The Girl Who Tried

This girl, goes through more than you'd think. It's not just the orphanage, or losing the few people she connects with, but the constant heartache and paps. Everything about this life seems wrong, but being with Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn seems so right. Especially when she meets some other people, who she can't help but connect with. This is the story of her adventures, her heartaches, her happiness and love. This, is the story of the girl who tried.


8. The New Little Secret.



                It's been about a month since the pictures of her and Zero were released. Of course, they couldn't remember how long it had been. All they had time to do was run away from the paps and absolutely insane fans. It's just how they'd adapted. Obviously, they were looking for a homey place to call their own. 

            The rain softly pelted down on her hair, encouraging her to tug her hood over her grimly set features. Her newly ripped jeans were far from new, and her black and white tattered Converse had seen better days. Zero wasn't much better. He wore faded blue jeans, a plain black shirt that was soaked and stank worse than a middle school locker room, and no one was quite sure what his shoes were originally. It was the best that they could do on their own. 

"C'mon, it's safe." She whispered, gesturing to the gas station. They'd developed the habit of checking in all of the places they entered before actually going inside. She really didn't want to have those pictures getting back to the boys again. Zero didn't see the big deal about it, but he respected what she wanted to do. 

             Quickly and swiftly, the both of them moved into the cheap little gas station. The two AWOL teenagers had scraped enough money together to buy a few snacks. Plus, the bathrooms were better than alley-ways, so that was an advantage of the small convenience stores. Zero moved over to get in a much needed bathroom break, while she went over to the snacks. 

             Her eyes skimmed over the chips and candy bars, her lips pursing with curiosity. Once she noticed that Zero exited the bathroom, she gathered up a few cans of Pringles in her arms and began to rush to the counter. Without warning, she feels her body connect harshly with someone elses, sending her to the ground and landing flat onto her arse. 

"Oww..." She groaned openly, gasping as her hood fell. Her harsh gaze shot up to whomever caused her fall. A small gasp was released from her lips when she saw who it was. "Niall," her breathless voice whispered.

                  His eyes widened at the sight of her. He hadn't seen her since those pictures were released, yet here she sat. He extended a hand out to help her off of the floor. Their skin mixed together was a mixture of rough and smooth, day and night. Niall found himself blushing slightly, but quickly forced his face to return to it's natural state. Without thinking, he swept her into a hug. 

                A small gasp passed her lips, but there was no protest. She felt somehow safe in his small embrace, though she only knew him for a short amount of time. Niall's face was quickly buried into her neck, and she did the same. After a moment, they stepped back. 

"How are you?" She questioned in a low voice. 

"I'm okay, and you?" 

"Not.. amazing." 

             His eyes fell to the clothes she was wearing. A frown worked his way onto his lips, and his eyes flickered back up to her. 

"Where have you been?" 

           Her cheeks flushed and her eyes averted from his. She shrugged, turning away slightly, in shame. 

"Around." Her voice replies, small and meek. 

"Around? Like, as in, on the streets?" Niall inquires. 

She nods.

"Woah.. I didn't think it was that bad." He was normally one to joke around and giggle at everything. This time, he knew this was more serious. All she can muster up as a response was a shrug. 


                It was then that Zero came back from the bathroom and his eyes locked with hers. The Irish boy's eyes followed her gaze, landing onto the messy boy. 

"That's the bloke in the pictures." He sounds sort of surprised, and a little... mad? 

"Yes.. hello." Zero says, obviously cautious. 

Niall simply nods at him before turning back to her.

"We've missed you.. With those pictures flying around, we figured it wasn't safe to look for you."

It wasn't until that moment that the anger began to settle within her.

"Missed me? You hardly know me!" Her voice was bigger than she was used to. "Do you know how much pain you guys put me through? Physically and emotionally. I just... I don't see what reason you could have to miss me. Especially after kicking me out." Her voice faltered towards the end, though she tried not to show it. 

"Kicked you out..?" Niall asked. His eyes closed and a small sigh passed his lips as he attempted to compose himself.  "Look, it's more complicated than th-" 

"Niall! Over here!" 

