Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


2. First day on school morning and again discussion with daddy...

Author note: Hello, how was your schoolday? Mine was very bad we had a new PE or gym teacher for today until december 2013... Plus I'm the only girl in my class and I'm no so good in PE... So one lesson and then bye bye PE or Gym for a few weeks, but then Exams. So I will try to send you some chapters then but I can't promise. Love you all. Have fun with my new chapter.


Now you know my story. Today it's my first day on school again. (I don't say a class or grade because I don't know the classes or grades in England.) Seeing nice boys, seeing my best friend and seeing Emmett. I can't believe it. I woke up in my bedroom, my messy teenage room of course. What do you expect? I looked for the perfect outfit. Maybe a skinny jeans? No, I look fat in it. A dress? No, it's your first day Laura. Think better.

Yeah, I've found it! A jeans with some nice pink top with a brown blazer and a jeans. I went to my own bathroom and combed my hair. Fuck, why does it always have to go wrong? I tried to make a bun. I had to take 5 time to make the perfect bun. I did my make up quickly and ran downstairs, picked my pink converse and went to the kitchen, breakfast was served. 'Hi, sweety.' Perrie said. I picked a slice of bread and picked some cheese, put it on my slice of bread and ate it quickly. 'Don't be so quick! You will choke!' Perrie said and Zayn came downstairs. He rubbed his eyes. 

Yeah, we will have a discussion, like always. 'Are you going to school?' He asked. 'What do you think I'm gonna do? Yes of course, school!' I said and rolled my eyes. I was a bad question... 'You know it, not Emmett here. Take Chloe or Destiny home. Or that boy, how is his name? Oh yeah, Justin!' Zayn said. I rolled my eyes again.

'Yeah dad. I will love a boy I don't love. Justin isn't my type and he won't be my type. In your dreams, dad.' I said. 'Laura, don't be silly. And you don't speak to me like that.' He said and I sighted. 'I don't like your attitude anymore, little lady. When you were 4, you were a nice girl. Now it's like someone handles you.' Zayn said. 'Not again... Emmett doesn't handle me or someone else. I'm myself. Accept that. Now you see it because you have time!' I said and picked my backpack and jacket. 'Bye mom. I love you.' I said to Perrie and gave her a kiss. She's a little bit okay... 

'And I?' Zayn said. 'Bye dad. I love you when you're normal and not like now.' I said and wore my jacket and put my backpack on my back. I went away closed the door of the house and walked to school. I was happy, just like the other days when I could spend my days with Chloe or Destiny or Emmett... My best friends and my crush.

When I arrived at school, Chloe stood there, waiting for me. When I came to her, she screamed. 'We have the same class again!' She shouted. 'Yeah! And the perfect boys?' I asked. 'I heard that Emmett will be in our class.' I screamed. 'Oh, yeah. And who more?' 'Tom, Connor, Tyler, ...' I interrupted Chloe. 'What? We have a perfect class. And girls?' 'You & I, Destiny, Jennifer, Alice, Emily. But there are more, but I don't know them now.' Chloe said. 'Urgh, Jennifer. But we're gonna make it the best schoolyear ever!' I said.

At 9 o'clock we have to go to the auditorium of the school. It's a big room for exams and more. For events like this and more. I walked into the room with Chloe and stood there waiting for the principal. 'Welcome students. We like it to see you're back again. I hope you had a great holiday. It's time for coming back to your lovely school. The teachers will take you to your class and help you with your schooldairy, your subjects and more. Let's begin.' I looked at Chloe. She was so curious. 'First class is the class of Mss. Johnson. And the students of her class are: Chloe Adams, Tom Brown, Destiny Dawn, Charlotte Foster, Jennifer Hall,  Connor Hallison,  Tyler Livingstone, Laura Malik, Alice O'Hara, Emily O'Hara, James Smith, Toby Thomson, Emmett Woods and Sarah Wollinson.' Oh no. Not Toby... Chloe and I followed the teacher when we went to the class. Destiny walked next to me.

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