Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


6. Busted Harry saw me!

We went in a pub and we went to a nice table. He did like a gentleman. He pulled the chair to him and let me sit in it, then shoved the chair with me to the table. He walked to the other chair and sat. 'Thanks, you're a gentleman.' I said. 'Only for beautiful girls.' He said and I laughed. 'Player.' I teased him. 'Well, I'm not a player only a gentleman.' 'I know, I was joking;' 'Oh, sorry.' 'Doesn't matter. You know me since yesterday or you saw me before but you talked yesterday to me for the first time.' 'I feel guilty of it.' 'Don't do that because you're busy and had friends.' 'But I do because you're nice.' I blushed.' You're blushing.' He said and smiled. 'I'm a quick blusher.' I said and he laughed.

'I like that.' He said. We sat next to a window, he was looking trough it. What did he see? Did he wait for someone? He had sweaty hands. 'You're best friends with Toby?' I said for breaking the silence. 'Yeah, he's nice. He said he knew you since his 4.' 'Yeah, My 'uncle Niall' wanted to adopt Toby but then he was mean to me and finally the adoption was cancelled. After my birthday I didn't hear so much about him.' 'And now he's on your school. Do you accept that?' 'I have to. But I don't care anymore. I have Chloe and Destiny.' He interrupted me. 'And you have me. When he does something wrong you have to say it to me.' He said. It felt like he's worried about me. 

'I'm a brave girl. Nobody can put me down.' 'Really? Not your dad? I've heard he's so stupid to you.' 'He is but I don't care. I said to him that I'm with Chloe now so shut up about it to my dad or mom.' I said. 'Hahaha, I will keep it as a secret.'  He said and laughed. 'Only because you're here with me.' He said and I smiled. 'Thanks.' I looked around. Fuck! No , not Uncle Harry here! 'I have to go to the toilet. I'll be back.' I said and walked quickly to the girls toilet. If Uncle Harry sees me, he will call dad and then I will have to stay 2 weeks in house after school. Then I won't be able to go out with friends. After 5 minutes I decided to go to Emmett. I tried to avoid Harry. But there he was. I ignored him. 'Laura!' He shouted.

I went to Emmett. He came to me. 'What do you do here Laura? I thought you was with Chloe? Zayn told me you was. You aren't lying to your dad?' He asked. 'No but schoolwork was done and Emmett was also by Chloe and we decided to drink something.' I lied.  'Oh okay.' Harry said. I hope he won't text Zayn. Harry went further to his date. I think it's Ashley. She is his date friend. They're dating together but love I think it won't be love. He loves Jade not Ashley. But Jade won't be with him. 

'What do you want now?' I asked a little bit irritated. 'Is there something?' Emmett asked. 'I don't know. I hope Harry won't text Zayn about it...' We ordered some drinks. 'He won't. I think he's nice and chill.' 'He is but I can't trust it because my dad is his best friend...' 'Don't worry. Enjoy this moment.' Emmett said. He came closer to me. What does he want? A kiss, some attention? He came closer with his head and held mine. He let his lips connect mine. I felt some nice lips, softly angel lips.

After 5 seconds his lips slipped away from me. I was a little bit shocked. Did he kissed me? 'I love you, Laura.' He said. I was sitting there like 'wow , did he like me? Or did I dreamed?' I don't care about Harry. I hope he didn't see it. 'I thought you had a girlfriend?' I said. Oh no! What did I say now? Stupid girl you are! I feel butterflies in my stomach. 'I had yeah. But a week ago she broke up, found another boy who means more for her than me.' He said. I saw his coldness in his eyes when he spoke it out. 'That's stupid for you. You don't deserve it.' I said. 'Maybe I deserve it because I'm mean to most of the girls. I can't handle things... I'm so stupid.' He said and sighted. I don't thought he would say things to me in secret. 'I think you're a good guy. Don't put yourself down.' I said and came to him. 'I think I have to go it's late.' I looked at my watch and paid for our drinks. I hugged him and then my eyes locked in his eyes. I came closer to his mouth and my lips held his lips for a time. It was an unforgettable kiss. 'I love you.' He said and smiled. 'I love you too but I don't know what to do...' I said and ran away. 'Laura, wait.' He followed me.

He stopped me. 'Wait, Laura. I know you think I'm a bad boy. But I don't care. I love you. I don't know how your dad thinks about me. But I don't care. ' He said. 'Emmett, I don't know. I love you but I can't do this...' I said. 'You have the time to think. But let me bring you home. I don't want that you're going alone to home. I want to protect you.' We went to my house. When we were outside we kissed and I hugged him. I went inside when he went away to his home.

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