"Oh, she hasn't been seen for a while! Hey, girlie, look over here!" 

Flashes. Bright lights. Yelling. 

           Her wrist was suddenly grasped, causing her to gasp. She was tugged harshly out of the small gas station, her steps clumsy and stumbling. "Zero!" She called out, but she couldn't stop whoever it was pulling her away. 

"Just keep going." The deep, Irish voice murmured. Niall. He's here with her. That thought suddenly comforted her. 

           Her body was suddenly forced into a lavish car, landing surprisingly softly onto someone's lap. 


         The car lurched forward, making it difficult for her to pull herself into a sitting position. To her right, Niall's chest rose and fell quickly with his rapid breathing. At her left, Liam stared at her, wide-eyed. He started to whisper her name in shock, but she stopped him. 

"W-We can't leave Zero in there." 

"Who?" She sighed at that response. 

"The boy who was seen with me in those pictures." 

"He was helping you?" Liam's gruff voice asked. She nodded. 

"He helped me esca-" She stopped speaking. "He helped me." Is all that she ends up saying. 

"We need to help you now. You were living on the street." Niall coo's gently, his gentle hand resting on her forearm. She shrugs him off.

"yeah, kick me out then swoop me back in once I've found someone I care about." She bites back. All of her shy aspect seemed to have disappeared. 

"That's not what happ-"

"I don't care." 


                   The remainder of the car ride was uncomfortably silent. She sat with her arms folded, tightly pressed between the two boys. Normally they were playful and fun, laughing and joking around with her. Now was obviously different. They eventually pulled up to a dismal parking lot, the only thing occupying it was a large, lavish bus. The tour bus, no doubt. 

           She entered without another word, in spite of the surprised mutters of Louis, Zayn, and Harry. Niall just whispered to her, telling her where the shower was. She muttered something about how ridiculous it was to have a shower on a bus. Her steps were quick and somehow defiant as she made her way to the shower. 

            The warm water cascaded down her bare shoulders, her head tilting back slightly. Her eyes closed for a moment as she finally was able to relax. The water at the bottom of the shower turned an odd grey-ish color as the dirt washed off of her. A little blood spilled onto the floor as well, which made her nervous. She didn't remember any cuts, but searching on her body, she found quite a few. The one moving from her hip bone to her bellybutton sent a shooting pain throughout her abdomen when she lightly pressed it. She decided to ignore it. 


           The cold floor tickled at her feet as she stepped out of the shower. A white, fluffy towel was waiting beside a stack of clothes. Had someone been in here when she was showering? The towel was oddly comforting as she dried herself. All that the band had managed to scrounge up for her was one of the boy's t-shirt and a pair of boxers. She happily slid on the garments, her hair being left curly and natural. 

           The boys were in the lower part of the double-decker bus, with the couches and small TV. She silently made her way to the upper part, with all of the beds. She chose a random bunk, slipping into an upper one. The plush, fluffy comforter acted as a cocoon around her small body. She hadn't realized how heavy her eyelids were until that moment. Without knowing, she was soon deep asleep. 


"So she has been living on the streets for the past month and a half?" Louis asked in disbelief. Niall and Liam nodded. 

"Yeah. By the looks of her, things were rough... what should we do?" Liam's elbows rested on his knees, his head resting on his palms. 

"It's.. it's obvious, isn't it? Hide her. Keep her safe, at least for now." Harry chimed in, for the first time this conversation. 



They all agreed. 


                   Later that night, their manager met with them. There was no mention of her, or the pictures a month and a half ago. After the tense meeting, they all groggily traveled to the beds. Liam discovered the sleeping girl in his bed, and smiled gently. 

"I'll sleep on the couch." He whispered, allowing her the much needed rest. 


                 She awoke with a gasp, sitting up quickly. The bus had began to move, starting off harshly. The rest of the boys were in that small zone between consciousness and a deep sleep. Someone on the bottom bunk across from her lifted his head and waved slightly. 

"Sh.. it's okay. Go back to sleep." 

                   And so she did. 


 (A/N: I'm sorry that this chapter took me so long to post, and that it's so short. At least there's some excitement now, right? Thank you to those whom are still reading!) 

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