Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


32. A few months later, the birth of...

* 7 months later *

Mom's belly is really big now but now we have a reason to go to the mall... Dad is so careful for us. Mom is 7 - 8 months pregnant. It's gonna be a girl... Niall's baby is born since a few weeks, a boy, Jason Horan. 

I'm still single. I forget Emmett & Alex because they broke my heart. I'm a godmother now of Jason so I have to give him advice later. He can't break someones heart. I hope he's like his father. 

Today it was a holiday. Oh yeah, I forgot something important to say. Dad decided to gave me a private teacher. He wants me home because a lot of people gave me dead threats plus he doesn't want to see me sad because of the boys(Emmett & Alex). Chloe comes sometimes to me but it is sometimes so hard to live with the fact of don't having school and meet your friends there. Normally I hate school but now... 

Well, where was I ? Oh yeah, today it was a holiday. Dad, mom and I decided to go to the mall. Dad usually doesn't go with us but now with pregnant mom and dead threats, he wants to take care of us. I held my moms hand. Dad was next to her. 

We went to the pregnancy clothes for mom. When mom and I went to the changing room, she had contractions... I went to her to the changing rooms because it's difficult to try clothes on with a big belly. But yeah, we hadn't an another choice so I gave the clothes to dad and told him he had to put it back. I helped mom and said she had to breath in and out. She followed my advice and I went with her to our car. Dad ran after us. He drove us to the hospital.

'Mom calm down.' I said when she was crying and gasping. Dad stopped at the entrance of the hospital and then after I got mom and went to the entrance, he parked our car. I went with mom to the receptionist. The receptionist asked: 'Can I help you?' 'My mom has contractions. She's gonna be in labour.' I said tumultuous. She stood up and helped my mom to a room. 'You have to wait here, little girl.' The receptionist said when I wanted to follow my mom. 'But my dad is in the parking lot... I'm 16... Can I just wait there until my dad comes back?' I begged. She nodded. 'Okay, until your dad appeared.' She said and went with us to a room on the third floor. 

My mom has to lay on a bed... I walked to her and sit next to her. I saw the tears in her eyes. I couldn't see her like this. She had so much pain. 

'Laura.' Her voice said softly like she was calling an angel. I looked at her and held her hand. 'Yes, mom?' I looked in her eyes and she put her other hand on my face. 'You will always be my Laura. This baby doesn't change that. Laura I love you so much. I want you to be her big sister but also her godmother. I know you are Jason's godmother too but I know you could handle two kids. I trust you and I know you can do everything.' She said with tears in her eyes.

I had to cry too. 'Mom, I know I'll always be your Laura. I love you too mom, more then you think. You and dad gave me a real family. In the beginning I didn't know what it was but what happened last year, changed my thoughts... You are my family, not my biological parents. You are my parents, also my biological parents from now on and I know the baby girl will grow up in a beautiful family.' I said through my tears. Mom smiled and stroked my cheek. 'The baby girl will have a good sister but will you be her godmother too?' Mom asked. 'It will be a pleasure because I want to make you proud.' I said and cried again. We were crying and after 45 seconds dad arrived. 

'My two girls.' He said proud and kissed first my forehead and then he kissed mom on her mouth. 'I have to go, the nurse said that I could stay until you arrived.' I said to dad. 'I'll ask if you could stay longer.' Dad asked and went outside to look for a nurse. 'See your dad loves you too. He wants you in this little birth process.' Mom said and tried to lean to me. I went closer and she kissed my forehead. 

I smiled. Dad came back. 'You can stay here until mom has to go to labour.' Dad said and I cuddled him. I hid my face in his chest. He whispered: 'I love you Laura. This won't change my love for my little Laura.' I laughed with the word 'little Laura'. 'I love you too dad.' I said and let a tear fall over my cheek. Then he pulled away and put his hands on my shoulders. 'You're a big girl.' He said and sat next to mom and held her hand. 

5 Minutes later mom went into labour and the nurse guided me to a waiting room. I put my hands in my hair. I want to stay with my parents. I grabbed my phone and looked at it. 2.45 PM. After 5 minutes I heard a voice. 'Laura, little mischievous girl.' I looked to the direction of the sound... My brother Jacob. 'Dad called me. Mom's in labour so he asked me to keep you company. Aisha is home, she had a friend who's coming over, so you had to live with me until we can visit mom and dad and the little baby.' Jacob said and smiled. He cuddled my tightly. 'You're gonna be a great big sister.' He said proud. I nodded and said 'I'm gonna be a godmother too... Mom asked it me when dad was away to park the car.' Jacob smiled and laughed. 'You're a great godmother for Jason and now you're gonna be a great godmother for your little sister.' 

My face lit up but the waiting time lasted so long. At 4.00 PM dad came to us. Finally! But he had a sad smile on his face. 'Dad?' I asked worried. I saw the tears in his eyes. 'Ella Elena Rose Malik is born but mom slipped away in a coma... ' He said. 

My heart stopped... Mom in a coma? 'I had to see her and the baby!' I said to dad. 'You can't see her and they are taking tests with Ella.' Dad said desperate. He ran with his fingers into his hair.  I held him tight. 'We're going trough this together that. I'll take care of Ella so you can take care of mom.' I assured him. He smiled softly. 'I love you Laura. You're a sweety. Ella has to be proud to be your sister.' He said. Jacob stood there and went to dad when we pulled away. 

Dad hugged Jacob and then a nurse came with a baby. 'Daddy of Ella Elena Rose Malik?' She asked. Dad waved to her and she came with the baby. She laid Ella in my dads arms. He said 'I can't hold her... she looks just like your mom.' He said in tears and I took her over. It was hard to handle that but it is harder for my dad. I rocked Ella into sleep and kissed her forehead. 

Dad smiled softly. 'You're born to be a mother later. Your mother will be proud of you.' He said and smiled soft. He kissed my forehead and Ella's forehead. 'I'm gonna look for your mother.' He said and ran to the intensive care... I heard him crying. Normally he doesn't cry that much but now it was really hectic for him... 

I understand him. I want to go with Ella to mom so she can see her two daughters. I'm happy Jacob was here. 


Sorry for the short chapter I hope you like it.I'll write a new one today or tomorrow :)

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