The Girl Who Tried

This girl, goes through more than you'd think. It's not just the orphanage, or losing the few people she connects with, but the constant heartache and paps. Everything about this life seems wrong, but being with Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn seems so right. Especially when she meets some other people, who she can't help but connect with. This is the story of her adventures, her heartaches, her happiness and love. This, is the story of the girl who tried.


3. Death doesn't need to part us.


                   The only thing breaking the silence after that, was the cries and whines of Hope. Her heart was slowing, then speeding up, the she could hear it. Once they pulled into the hospital, the both raced out of the car. The ran into the lobby, her breathing growing heavier. 

"What happened?" The girl at the counter asked, frantically. 

"She... she..." 

"She has a fever." Harry finished for her. 

                    After that, Hope was taken from her arms, and they were instructed to stay in the waiting room. Hesitantly, she allowed Hope to be taken care of. She sat with her knees tucked into her chest, the tears silently pouring down her face. She didn't look at Harry, or at anyone else who looked at her. 

"She's going to be fine." He said gently, after a crushing silence. She didn't respond to this. "She will." 

"You sound like you're trying to reassure yourself more than me." She laughs a bit, I guess trying to light the mood. After a moment, she realized something. "You are, aren't you?" 


"Maybe." His voice was soft and scratchy. 

                   Soon enough, a nurse came out to greet them. Luckily, her face wasn't sympathetic or grim. She told them that Hope's fever was going down, all that she needed was a small dose of Ibuprofin. With a sigh, they were able to take them back to the orphanage.  

The car ride was a little more calm. Hope was asleep, and she absolutely refused to put the infant down. 

"So... Listen." Uh oh. "I know it's going to be hard to leave them, but everyone has to make sacrifices. You're going to help us, and even help yourself. You'll be famous, we could introduce you to...." She stopped listening. 

                She leant her head on the window, the cooing baby reaching up and gripping her hair. She laughs lightly at the adorable little girl. 

"What's so funny?" He asks, her laughter becoming contagious. 

"Hope." She says, the subject of her leaving managing to escape her mind. He starts to giggle just like her. 

"She's cute." 

"Yeah, she is." 

"You're mad, aren't you?" 

        There was an overpowering silence that washed over them, making them more uncomfortable. 

"Surprisingly, no. I'm not that mad. I'm..." 

Harry didn't try to finish for her. He wanted to hear the words from her. 

"I'm sad. That's all." She finally whispers, not letting the tear spill down her cheek. 


              Harry went back to his room, to be greeted by one of his bandmates. They seemed really close. She placed Hope back in her crib, sighing when she didn't stir. She turned and jumped when she saw the girls sitting up in their beds, tears on their faces. 

"Guys, go back to bed. Everything's okay." 

"Where were you?" May quickly stammers, making her heart drop. 

"I had to go and have a doctor check out Hope. Don't worry, she's just fine."  

"Okay..." They all laid on their sides, but she wasn't fooled. She could still hear the sniffles. 

"Guys, what's wrong?" Her own tears were starting to surface now, witnessing all of the crying girls. They were trying so hard to be strong. Zayn couldn't help but feel his eyes become wet. He had been watching from the doorway since she had gotten home. He would soon be joined by Liam. 

      A crushing silence fell over them. 

"We don't want anyone to go!" She wasn't sure who finally spoke up, but it was the once sentence that started the entire room to start crying. 

            She sat in her bed with her head in her hands. She looked around desperately for something to do to stop this. Her eyes, of course, eventually landed on the old guitar in the corner. She got up and ran to it, and began strumming immediately. By now, almost all of the boys were watching. Louis was just joining them when she started to strum, "You and I" 

            All of the girls stopped to watch. Their tears still came, and they still sniffed. But there was a quieter factor to it. 

"I figured it out... I figured it out from black and white." All of the boys stood there, watching. They listened, just knowing that this moment was more than precious to them. 

          Once she hit the chorus, she was really singing her heart out. You could see her entire soul be poured into the song, it's indescribable. 

"You and I, we don't wanna be like them... we can make it 'till the end! Nothing can come between you and I. Not even the gods above, can separate the two of us!" 

           The tears held many emotions now. Sadness, joy, the pure feeling of having the music pour through your ears, everything you could imagine. Except of course.... pure and utter happiness.

