Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


3. Class room & class talk

'Oh no, Toby is here in school. He's new but I don't like him...' I said. 'Why, he's sexy?' Destiny interrupted me. 'You don't know her story, so shut up.' Chloe said. 'Okay.' Destiny said and sighted. 'Toby the boy when you were 4? The boy who was mean to you? The boys were you fell in love with?' Chloe asked. She was curious. I nodded. 'I was to impulsive when I was 4... ' I said. Destiny found it also 'interesting.' 'I know, and your father thinks all the time that you've changed and that Justin is your type.' Chloe said. She knew me since I was 10. When we moved to this house where we live now. She was my hero sometimes. We had crazy stories, crazy lifes. She knows my story. 

'Justin is absolutely not my type. He's just a friend.' I said. 'Yeah. He have to understand that.' Chloe said. 'Girls, do you like to shop with me after school? I have to buy something new.  Tomorrow it's a party for my boyfriend.' Destiny said. 'Of course, we do. We will go with you to the shops.' I said. Chloe agreed. I'm addicted at the shops. Clothes, accessories, everything is a danger for me and my money. Chloe and I go every month with Eleanor shopping. Eleanor likes shopping with us. 

We came into the classroom. Chloe and I searched a place at the end of the classroom. We took place on the last table on the left row. On the table next to us sat Toby and Emmett. I whispered to Chloe: 'Oh no he doesn't ruin it for me.' They were talking to each other. I looked at them. Emmett is so sexy in his shirt. The teacher gave us our schooldiary. I wrote on it : Laura Alicia Rose Malik <3

The teaches said that we had subjects like English, of course. Economics, mathematics, geography, biology, French, religion, Informatic, ... (I don't know any subject what British students had I picked out some subjects I had in real life). The teacher is our English teacher. She's okay. She talked about the rules, the teachers, the subjects. After an hour of 2, the bell rang. We stood up and walked to the door when suddenly Emmett came to me and Toby went to Chloe.

'Hi, Laura. Isn't it?' Emmett said. 'Yes, it is Laura.' 'You are the daughter of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards.' 'Yeah.' I said and sighted. I hate it when they know my parents. It's just like they know me but they don't. They know not my story! 'Nice that they are your parents. And also nice to meet you.' 'Yeah, I'm happy to meet you. I saw you the year before standing around the hallways and outside on the playground.' I said and thought by myself. What if I said something wrong? Think before you said it, Laura! You will lose his interest. 'Yeah, but now we can learn about each other. What do you think of going to something, not a date but just like friends?' He said. A date , just like friends? Come on! I want a date! 'Of course. Which day?' 'Tomorrow?' He winked at me. 'Where?' 'After our last hour?' 'Alright.' I smiled. I saw Toby looking at Chloe. What is his problem? Chloe have to be a good taste not a bad one. Toby is such a creep.

After the talk with Emmett. Chloe and Destiny came to me. 'What did he said?' 'He wants a sort of date, but just like friends.' 'Really? That's a beginning!' Destiny said. 'What if I ruin it tomorrow?'  'You won't ruin it.' Chloe said and hugged me. 'I will do you hair, make up and outfit tomorrow morning. I can sleep by you. Your dad would like that I think.' 'Yeah, he said that someone like you or Justin or Destiny have to visit us. The last time he wants to choose my own life. I hate it.' I said. 

'I understand.' Chloe said and we walked to the playground.

When school's out, we went to Chloes house, picked some stuff and went to my house. Zayn was watching TV when I came into the house. 'Dad, Chloe will sleep here tonight.' I said and ran with Chloe upstairs. 'Laura Alicia Rose Malik, Come downstairs will you!' He shouted. 'Oh no, not again.' I rolled my eyes.


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