The Girl Who Tried

This girl, goes through more than you'd think. It's not just the orphanage, or losing the few people she connects with, but the constant heartache and paps. Everything about this life seems wrong, but being with Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn seems so right. Especially when she meets some other people, who she can't help but connect with. This is the story of her adventures, her heartaches, her happiness and love. This, is the story of the girl who tried.


6. Zero.


                  Niall and Liam both woke up after a while, and chilled on the couch. Both of them would often look over her, both of them looked at her with slight despair. She would every once in a while, toss and turn in her sleep. She'd mumble something, not anything they could make out, but it was quite adorable. 

"No.. no please.. stop.." She mutters, stirring a bit more than usual. Niall and Liam look at each other, both confused. "Please!" She cries out. "Stop!" 

         Her voice starts to get a little louder and panicked. 

"Niall help! Liam!" She cries, tears appearing on her cheeks. 

        They both leapt to their feet, dashing over to the bed. They shook her gently, calling out to her. 

"C'mon, wake up love!" 

"Sh, it's just a dream!"  

        She kept crying, her cries of help turning into just straight up sobs. 

"Please!! Help!!" She sobs out. 

        Niall shakes her harder, calling out. 

"C'mon, please wake up." 

           She springs up in the bed, tears streaming down her face, sweat beading on her forehead, her eyes red. 

"W-What happened?" She asked as her chest heaved up and down. 

"You were having a nightmare." Liam responded. She looked up at him, wiped her face and sighed. "

"O-Oh.. sorry." She sniffed, and awkwardly stood. She looked up at both of them, embarrassed as all hell. "I-I'll go pack... I guess." She suddenly rushed out and back to her room. (Yes, her room key was in her pocket the whole time.) 


            Blah, blah, blah, long story short she was taken back to the home by Paul. None of the boys rode back with her, which felt like a stab in the heart. 

I can't believe that I  was so foolish to actually think they were starting to care about me. Well screw them. 


           As soon as she arrived, she threw her bag down, and ran up to the girls' dorm room. 
"Jamie?" She called out. "May?" Her heart was beating faster now. "Anna?" She called sheepishly. 


          Soon enough, she was greeted by the Warden. (She wasn't actually called the warden, that's just what they call her behind her back.) 

"I see you're back." She stated, looking down at her crappy clip board. 

"Yes ma'am." 

"Here's the changes. You're new roommates are Allie, Jude, and Jamie. And this time, there's no baby to interrupt your sleep."  With a smirk, The Warden left her alone. 


          It was several hours before she summoned enough courage to go back into the dorm room. Her mind was blank. True, Jamie was still there. She was immensely happy for that, but couldn't pry her mind away from the boys. She had only known them for about a week and a half, but she was still pretty close with them. She sat on her bed, while the rest ate dinner. She wasn't hungry. She wasn't tired. 

"Bullshit." She mumbled to herself. Who were they, to introduce her to a life like that, then rip it all away?  "They can screw themselves." She mumbled, even though saying that made her feel bad.

            She fell asleep both angry, and depressed. 


          In all honesty, the boys weren't much better. Niall and Louis both hardly slept, Liam too.  Zayn and Harry tossed and turned in the night. To be truthful, Paul was even restless. What they didn't know, is that she had had enough. She had absolutely no intention of staying in that filthy place. The second Jamie was adopted, she was planning on running. 


          It wasn't long before Jamie was adopted. Two weeks. The boys were no longer a priority for her, but, she was still planning on running. 

          One night, after the inspection, she packed a bag. It was small, and had only one change of clothes, but it would have to do. She swiped some money off of the counter of the Warden's office, and snuck back into the dorms. This time, she knew not to form a bond with the children, so she wouldn't miss them as much. Just as she was about to crawl out of the window, she felt a boney had latch onto her wrist. She turned, to see the boy. 

          The same boy that had brought up the fact that adopting one of the girls was a publicity stunt. Remember? When the band was having dinner here? He's the only one that was her age. 

"What is it?" She whispered, careful not to wake any of the children. 

           He was tall. Scrawny, but tall. His black hair was formed like a mop on the top of his head, his eyes a deep, vibrant blue. He was the kind of skinny that could be fixed with good food, but it didn't seem like he was going to get that soon. His only clothes were a tan, torn shirt and tattered pants. At least he had managed to find some black and white Convers. 

"You have to take me with you." He replied in a mumble. Her eyes widen, surprised for some reason. 


"Please. You and I both know that there ain't no band, that's going to come in here, and adopt me. I'll be here until I'm legal. Take me with you." 

        She paused for a moment. He was right. 

"Fine. But you do everything as I say. We may have to steal some stuff, but only for survival. Come on, try to keep up." She whispered, climbing the rest of the way onto the roof. 

          The boy soon followed. They crept along the roof, making sure not to be seen. It took them a while, but they managed to scale down the drain pipe and onto the ground. With a smile and a sigh, she gestured for him to follow. They broke off in a run. They sprinted down several streets, passed many alleys, and eventually stopped at a gas station. 

        Both breathless, they leaned against the wall of the building, their chests heaving up and down. 

"Zero." The boy breathes out.


"Zero.. call me Zero." He manages. 

"What, like the little kid from 'Holes'?" She asks. He rolls his eyes, yet nods. 

"Yeah. Like the kid from 'Holes'." 

She shrugs. "Okay, Zero." 


                The boys were in Australia by the time she and Zero were at that gas station. Niall was sitting on the couch in the recording studio, waiting for his turn at the mic. Zayn suddenly plopped next to him. 

"Hey, mate." 

"Sup Zayn." 

