Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


19. Are you Laura? Is Emmett jealous?

I stood up. It was a beautiful day. Birds were awake and singing beautiful songs. It was like a fairytale. Maybe I'm in love to see that boy? I don't know but I know it for sure, I can't forgive Emmett. Zayn's right about him. I tried to find a good outfit to welcome that Irish boy. Niall learned me to be beautiful with new 'Irish guest'.  I picked out some accessoires a new cover for my phone, a watch, earrings, necklace. I hope he would like me or be my best friend. I like Irish boys, that's why me and Niall get on well with each other. He's the best uncle. 

I ran to the kitchen, ate and ran back to the bathroom. I make a beautiful bun for my hair and did my make up. I brushed my teeth. I did more than I normally do. I want to impress him. Alexander Scott... What a beautiful name. Laura Scott? Noo, I'm in my dream.. I can't expect that... He doesn't know me and I don't know him. What if he's ugly? It can't because Niall's from Ireland and he isn't ugly so Alexander will be perfect too. 

I made me ready and Perrie brought me. 'Thanks mom.' I said. 'Why are you so beautiful? Is it for.. how is his name.. let me think.. oh yeah! Alexander?' She asked. She was curious. 'What do you think? I gave up Emmett. I can't trust him anymore.' I said. 'That's sad but have fun with that boy. I love you. I know you can survive everything, just like me. I survived your dad.' she said and I laughed. 'I love you too mom!' I said and hugged her. I stepped out and walked. I sat down on a bench.

Suddenly a boy came to me. 'Hello, I'm new here. Do you know where I have to go?' He said. He had brown hair and his eyes shined in the sun, his blue eyes. Blue eyes like Nialls. I looked up. 'Oh, I will guide you to the reception. ' I said and went with him to the reception. 'I'm new, I'm Alexander Scott.' He said to the receptionist. She gave him everything he needed. 'I think you will be in my class.' I said . 'Oh really, now I know you in class.' He said and smiled.'What's your name?' He asked. 'My name is Laura Alicia Rose Malik, but you can say Laura. My mom gave me the middle names.' I said. 'Beautiful name. I knew that last name. Are you the daughter of Zayn Malik?' He asked. I blushed. 'Yes, I am. My mother is Perrie Edwards. They adopted me when I was 4.' I said. 'Nice, I think they're nice.' He said and we walked to the playground and sat down on a bench.

'You can go with me after school to my home? My dad is in New York and my mom doesn't care if I bring some friends.' I proposed. 'Good idea.' He said and smiled. He's beautiful. 'You moved from Ireland to London. Why?' I asked. I thought in my mind. Stupid Laura! Why do you ask that! 'If you don't wanna say it, it's okay.' I said quickly. 'I will tell it you.' He said and smiled. He smiled. 'My parents are divorced my mother can work here in London. I live here with her because my dad abused her and if I stay with my dad I can't see my mother anymore...' He said. 'I'm so sorry.' I said and hugged him. Why am I doing this? Maybe he doesn't want a hug or something else? 

'Thanks for the hugg. It means a lot that I'm friends with you. You're my first friend here in London.' He said. 'You're welcome. You can call me everytime of the day. Do you want my phone number?' I asked. I'm going to fast.... 'Yes, of course.' He said.  I gave him my number. 'Thanks Laura.' He said.

I saw Emmett looking jealous at me. I heard him screaming to Toby and Chloe: 'She's mine not his!' I looked angry and Emmett. 'Where are you looking at?' Alexander asked. 'My ex-boyfriend. He thinks he can have a million chances to get me....' I said and sighted. 'Everything will be alright, Laura. I'll be there for you, just like you said a minute ago.' He said. 

The bell rang. 'Follow me.' I said to Alexander and he followed me. He sat next to me in class. 'Hello, class. We have someone new in our class. His name is Alexander Scott. Will you stand in front of the class please, Alexander Scott?' The teacher said and Alexander stood up. 'Hello, class.' Alexander said shyly. 'From where are you?' The teacher asked. 'From Ireland, my parents were divorced and I live here with my mom. She had a job here.' He said. 'Okay, I hope you find it nice here. Who wants to guide Alexander around the whole school?' The teacher asked. 'I'll do it, madame.' I said. 'Are you sure? And Alexander do you want that Laura will guide you?' The teacher said. 'Yes, I'm sure.' I said. 'That's alright.' Alexander said. I saw Emmett looking angry. I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned around . 'Emmett's jealous and he wants you back. And are you flirting with Alexander?' Chloe said. 'Who knows and Emmett can't get a chance again. I'm over him.' I said. 'You're crazy!' Chloe said mad. 

She's so wrong.. She's only interested in Toby and she wants me with Emmett because Toby and Emmett are best friends. I sighted and helped Alexander with the lessons. At lunch I guided Alexander and we lunched together.Emmett came to us. 'Can I speak to you, alone?' He looked at me. 'You're impolite, you don't say hi to us or you don't introduce yourself to Alexander.' I said. 'Hi I'm Emmett.' Emmett said.. I rolled my eyes. 'Can I speak you now?' He said. He can't wait. 'First of all , no, we've talked enough. Second, I don't give you a chance again. Third, go away. I don't wanna say anything to you.' I said to Emmett. 'I have enough to say to you.' He said. 'So what?' I asked. I sighted and I looked down. He went further. I saw Alexander looking at me. 'Are you okay?' He asked worried. 

'Yes, of course.' I said. 'Are you sure? I can go away?' He said. 'No, stay with me. I feel myself more safer with you then alone. I don't trust Emmett anymore.' I said 'Emmett's your ex?' He asked. 'We were only one day together. He cheated...' I said. 'That's not good.' He said and hugged me. I felt safe with him.

Laura's outfit: 


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