Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


12. Emmett stalking, best friend lost & Jennifer bully

After 10 minutes the boys went away to their girlfriends. Zayn asked about what Harry said. I explained it to him and he wasn't mad at all. He was mad at Emmett. I couldn't believe it. One time no discussions. He hugged me. 'If he does that again with you... I will kill him then. I mean it. Nobody hurts my daughter.' He said. 'Thanks dad.' I said and went to bed.

-Next morning-

I did my daily rituals. When I went outside, I stopped after one footstep. It was like my feet were glued. 'Go away, Emmett!' I said. 'I don't go away until you give me a second chance.' He said. I wrapped my arms. 'Really?' I asked and rolled my eyes. 'Really.' He said sure. I went inside again and when I did one step a hand held me, Emmetts. 'Laura, beautiful girl. Give me a chance.' He said with puppy eyes. 'Never in my life again! What if I go with you, my father will be mad at me and I will be hurt again...' I said 'I will talk to your father and I don't wanna hurt you again.' I didn't believe him and pushed him away from me. I ran into my house and closed the door. 'Dad I'm gonna pick my bike.' I said and ran to our shed and picked my bike. I went to the other exit of our house. Emmett could see me there.

I ride with my bicycle to school. I felt excellent. I felt free. I arrived and put my bicycle in the bicycle racks of my school. I ran to Chloe. 'I don't trust it anymore, Chloe. Help me, please! ' I said desperate. 'Emmett?' She asked. I nodded. 'He's stalking me. He stood again outside of my house. I ran inside again and took my bike.' I said. 'Heavy story.' Chloe said and picked out her phone out of her bag.

'I have a message of Toby.' 'You're in love?' I asked and rolled with my eyes. Not again. I thought. She nodded. 'Toby is a nice boy.' 'In your dreams.' I said. 'Don't be so stupid, Lau.' Lau was my nickname. 'Chloe, serious. You like Toby?' 'Yeah, I'm think I'm in love...' 'Oh no, not again...' I said. 'Lau, you're so mean last time...' Chloe walked away. I stood alone because she went to Destiny.

Jennifer came to me. 'Where is your boyfriend? Oh yeah. You don't have one. Oh, where's your best friend? I know she ran away from an ugly girl like you!' Jennifer said and laughed. I took a breath. 'Do you think you're cool. I don't have time for childish things like you do now. I have friends so go away. I have a life, you don't.' I said. 'Pitbull action!' Jennifer said. 'Not again.' I said and rolled my eyes. 'Go away and ruin your own life.' I said. 'No, because your life is so beautiful.' She said and put a hand on her hip. 

'Go away, Jennifer. She doesn't want you. So go on.' I heard a voice said. It was Emmett. 'Oh you are her pet?' She said to Emmett. 'No I just said go on. Don't you hear me? You're deaf?' He said angry. 'Okay, okay. I will go on pitbull.' She said and Emmett stood before me. 'Thanks...' I said. 'An argument with Chloe?' He asked. I nodded. 'I saw her standing by Destiny and Toby.' 'She's in love with Toby.' 'Oh, Toby loves her too. And I love you but you don't love me back.' He said shyly. 

'I love you back but I don't wanna being hurt again.' I said and sighted. He grabbed my hand and laid it on his face. 'I don't wanna hurt you again and if I do you can punch me. Promise.' He said. I was doubting about it. He came closer to me and gave me a kiss. I doubt if I give him a kiss back.  But I did... I gave him a kiss. I saw his angel smile. His lovely face being happy, I love that.

'I love you.' He whispered in my ear. My head was turning around. 'I don't know it anymore Emmett. What if my dad sees you or knows about us? He will get mad at me.' I said. 'I will talk to him.' He said. 'Are you sure?' He nodded.

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