"So, whaddya say, tonight, we go out? How about you and me, go and do something fun." Niall shrugged, looking over at Louis, who they could see singing. They couldn't hear through the soundproof glass. 

"I dunno man.." 

"Oh c'mon! Perrie is going out with the girls, so I need something to do. Please?" He made a fake puppy dog face, causing the Irish boy to laugh, caving almost immediately. 

"Aah, alright, fine!" 


             That night, the two boys went to a high-end club, with flashing lights and annoying base lines. Let's just say... they lost their sobriety fast. They didn't notify security, so no one was there to stop them from being completely normal young adults, for once. It was about time they had gotten some freedom. Niall quickly found a girl whom he hit it off with. Zayn was Niall's wingman for the night, as he was proudly taken. 

            Niall and the girl, who's name they found out to be Carrie, danced for quite a while. Carrie wanted to go back to Niall's hotel, but he insisted of a few more drinks. She happily obliged. Later in the night, Zayn found Niall and told him that he decided to go back to the hotel. Niall nodded and went back to dancing with Carrie. 



"Zero, get up." She mumbles, shaking the boy. 

                 He awakes with a start, bolting upright. He looks around, observing the surroundings. Zero smiles gently up at her. 


"Good afternoon, really. We've slept for a while." She throws her hood over her head. 

                She was wearing the outfit that was in the bag last night. An old gray hoodie, ripped dark skinny jeans, and tattered black and white Convers, that were quite frankly neater than Zero's. She threw her hair in a messy bun and helped the boy off of the ground. 

"We should get moving." She states. He nods, and begins to walk along side her.  

"Where are we headed anyway?" He asks her curiously. She shrugs. 

"We'll move for a while. We'll get somewhere pretty far from here. I don't know what your plan is, but once I find a small town I like, I'm staying." 

          The thing is, Zero didn't have a plan. He actually wanted to stay with her. He thought that she was pretty, but had no idea what her personality was like. He figured at least this trip will allow them to get to know each other, even if it wasn't exactly... conventional. 

           They walked for quite a while, and Zero even managed to steal them some peanut butter. The ate with their fingers out of the jar. 

"What's your favorite color?" He asked her randomly. 

"What?" Now a common reaction to the way Zero started conversations. 

"Your favorite color. I'm just curious." 

"Okay..." She shrugged, then thought for a moment.  "Purple." She states. "Yours?" 

"Blood orange." 

"Blood orange? Isn't that just red?" 

"Not technically. It's a very distinct color between red and orange." he could feel his cheeks turn a light pink, wondering if she would get the reference. Luckily for him, she did. 

"Like, shut up, it's fucking red." She quotes, causing them both to burst out laughing. After a moment, she blurts, "You know, Zero, you're alright." 

         All of the sudden, a random, very high pitched girl, comes sprinting up to them. 

"Oh my god, it's you!" She gasps. "Oh my god, are you cheating on Louis?" Miss Squeaky eyes her up and down. "I knew it." 

"What? Excuse me, no. And Louis and I were never dating, okay? So leave me  alone. I'm not a part of them anymore." She mumbles, pushing the girl aside. She grabs Zero's hand, leading him away quickly. 

           Much to their displeasure, the girl follows. 

"You're just lying 'cause management told you too." 

"Leave me alone!" 

"No. Tell me, is Larry real? Like, I know it's not, Lou and El belong together. Management toats made them break up, but now he has you!" Miss Squeaky was trying to keep up, walking quickly behind them. She growls, pulling on Zero's hand and going faster. 

          Suddenly, Miss Squeaky is joined by a man, who is apparently very fond of taking pictures. 

"What the-?" Zero starts, but is cut off by her being suddenly thrown onto him. She was pushed by the annoying fan, and landed on top of Zero. 

"What's wrong with you?" She shouts, the pap still taking pictures. She held up a hand to block the flash. 

        She pushes herself off of Zero and helps him up. 

"Come on." Zero whispers to her, taking her hand as they break off in a run again. This time, they aren't followed. Once they're safe in an alley, they stop, breathing heavily. It doesn't even occur to her that she's still holding tightly to Zero's hand until he lets go. "How long has that been going on?" 

"Started the second I was seen in public with them."


"It gets annoying. We're lucky we aren't covered in red dye this time." She laughs to herself, wondering if any of the boys would have laughed at that. Probably not. 

              Zero clearly doesn't get it, but that's okay. It was something she could keep to herself. 


              Later that very day, the pictures were released to the press, and the boys caught wind of everything. Now, Niall was dealing with a serious hangover, hanging out in the hotel room with the rest of the guys. 

"Hey guys! You.. might want to see this." Liam calls. They all gather around the TV set. 

             "Pop star's, Louis Tomlinson's supposed girlfriend was seen earlier today, with a mystery man. She promptly denied the entire relationship, and even claimed she, quote, 'was not a part of them anymore.' The girl was pushed down, falling onto the mystery man." 

           A few pictures were shown of her, lying on the ground with the guy, clearly pissed at who pushed her. 

               "She and the mystery boy took off running. Many questions were raised out of this although-" 

               The reporter attempted to do a crappy transition into something about Ed Sheeran, and the TV was muted. The room was silent. 

"They're still harassing her?" Louis mumbles in disbelief. 


           Niall sighed and shook his head, placing the wet cloth over his face. His hangover was livable, but not gone. 

"I just.. I can't believe this." Louis said, his voice beginning to raise. 

"I know." Liam agreed. 


            Despite their very best efforts, management still could not get this girl out of harms way... it was only a matter of time, before something had to be done. 

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