The Girl Who Tried

This girl, goes through more than you'd think. It's not just the orphanage, or losing the few people she connects with, but the constant heartache and paps. Everything about this life seems wrong, but being with Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn seems so right. Especially when she meets some other people, who she can't help but connect with. This is the story of her adventures, her heartaches, her happiness and love. This, is the story of the girl who tried.


4. Warming up.


                She was starting to suspect that they either hated her, or just didn't want to be around her in general. To be fair, she only had a few minutes in the car with them to judge it on. Everyone was silent, and she watched them intently. For some reason, when she looked out the window, she smiled. She had no idea why. When she looked back at the five boys, her heart sank again. They were all silent, and avoiding looking at her. It reminded her of being back in school. They didn't bother even speaking to one another. She figured that she had snapped at them, and they were still mad. Or maybe they thought she hated them because they were taking her away. She just couldn't figure it out. 

            They were all uncomfortable, and it kind of made it worse knowing they were going to be spending a lot of time together. She decided to finally break the ice. She sniffed in a little, wiped her eye, and turned to them. 

"H-Hi." She laughed a little, lightening the mood. 

             The rest, of course, was completely awkward chat, followed by silence the rest of the way. Eventually, the boys broke into their own conversations, but she was still sitting there. She stared out the window, and watched everything. She watched the buildings fly by, the trees. She looked at the flowers and watched. She looked at the road. Nature was absolutely amazing to her.

               Since they were going to spend about eight hours together, she decided to make things a little less uncomfortable. She cracked a couple of puns, making Niall laugh... she couldn't explain it. It was like he was actually saying, "Hahaha!" And Zayn's laugh was just as good. It was more ranging from, "Ahaaaa," To 'dying walrus.' Hers was worse. It ranged from 'adorable little giggle.' to 'the kraken has been released'. She was embarrassed by it, but everyone else was laughing too. 

                  They pulled into a gas station, and suddenly the entire atmosphere changed. Hoodies went on, along with sunglasses. She looked around, a bit confused. 

"What's going on?" She mumbled, a little nervously. 

"They're gearing up. The paps get on everyone's cases. I don't think that anyone will hurt them around here, but we need to make sure. 

                 The only one with sunglasses was Zayn, but everyone had their hoods up. She bit her lip gently. She got out of the car, figuring that she wouldn't be noticed since she wasn't part of the band. She opened the door and stepped out, letting the brisk air blow her hair behind her. She smiled a little. It was starting to get a little dark, and she always loved this time. The sky was a dark blue, but not completely dark. She smiled, stretching her legs and walking into the gas station. 

            The boys walked in behind her, still chatting and laughing lightly at each other's bad puns. She looked around for a small snack to get. She picked up a can of Pringles. 

"Hey, Louis. If I get chips will you eat some?" She asked him, who was just down the aisle, looking at the drinks. 

"Sure, why not?" 

click, click, click

           She looked up, and saw about five or six people, being joined by more. They all had cameras and were hurrying in. She stepped back a little, going towards the nearest boy; Louis. She leaned and whispered to him. 

"A-Are those the paps?" He looked up, and swore under his breath, and looked at the other boys. 

"Paps, guys." He said. He turned to whisper in her ear. "Just try to ignore them. Hopefully they just take some pictures and leave when we do."  

                 She nodded and was about to go and buy her snack, when she heard something. 
"Louis! Louis! Is this your girlfriend?" They were yelling, and lights were flashing. She held a confused hand up to shield the blinding lights. She stumbled back a bit, looking around for the boys. She had only known them for couple days, and not even well. They were, for some reason, the only reassurance she had now. 

          Suddenly a man came up to her, a microphone in his hand. 

"Miss, what's it like being Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend?" He asked, in a rushed tone. 

"W-What?" She stumbled. Suddenly, she was being guided out of the gas station, and told to keep her head down. 

            Once she was in the car, along with the boys, the car started to drive off. She was still startled. Her eyes were still kind of wide, and she notices her breathing was unsteady. She slowed her breathing down and looked over at the boys. They all pushed their hoods down and Zayn took of the glasses. 

"Are you alright?" Louis asked. 

"What happened?" Liam asked. 

"I saw the paps harassing her." Harry spoke up, giving her a sympathetic look. 

             She looked around at all of them, still overwhelmed, but calming down. 

"I'm okay. I'm okay." She whispers, in a not-at-all convincing tone. 

"Are you sure?" She nods, swallowing hard. 

"Yeah. I guess it was just overwhelming." She laughs nervously. They nod.

"It really sucks, but you'll get used to it." Harry says, running a hand through his large hair. "It's getting late. We should find a hotel." 



                They went through the back door, while the driver checked everyone in. They let her get her own room, while the others paired up in two's, Zayn getting his own room. She plopped her bag down, and flopped on the bed. She heaved a heavy sigh, turning to lay on her stomach. She eventually got up and changed into her shorts and a light sweatshirt. She flopped down in her fluffy bed, and let out a sigh. She had hardly ever been in a bed this soft and luxurious. 

              She washed her face and put her hair in a messy bun. She was too tired to take a shower, but she really didn't need it. All of her make up was off-- which was minimal anyway-- so she was completely relaxed. She reached over and flicked the light off, sighing at the click. She was about to fall asleep on her cloud of a bed, when she heard a knock at the door. She sighed, swinging her feet to the floor. 

