Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


17. Alone please? Daddy on the phone?

This day was a very bad day. I had a headache and I'm gonna see Emmett... My heart was terrible. My life was miserable. My body doesn't want to move. I held my breath and tried to stand up. I walked slowly to the bathroom and combed my hair. Then I decided to choose something randomly to put on. I put my heart necklace on. I've got that from Zayn. He had bought it in America. 'For my little princess' He said when he gave it to me. I remembered it. I have this necklace 4 years. I've got it since my 12. 

I walked downstairs. 'Everything alright?' Perrie asked. I nodded quickly. She knew that there was something but she let it go because if she asks about it I won't say it. I ate with Perrie my breakfast. 'Shall I bring you? I have to be in the city.' She proposed. 'You can if you really want.' I said and grabbed my backpack after finishing breakfast. Perrie grabbed the car keys and drove me to school. 

When I arrived I sat down on a bench on the playground and thought about everything. Someone came to me. 'Laura?' A voice said. I was in my thought. 'Laura?' The voice said again. I looked up. Emmett. I looked away. 'Listen , Laura!' He said. 'I don't listen to lairs!' I said. 'I'm not a lair.' He said. 'You are.' 'Why?' 'You didn't heard it yesterday? That girl! She said that I have to die and go away! I can't love you anymore! I can't trust you!' I said and cried. He laid a hand on my shoulder. I ran away and put his hand off my shoulder. 

I waited for the bell. When the bell rang I decided to go to my class and put my backpack on my chair next to me to avoid Emmett or Chloe or Destiny. I listened in class and wrote. At lunch I decided to eat alone. But then Chloe, Toby and Emmett came to me. I tried to ignore them but it's difficult.

'Why do you try to avoid us?' Chloe said. 'I don't avoid you. I just want to be alone for a while. ' I said. 'Wanna talk about it?' Chloe said. Emmett looked at me. He felt guilty about yesterday... 'No,... I don't like it to talk about that.' I said. 'Do you want to talk about it with me alone?' She said. 'Maybe...' I said and she pulled me to her and ran to an another table. 'Speak up, girl. I know there's something with you and Emmett.' She said.

'I don't wanna talk about it, I don't wanna see him anymore...' I said. 'You know you can't avoid him in school. He's in your class! Serious! Did you two break up?' Chloe asked. 'I don't know but for me it's a break up... Yesterday was so miserable... I gave him a chance and my mom would do it too if he didn't do like that what happened yesterday.' I said and a tear rolled over my left cheek.

Chloe hugged me. 'I need time, Chloe. I can't be friends with you for a time. You have Toby and Emmett... You have fun. You have to make fun.' I said, ate some lunch and let Chloe go to Toby. I'm so stupid! I let my best friend go... 

I'm listened with my headphone some songs. When the bell rang I put my headphone back in my backpack and walked to my classroom. I sat alone. I listened to the teacher. Lessons passed by. 

The bell rang and I walked out of the classroom. I walked home. I opened the door and sat down on the couch. Perrie was with the girls. I heard my phone calling: Zayn x

'Hi, honey. Everything alright with you and your mom?' 'Hi, dad. Yeah, everything's alright with us.' 'You don't sound so good. Are you sure?' 'Don't worry about me. I can help myself.' 'Okay, honey. Do you want to hear some of the boys?' 'If they want, they can speak me.' I said and looked at the window. 'Niall and Louis want to speak with you. Is that alright? I'll give Niall first.' Zayn said. 'That's okay, dad. I love you, dad.' I said and a tear fall over my face. I heard Nialls voice. 'Hi Laura. How is it with that boy?' He asked. 'Emmett? Don't talk about him...' I said and sighted. 'Why not?' He asked. It looked like he's worried about me and Emmett.

I started to cry. 'Ssssht! Little girl, don't cry. Everything will be alright.' Niall comforted me. 'It just because yesterday when I called him when I was worried a girl took the phone over when I was talking to Emmett. She said I have to be dead or that I have to go away... And she said that Emmett's hers. I can't believe him anymore Niall. Mom wants to convince dad if Emmett visit this week and if he's good for me. But with this I can't trust him and I think mom couldn't convince dad. ' I cried harder. 'You're a beautiful girl. Don't forget. He have to discover it. He's a man who plays with your heart. He have to be ...' He said nothing I heard Harry talking to Niall. ' Sorry Laura I have to go. I will speak you later. Louis wants to talk to you also. We love you girl. Be strong!' Niall said and gave the phone to Louis.

'Had a good shopping day with my wife?' I heard a voice, it was Louis. 'Of course. She has a good taste.' 'Yes, that's why she picked me.' Louis said and I laughed. 'Tomlinson, maybe she picked you out for the money? Good shopping girls wants to shop so they have to marry a rich boy.' I said and laughed. 'Eleanor is perfect and she doesn't do that. She loves me how I am. And how's the love there in England?' Louis asked. 'I'm single and mom misses dad. And Eleanor misses you of course' 'I thought that you're a beautiful girl. The boys of your school miss your beauty. They don't know your beauty inside. If I was at your age, I would date you.' I blushed when he said that. I laughed. 'Thanks, Louis. How's the carrots there in America?' 'Good, but in England there are better carrots and there are people I love.' He said and I laughed. 'Like Eleanor.'  I added to complete his sentence. He laughed. 'Yeah and you and Perrie.' 'Thanks Louis. Give everyone a kiss from me and say that I said 'Hi' to them.' 'I will do that, be strong and I will speak you soon.' He said and ended the conversation.

I cried a little bit. I miss them! I didn't think about that but I have to say that I miss them. They are now the only ones I can trust. Perrie came in after 30 minutes. 'Hi honey. How was your schoolday?' She asked. Not now! 'Yeah, it was good.' I said calm. I said and made my homework downstairs. We ate some salad and I helped Perrie with the dishes. We watched some TV and at 9 o'clock I went downstairs to take a shower and go to bed. I fell quickly asleep.



Sorry for updating so late, I had no inspiration plus my exams are very hard. Next Tuesday I can upload more. And I make also time to make some outfits for this story because some of you find it better with it and I enjoy it to make it. I hope you're still excited about my story! If you have suggestions or other thing to say about it, they're very welcome! Lots of love, Eline! 

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