex is for friends.' 'I think I'm not a friend of yours.' I said. 'Of course you are a friend of mine.' He laughed. 

He leaned closer to me. 'Do you like me?' He asked. 'Because you guided me around the school and you're so sweet to me.' He added and I looked at me. 'I'm just friendly to you because you're new and I thought you're a good guy and I thought also that I can be a friend of you.' I said honest. 'Mmm... Not in love? Because most of the girls reasons to guide me is that they fell in love with me.' He said. 'No, I'm just a normal girl. I fall for someone when I know the inside.' I said. 'Then you have to know my inside.' He said and licked his lips. 

'Maybe...' I said. 'Are you single?' Alexander asked. 'Yes, I am. Are you also single?' I said.  'Yes, my ex, Sarah couldn't understand the reason why I moved to London.' He said and sighted. 'That's stupid. I hope your next girlfriend understands you.' I said. 'Maybe she's closer then I think.' He said and smiled at me. 

He held with his strong hands my face. I think he wants to kiss me... I closed my eyes. 'What are you doing crazy girl?' Alexander asked me and laughed. 'I'm enjoying the silence.' I said. He laughed. 'Really? I thought you think about a kiss?' 'No, I just wanna close my eyes for a few seconds.' His hands slipped away. 'You are a crazy girl.' He said. 'Yes, I am. Nice to meet you.' I said and shaked my hand with him. He laughed and held his hand on his face. 

He tickled me and I lie on my bed because of that. He lie above me. His face was very close. Then he kissed me. 'Now, you're not closing your eyes?' He asked. 'No, I didn't expect that. ' 

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