            She swung the hotel door open open, to see Niall standing there. His hair was messed up. He was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. Honestly, it was nice seeing him so undone. It made him seem like a normal person. She smiled sweetly, yawning slightly. Her eyes were a little droopy, and she was standing a much more relaxed position instead. 

              Niall was much more awake, but she was tired, to she was much more tolerant of everyone and everything. 

"Hey... I uh.." She stood there, looking up at him, waiting for him to finish his sentence. "I just wanted to know if you were alright... from earlier.. y'know." He mumbled, his irish accent seeming much, much thicker when she was tired. 

"Oh, that. Yeah, I'm fine." She muttered, rubbing her eyes. 

"You tired?" He asks, laughing slightly. 

She shrugs, not feeling like being sarcastic. 

"Alright, well I'll let you sleep." She nods, and was about to close the door, when she stopped. "Anything else you need?" 

          Before she can think, she's wrapped her arms around his middle, her head pressed to his chest. He doesn't quite know how to react, so he just kind of... stands there. 

"Wha-?" She pulls away from his warm body, almost immediately missing the warmth emitting from him. 

"Thank you." She whispers. "All of you. For everything." 

         And with that, she closes the door and falls asleep, drooling and talking in her sleep. She always ended up with messed up covers, and in an odd but comfortable position. 


              She awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. Groggily, she picked it up. 

"Hello?" She asked, her voice groggy and slow. 

"Hi, yes. This is Amy with the front desk. You did request a wake up call, right miss?" 

"Ugh, apparently." 

"Goodbye, ma'am." 

"Bye." She mumbled, hanging the phone up with a click.

               She groaned and stuffed her face in the pillow. She laid there for a minute or two before standing up and stumbling into the bathroom. She observed her face, realizing she looked like pure and utter hell. She nodded, not really caring, and took a shower. She dried her hair and straightened her hair.  She put it in a pony tail and threw on a green shirt and jeans. She threw on her black and white Convers and walked into the hallway. 

               She walked up to Zayn's door and knocked gently. He opened the door, groggy het he had put himself together. 

"Hey, did they order a wake up call for you too?" 

"Ya. They always do. Sorry, we shoulda mentioned." 

"That's alright." 

"All the guys are already downstairs, if you want to go and get some breakfast." He says, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Cool! I'll see you later." She gave him a sweet smile and went downstairs, finding the guys almost right away.

                 Suddenly, she felt really self conscious again. She felt like an intrusion, like she was imposing. After all, Niall didn't even hug her back last night. She sighed, biting her lip and avoiding eye contact and walked over to the breakfast counter. She got herself some food, and sat at a table near the boys, but not too close. She gave the boys a small smile, but didn't intrude too much on their conversation.  She listened to them talk a little, sounding just like a normal group of boys.


                After a while, they got on the road again and set out for the airport. She sat next to Louis, with Niall and Harry across from her. When they started to take off, she let out a small gasp and looked down. She was embarrassed at the fact that she had never been on a plane really before. It surprised her how fast they were moving on the runway. She leaned back and closed her eyes, hoping it would just pass. 

"You alright?" Louis asked. 

"Yeah." She said, opening her eyes for a moment and glancing at the british boy. 

"You ever been on a plane like this before?" 

"Oh uh.... no." She finally admitted. She glanced out the window and gasped slightly at how fast they were moving.  

"Just close your eyes, love. It'll go by a lot faster." She smiled a little and nodded. 


                Eventually she fell asleep, her head leaning on the window. 


"So, we'll just be working on our tour stuff when we get there, right?" Harry asked curiously. Louis nodded. 

"Yeah, pretty much." 

"I kinda feel bad for her, you know? She was torn away from those girls, and now we're going to be dragging her around the world. AND she gets nervous on planes." 

"Yeah.. but she's not exactly the type of girl to open up easily." 

"Well, you can't really blame her." 

"No, you can't." 

"Well, she actually seems pretty honest and open when she's tired." Niall spoke up.

"What do you mean?" 

                Niall thought back to last night, how refreshing it was to see her without any makeup. She looked like an average girl on an average night. For some reason, that's actually what he wants. He wants just to be average, and hang around average people. But he absolutely loves everyone and everything in his life, along with performing. 

"Well, I came over to check on her when the paps hounded her. She was really tired and just so undone..." he thinks for a moment. "She hugged me and said thank you. To all of us, actually." 

"She did?" Louis looked over at the sleeping girl next to him. 


               She stirred suddenly in her sleep, whining a bit. She settled back in a position and went back into a peaceful sleep. 

"Maybe if she just showed her true colors then we could actually become really good friends. I wonder how we can get her to do that... I mean, she can't be tired constantly." Louis stated. He laughed slightly, but quieted down when he remembered that the small girl next to him was sleeping. 

         All of the guys got to just talking about their regular stuff. Suddenly, she sat up suddenly, gasping and breathing heavy. They all jumped and looked at her, watching her panicked face. She sighed slightly and rested her head back. 

"You okay?" 

"Yeah... yeah just a bad dream I guess." 

         She rested her forehead against the cooling glass once again, and watched the clouds roll by. It was storming outside. She was nervous about this, but not as nervous as when they took off. 

          Suddenly, the PA came on. 

"Ladies and gentleman, we have arrived in the beautiful Sydney, Australia." 

       Little did she know, this was the was the start of everything in her life. 

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