            Once she finished, she set the guitar down gently and wiped away her tears. She sniffed in a little, and looked at the group of girls. Suddenly, she heard her name uttered from Jamie's lips.

"Yes babe?" 

"Look at the doorway." She whispered, so quietly you could hardly even hear it. Her eyes snapped over to the door, to see the five boys. All of their eyes were red and puffy. 

          Emotions ran through her like nothing else before in her life. They really did feel for her. But, who were they to intrude on their special moment together, when they were the ones tearing them apart? Of course, anger one over. She rose, and stormed over to them. All of them basically towered over them except the blonde one, who was still taller. 

"What? What do you want now?" Her voice cracked, and she sounded weaker than she had wanted to. 

"I... We.." 

"Did you come to tell us one of us has cancer too? That you aren't really giving one of us a better life? Or better yet, maybe you just came to gloat?" 

"We'll go..." Harry whispered, his deep voice raspy. 

           As they left, she could see Niall's face. Hardly. He tried to hard to bury his emotions. His face was red and she could see the tear stains. She wanted to apologize, she wanted to tell them that she was sorry for snapping; but all that she could muster was a muffled sob. 


          Niall laid in his bed that night, staring at the ceiling. So did the others. None of them slept well. They all knew they were tearing up a family, even if it was a little broken one. Paul would never let them not come back without an adopted child. All of the girls stayed up almost until sunrise, just being with each other. She told them everything they wanted to know. The sad thing was, she couldn't even bring herself to tell them that it was her that had been chosen. 

         They all guessed who it could be, and they all just assumed it would be one of the younger ones. They all asked for tips on singing, in case they were the one to go. They all talked and told secrets and laughed and cried. Everything happened that night. Eventually, they fell asleep, even the boys. The boys dorm wasn't nearly as loud that night. Maybe they could feel it in the air that something was just wrong. 



               In the morning, she braided Jamie's hair, and gave her a couple last tips on how to do it yourself. She gave May one of the flowers she had grown in the shabby garden. She gave Ann tips on life itself. They all looked their best that day, and she felt like she was going to the reeping. Only this time, she knew exactly who's name was going to be called. 

             They all walked out on the front lawn, where the large car was waiting, along with the famous boys. They had all packed bags in advance, and had them at their sides. 

"Well... this is a great pleasure for me to announce." Harry said in his famously deep voice. Apparently they were acting happy today. Her heart was pounding, even though she knew what was happening. Her name was called. The girls cried out. Tears streamed down her face again, and her face remained as emotionless as possible. 

           She got onto her knees and faced all of the girls. 

"I love you." She whispered. 

"don't go..." 


"We need you!" 

"I know, I know." She whispered. "It's been a magical few months. It really has. You guys remember that movie I showed you? Lilo and Stitch?" They nodded. "I have a family. I found it on my own. It's a little broken but good.... yeah.. still good." She kissed all of their foreheads. 

           She grabbed her bag in her hand, which was taken from her hand by one of the boys. Her ears were ringing. She faced them one last time. 

"This is not a goodbye. Never a goodbye, girls. This is simply me going away for a little bit. You'll see me everyday on the TV, or in magazines. I'll send post cards. Just remember one thing, girls. Ohana means family. And family means no one gets left behind. " 

          The cries took her heart out and smashed it. She got into the car, watching the girls wave. She waved back. Her head rested against the window, and she whispered...

"Goodbye.." Suddenly, she remembered something. "Stop!" She cried. The driver slammed the breaks, making them all lurch forward. "I'll only be a minute." 

              She didn't bother closing the Road Ranger door behind her, and sprinted back to the old house. She saw the shock on the girls' faces, but ran past them. She ran upstairs, took a left down the hall, and bursted into the door. She stopped, and slowly, slowly walked to the bassinet. She picked up the cooing infant and carried her outside. She rocked the baby in her arms and kissed her forehead too. After a moment, she whispered a last goodbye and gave her to the three girls. 

"I want you to take care of her." She whispered. "Just as I took care of you." 

            She walked back to the car at a slower pace, but didn't sautner. She walked with her head held high. She sat again, next to Niall. She closed the door and nodded.

"Okay. I'm ready." 

And with that, an entirely new life began. 

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